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  1. It's just for comfort it falls out during flight all the time. If properly tightened it shouldn't fall out though, it's mostly kids who get scared and go into the fetal position. They had to redesign the footbar a few years ago because too many of them were flying off and becoming projectiles!
  2. When a Skycoaster is struck it requires maintenance to redo Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly inspections. Which takes a while.
  3. We are extremly strict about loose articles, you're not even allowed to wear a necklace. The main reason for this is once we lay the fliers down, we don't want them getting stabbed by their loose articles on their neck or in their front pocket. Stuff not flying off is just an added bonus, and as such I've never seen an object fly off the ride. You guys are making me curious, I'm going to bring a bouncy ball on my next flight, let go of it and see how far it goes ha.
  4. Surprisingly it's not really a nausea inducing ride since it doesn't go in circles. A Tilt-a-Wirl has more pukers than any other ride I've seen, I'm no health expert but it seems the more spins on a ride the more nausea. I have to admit it would be cool to see how far the puke would go; as long as I don't have to clean it up. Feel free to ask techincal questions since Site Controllers have to know everything about the ride and it's maintenance. But I'm happy to answer any kind of question.
  5. Yeah I always thought the whole ripcord thing was just a feature to make the ride more fun but nope it's just the cheapest way to release the fliers from the launch cable ha. The only automatic part on our ride is the winch, everything else is either done by hand by us or the fliers. Other locations have automatic landing poles and scissor lifts, if anyone here has ran a location with those I'd like to hear about it.
  6. The cheapest prices you will see in my experience is 15-20 dollars, more typically they are 30 or more but some parks give discounts. The 300 foot one in Kissimmee is only 20 dollars with the purchase of an all day wristband, so that has to be the best deal. I bring my Site Controller certificate to other parks and they always let me ride for free, so become an operator for the best price! In terms of crowds the time to do it doesn't really matter since I've never seen a line at my location or any others I've visited. Like any other tall ride, night is my favorite time to ride.
  7. Hey guys, I've been operating a Skycoaster for the better part of a year now. I am a certified Site Controller, meaning I had to pass a written and physical exam. Skycoaster is operated very, very differently than normal rides, so I'm happy to answer any questions about it, I'll answer anything except which one I operate. I've also operated plenty of other rides so I'm happy to answer questions about those as well.
  8. I disagree. I see it the same as I would see a 70 year old person, even though they don't retain much from when they were younger I still respect the age. If they completely took a wooden coaster and rebuilt it it would be different, but since the wood is replaced organically over time the age is notable.
  9. ^I think that question deserves to be it's own post I'm curious as to why? At least in my state the carnivals are as safe as the parks, but I know regulations vary from state to state. I've always wonder what the incident rate at carnivals vs. permanent parks is but I haven't been able to find any info.
  10. Has anyone figured out if Centrifuge is going to be a real Scrambler or a Sizzler? IMO a Scrambler running at it's full speed of 11 rpm is much more fun than a Sizzler running at full speed, the problem is some parks don't run their scramblers at full speed.
  11. Yeah, I was extremely grateful for those operators, they pretty much made our trip. I got two "Way to Go!" things from guest services and gave them to the guy who told me about the damage and the guy who ran the 5 minute cycle. For people who don't know what that is, If there's any employee you think is doing an exemplary job you can tell guest services and they'll give you a coin sized wood circle with "Way to Go!" on it, and then you give it to the employee and they can exchange it for cash I think? Most people don't know about it so it really makes the ops happy I would certainly recommend.
  12. I don't know the extend of the damage to the vehicles, It could have been something really small for all I know. But yeah if it seriously damages them that would be a problem, but I think since the ride has been running for almost 80 years the same way that they think it's not a problem. I've never seen the flyers closed, I of course wouldn't want to ruin a day for an entire park just so I could snap around.
  13. I don't see another ride focused on inversions going in there, we already have FoF, Anaconda and Dominator.
  14. Monday and Tuesday everything was a walk on it was incredible. Mildly interesting story about the flyers, me and my partner were able to find an operator who would not slow the wheel under any circumstances, leading to by far the craziest snapping I've ever had, I got knocked so hard I couldn't keep my hands on the sail. We rode it all day whenever he was operating it. Fast forward to Wednesday, I get on the ride with the same op and he walks over and basically says "Maintenance had to fix four of the vehicles yesterday, so they checked the camera footage and saw that I was letting you guys do that, and I've been told not to. I wish I could let you do it but I can't." Dude was really nice I wish they would just let the ride run the way it's designed. Anybody know any good tips on how to get good ops on this thing? There was one dude who was really strict but then like 10 minutes before closing I asked since we were the only people on it if we could do it, and he said yes and sent us on a 5 minute cycle of insanity. But short of that I can't think of a way to guarantee you'll get a fast ride. Also that haunted house was terrifying and amazing wish I hadn't missed it on my past visits.
  15. Another year of expansion, they moved the Tilt-a-whirl from it's old position to next to the golf course to make way for the new path. Rumor has it a Ferris wheel will be added along with another flat. Really happy to see this park doing well.
  16. Seabreeze was my first park and is really an awesome and unique park. The spinning mouse is actually a fantastic coaster, and runs faster than any others of that model that I have ridden. The bobsled was my first coaster and is super fun and unique. Jack Rabbit is a cool historic ride but I don't think it is very special, the tunnel at the end is very fun however. The log flume has the most extreme drop of one I have ever ridden. Definitely the best park in New York, but I can't say the competition is very strong.
  17. I wish more parks would look at their history and try to bring rides back.
  18. Has anyone been to the park for the opening weekend, specifically Sunday? If so what was it like? I remember when I went to KD on opening day and it was more crowded than I have ever seen it, but at least all the rides were open.
  19. I hear the SLC at Darien Lake used to have various issues, resulting them in slowing the lift to a crawl.
  20. I don't see the mountain staying, but maybe people will assume it will since it stayed after the last batch of attractions left it.
  21. Jokers Jinx launches 10mph slower than all of the other clones. I know it's fun to talk about, but I really don't see the park getting a replacement coaster within the next few years. The park has always had a stacked coaster lineup for it's yearly attendance, even with Volcano gone. I see a flatride, or a coaster in at least four years probably more.
  22. Man you got lucky on those Flyers! The day I was there the employees were just not having it and would slow it down whenever I snapped it.
  23. I've been the park quite a lot since 2006 and I've only seen anaconda with more than a station wait maybe three times? All on a saturday. I don't think I have ever seen it with a longer line than Italian Job. And I see here a lot that nobody ever has to wait for Intimidator, thats true for mabye half my visits other times the wait ranges from 15-60 minutes with one train, which for a giga coaster is not long at all but to say it always has a station wait is simply not true.
  24. Just got back from the park for the first time, no lines on any rides but the haunts had huge lines. The Swinging ship, the Huss TopSpin, flying scooters and kiddie coaster where all closed. The kiddie coaster was valleyed right before the station. The Enterprise was much much better than I was expecting, it was faster than the one that used to be at Cedar Point and really jerked you around in a fun way that CPs didn't...I wonder if its just broken or what. The SLCs lift hill for some reason is slower than a Golden Horse?
  25. If you hold your sail just slightly to the right the whole ride, you will get some light/medium snapping. Also watch the people on the flyers, look for people snapping and pay attention to what they're doing.
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