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  1. I'm really hurt by all the people who are putting corkscrew and jr. Gemini before Iron Dragon Anyway, here is my rating 1.Maverick 2.Magnum 3.Millennium force 4.Raptor 5.Gemini 6.Iron Dragon 7.Wicked Twister 8.Blue Streak 9.Cedar Creek mine ride 10. Woodstock express 11.Mean Streak 12.Mantis 13.Corkscrew 14.Jr. Gemini 15.Top Thrill(broken all 3 times ive been)
  2. Is their countdown based on your PC clock? Counts down to 11am for me too, but that's Melbourne time (currently sitting at one hour to go), which is like 9pm Kings Dominion time? Yes, because my PC time is set to 8:09 am and it says there is only 2 hours till the announcement.
  3. I would have to go with the chance zipper. I feel like they are very underrated and every park should have one.
  4. i think the gp found there way into the gatekeeper video... and of coarse every other comment was something along the lines of "does it go bckwards thats so coooooolll
  5. It's the album cover from one of my favorite bands, but i might change it soon because i feel weird not having a coaster related avatar
  6. yes have you ever ridden a togo coaster you liked?
  7. in reply to the kings dominion 2013 rocket teaser some of these had alot of likes, wtf people
  8. ^i listened to that 5 minutes ago! Phoenix- if i ever feel better
  9. I don't think Six Flags America is a play. im not sure where i got play from...
  10. my real home park is six flags america, but that park sucks so much so i count kings dominion as my home park, so i305
  11. This wasn't from facebook but from the top ten worst coasters list. Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is rated as 3rd worst and the reason is
  12. yes, because maverick is so big ,fast ,and tall and diamondback isn't
  13. back in '06 when i was 8 on anaconda at kings dominion, without intimidator next to it it seemed so tall so me and my friends we almost crying out of fear on the way up
  14. about a month ago, while in line for Italian job at kd, a kid noticed my Intimidator shirt and said "man, that ride was only good the first week it opened when it went 120mph, it now sucks because they added trims and it only goes 70mph". brilliant, and this kid wasn't even a gp because he wouldn't shut up about the LIM's on Italian job...
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