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  1. ^Hmm...try restoring clearances with all of the trainers (as long as they don't crash) or opening the game and immediately restoring. Aside from those ideas I haven't a clue sorry. ^^Do you still need the huts sinking?
  2. Lovely screen! That building with the red roof (gift shop?) is very nice! As far as names go, perhaps Forbidden Jungle? Or Amazing Africa?
  3. I'll give those a go when I can, thanks for the help Coupon and sfgamguy.
  4. Well then, I was (and still am) stuck on those because lowering it makes it look too small and lowering the pole that holds it up makes it look too small still. If you have any suggestions for how to improve it, please tell me.
  5. Really nice screen but one thing; the mine track as pagoda rooves doesn't look right because the supports don't connect to the walls. Use wooden coaster track instead and you've got an excellent screen!
  6. They are the same height as most other umbrellas, I just forgot to add the curved awning.
  7. Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Orlando
  8. Thanks. I think I might develop the area a bit more first before I think about adding any more buildings. I've got a pretty neat layout (or at least I think it is) so I might do some more surrounding first. I don't know what context to put the current building in though. But I'll definately think about adding some toilets or other buildings.
  9. ^^That's better, now the colours don't look very in-game if you know what I mean.
  10. I think the best colour would be that dull brown to make it look more like a wooden coaster. But you can have a different colour for the rails if you want.
  11. The layout looks very nice but the colours could be revised.
  12. Cyrbuzz - It's quite complicated, but there is a tutorial for it on NE. Also, you will need the right version of 8cars for it and an invisible support blocker in your scenery. http://www.nedesigns.com/topic/20618/hack-like-a-winhacker/ RCT2day - I very highly doubt you can use RCT2 without the disc even with RCTModified (which is a modified version of rct2 of which the link on NE was disabled). You'll just have take the disc with you or manage without the game for a while.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going with B but i'll try and make the supports as thick as I can without making it look ugly. Some new work: Stop by this lovely little eatery for a quick bite!
  14. I have started yet another project *sigh* (I do this because I'm always building really nice layouts). or (sorry for the bad quality)
  15. Some really nice screens in that update. Just to let you know the sign for Sector 1.235 says 'Sector 1.435'. Also you said Sector 1.245 at one point. I think the name for that area might be a bit too long and hard to remember. Perhaps something like Sector 7 or Sector 13? Just a thought.
  16. He's asking for version 1.302. That pack only contains versions 1.21, 1.31 and 1.32. And 1.32 isn't good with merging (I'm not sure about the other two). 8Cars Trainer 1.302.zip
  17. Lovely screen. My only complaint would be the glitch with the blue fence in the queue and the tree. Also I think you should change the trunk of that same tree to light brown. That peachy colour doesn't look very nice for a tree. But there are some really nice realistic details there. Can't wait to see this in-game!
  18. That looks really nice and very atmospheric! I like the games area and the gift shop is very good. For the name, I think perhaps Western Adventures or Rocky Woods (or anything along those lines).
  19. ^I did something similar to that, but the mine track is visible through the woody track so it doesn't look good. Anyway I built the wooden coaster layout, built the mine track layout backwards (you must do it backwards otherwise you get ghost track) through it using zero clearance, deleted the woody track, painted the land tiles where the mine track was (I used green tile (you must use a texture not yet used in the park) ), lowered the mine track -1 using Map Object Manipulation in 8cars, then rebuilt the wooden coaster track above it using zero clearance. This is probably the easiest way if you don't want mine track poking through or if you don't want to use scenery. Thanks for the comments guys!
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