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  1. Thanks! I do think it looks very small and I kind of like those colours. If it ever progresses, I might make some changes. Here are a couple of new screens: A log-cabin style restroom An Intamin accelerater layout (sorry for the bad quality of the pictures)
  2. I think that brown awning kind of ruins the style of the building. Also the planter looks very overgrown (or is meant to be like that?). But that's an amazing screen!
  3. That's amazing Coupon! I really love how you've nestled that shop into the rocks.
  4. ^Great idea! As soon as I get motivation I'll give it a try, thanks! Update: I delved into RCT3 for the first time in ages. I don't have any custom anything downloaded so it's fully NCSO. Here's the result:
  5. Why aren't you posting these screens at NE? They're fantastic! I think #1 is better because it makes the ride more thrilling.
  6. ^^Thanks, I'm definately thinking of expanding it but I don't know how. I'll probably look at some pictures and some RCT2 parks for inspiration. ^Tehe, I thought you might recognize the style
  7. Nice work, but I think you should try to vary colours and textures more to define the theme better. Also add signs to signal where restrooms and restaurants are. Otherwise, this is great work! I can't wait for a coaster!
  8. I love the new coaster! But the supports look really weak. Perhaps add one more at the top of the lift hill. Also, I think you should add a path connecting Hasta Fiesta to Western Adventures. It would benefit the peep flow greatly if everyone is trying to get to Shangaan and the other coasters.
  9. ^Thankyou! A few more pictures: Another building. A small kid's play area.
  10. ^^Wonderful! Are you gonna post some new screens soon? ^That looks fantastic! Very calm and relaxing, the atmosphere is great.
  11. ^Yes! I gives of a wonderful atmosphere as if the chair lift riders are travelling into a spooky island. Only improvement I can see would be to change the ground texture.
  12. That looks pretty nice! One point of criticism though; your foliage needs some work. Add some bushes and vary the colour of your trees.
  13. That looks nice! In terms of colour, I suggest you change the pink to the darker tone of pink and for the foliage, perhaps make it less dense and remove a few bushes.
  14. My monthy venture into RCT2 produced this: Still loads more to do if I decide to continue...
  15. I love your style of building. It's really calm and the colours and textures you use really fit the 'natural' atmosphere of the parks you create. I can't wait to see the next update.
  16. I prefer the second layout. The first one just looks bad with the spacing of the corkscrews at the end and the inverting drop is too long. The second layout is more realistic but I don't really like that turn before the MCBR, perhaps have an upwards banked turn? The second layout is my choice but other people may feel differently about it.
  17. I really like how fast you're progressing through this project! I've never truly liked those Reverse Freefall coasters because they look horrible, but you've done them justice and themed it really well. I also like the buildings in that first screen.
  18. That's sad to hear. But it's a great way to end a project instead of just cancelling it and moving on. Can't wait to see what you have in store next.
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