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  1. I don't use Twitter at all. I use Facebook or just the forums on whatever sites I view.
  2. The protesters were out again at the park entrance. Only a half dozen of them but pathetic non the less. They really need to get a life. Manby pretty much gave them their wish with the breeding program. Time to put the signs away and get lost.
  3. Did the DippinDots guy give you this Info? New bird feeders? Not sure this is reliable information.
  4. Fast forward to the year 2030, MIA finally gets another hand me down coaster. And all will be well with the world for another 30+ years.
  5. Mighty Canadian Mine Buster and Wilde Beast at Canada's Wonderland come to mind. Out of all the coasters I've ridden those two were the roughest rides I have ever experienced. I would venture to say they make Gwazi look smooth as glass in comparison. And I found Gwazi very rough. It would be nice to see all these rides get the RMC treatment.
  6. And another big nothing for the red headed step child of the CF chain.
  7. I know they're planning more major expansion soon. They really offer the best fun for the money. My son and I are going today. Great place to spend the day.
  8. I even went there on a weekday and still had 3+ hour wait times.
  9. Cedar Point gets my vote. Rides are great but not 3+ hour wait in line great. The last time I was there Magnum was still top dog of the park and even then the waits were unbelievable. I've been there 4 times before moving to Florida and man was my day wasted on just line waiting. I love my parks here and the rides are top notch. The best part is I can get on them more than once in a days visit. Took a two day trip at Cedar Point and still didn't get to enjoy half the place. I couldn't imagine what the waits are now with all they added since my last visit.
  10. Joel Manby needs to go. Here I thought with all the good he did for his previous employer I thought he was going to be good for Sea World. Well, now we know better and he sold out to the acti-turds. Can't wait for his reign to end.
  11. Maybe they'll send it to Michigan's Adventure. The home of hand me down rides.
  12. I'll be more convinced when the first one actually takes shape. Hoping it will happen but time will tell. Remember Orlando Thrill Park? A great concept but never got to be realized. I know this Polar Coaster has secured funding but hey who can say until it breaks ground? It's just my opinion so don't get so riled over it.
  13. MIA probably something if anything for the water park. Nothing for the ride side as usual, not even a hand me down. Or a new trash can.
  14. Blue Streak at Cedar Point was the oldest coaster I've ridden so far.
  15. Their water park gets more love than the ride side. Seems to be the pattern with MIA.
  16. Mako at Sea World Orlando, a great hyper and addition to this great park.
  17. Queue up the Jeopardy music for this project. I'll feel better when the shovels hit the dirt on that property.
  18. All the wooden coasters at Canada's Wonderland. I rode them a few years back and dang near had my teeth rattled out. I was never so anxious to get off a coaster in my life. Those coasters need the RMC treatment big time.
  19. Finally got to ride the Mako this past week and all I can say is Wow! This is a great ride hands down and the themeing is top notch. I rode in the back and middle and got some great out of my seat airtime. Sea World has a winner here and I hope this gets the park back in the good numbers column again. They have done a great job with the coaster selection for this park and I look forward to what they do next.
  20. Not human arrogance but human stupidity! Yet I bet these nutjobs never lifted so much as a pinky to really physically help the animals they claim to care about.
  21. Well as they say, "You Can't Fix Stupid." Acti-tards will never be happy unless they get attention. Sadly Manby gave in and gave them attention and now the whales are being phased out of Sea World. Hope he doesn't ruin the whole company beyond repair.
  22. This thing sure seems to have a different look when new details come out. How many different renderings have there been now since the beginning? Which one will be the final version of this complex?
  23. Can't wait for the ground breaking so this thing will feel more real to happen.
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