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  1. Is there a way to make a functioning Arrow shuttle loop coaster without having to make a section of track going upward on the return side?
  2. where do I find scenery of carnival games like skeeball, ring toss etc...?
  3. Sorry about the misunderstanding regarding the other parks on the map. My knowledge of Merlins operations is still limited.
  4. Did you notice in the picture showing other park locations has 5 other Legoland parks listed in the U.S. ? They are planning some serious expansions to their park chain from the looks of it.
  5. That Coral Snake invert is one sweet coaster, I wouldn't mind taking a spin on it myself.
  6. On your log ride where did you find that section on the bottom of the drop with the guide rails?
  7. I went to the link you posted and got my problem fixed, thank you for your help.
  8. How do you get photos to work for billboards? I downloaded some pics for menus in restaurants and food courts but when I go to access the pic in the billboard folder they don't show up at all. Do the pics have to be in a certain pic format to accessed?
  9. Thanks for the help, I never thought about underground. I'm still new to using RCT3 so I have much to learn yet.
  10. This park is looking real good, it has charm and eye appeal and looks like a fun place.
  11. I'm just starting out with RCT3 and I hope my parks look half as nice as what you're showing us here. Keep up the good work on this one.
  12. I'm trying to find some good support blockers to use so I can use custom supports for coasters. The ones I found leave a shadow where they sit. Where can I find support blockers that are invisible and don't leave a shadow?
  13. I have yet another RCT3 question for you. What is a RAR file? When I tried to download custom rides or scenery sometimes they are RAR files and usually don't have an explanation where to install them.
  14. Thanks for those links, I'm sure they will work just fine. I just got RCT3 and loving all the new features that RCT2 doesn't have.
  15. Is there a link to download a wingrider train for RCT3? I'm seeing a lot of screenshots of wingriders but no ink to download one.
  16. Thanks I'll try that and see what happens hopefully the performance isn't affected too much.
  17. What causes the graphics to vanish as you pull out the view of your rides and coasters?
  18. Do RCT3 games with custom scenery export the scenery with it like RCT2 does? And in downloading custom scenery how do you get the new scenery into the right location files? Sorry if this was asked already, I'm a nubie.
  19. I'm thinking of purchasing RCT3 for my computer and wonder how bad it is in the long term for slowing down new computers? My computer is only 2 months old and I worry how bad having this game will be after time in slowing down performance. I tried the trial version of RCT3 Platinum and had a blast and would love to own it. However again I'm concerned about the cons of doing so.
  20. I have a question, how do you make the entrance and exit building invisible so it looks more realistic? I've seen parks made where they made more realistic ride entrances and exits.
  21. As launch coasters go The Hulk is up there on my list. Something about an upward launch with an inversion immediately after just makes me shout. And though Cheetah Hunt is not the most intense it too is a fun launching coaster. I get a tickle in my gut everytime it shoots out of the station. Then the trench up into the tower launch is great and the return launch into the airtime hill. All around a great launch coaster experience. The very first launch coaster I ever rode, also a Florida coaster, was the Double O at Boardwalk and Baseball. It was the Arrow prototype shuttle coaster and though primitive by today's standards was a really fun ride.
  22. This park looks great, a very nice reinventing of a classic park. I have dabbled with park rebirths myself with RCT2. The one park I have recreated was Boardwalk and Baseball near Orlando. I'm tweaking a rebuilt B&B park and hope to release it here soon. Keep up the good work on your project.
  23. How about adding Sparky Anderson to your list of names? He was manager for the Cincinatti Reds and the Detroit Tigers and considered one of the best managers in baseball history.
  24. The model was built over a period of two months when I had spare time. The length measures between 3 - 4 feet. I used mostly square dowels and match sticks. The bunny hills were tricky to get a perfect curvature at the top, so a couple of them are a little off on smoothness. The station house I used a combo of the square dowels covered with a thin balsa type wood. I utilized railings from a couple of flat ride models I used to have. The grass and bushes I got from a typical hobby shop used mostly from model railroading. My little boy wants me to make one for him so I hope to start a second model sometime in the next couple months. When I build this next one I will be sure to share photos with this board when that happens. Thanks again for the feedback, it feels good to share what I've done with others. I hope too that you get a chance to enjoy my submissions for the Roller Coaster Tycoon game exchange.
  25. Any other thoughts on this model? I would love to hear more feedback on it for I hope to build another in the near future and welcome any ideas or suggestions.
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