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  1. Air Crow literally has a sign saying not to lol so not sure if it should go on the list.
  2. I wish Knoebels would do this instead of slowing the ride for everyone. And thanks for the info guys!
  3. Thanks for the extra info guys! I only listed original Bisch-Rocco permanent models as the larson ones, like Yoshi mentioned, almost never allow snapping, and the portable models like Eagles Flight are so difficult I don't see it often done. I'll update the original post.
  4. Eiffel Tower tower is closed if you consider that a ride. Rides are being operated normally. Crowds at parks this year have been so different for obvious reason so I don't think it's worth making a guess on that, but crowds have never been much of an issue for me at KD except on Saturdays.
  5. Hey guys, I'm sure there's at least two people on here that care about this topic. Basically, on Flying Scooter rides, you can "snap" the cables, allowing for a more extreme ride. Some parks allow this, some don't, and I definitely don't want to intentionally break park rules. I've made a list of all flyers where it is possible and the park policies on it. Bisch-Rocco permanent models Flyer, Knoebels: Very operator dependent, some won't allow it at all while some will nearly let you tear the ride apart(plz dont). Rowdy Roosters, Canobie Lake Park: While this is a snapable model, chains limit the movement of the sails, making it very difficult/impossible. Hurricane, Lakeside Amusement Park: Unknown, if you know please let me know Flying Aces, Lagoon Amusement Park: Allowed and Encouraged Flying Eagles, Kings Dominion: Operator dependent, but in general less allowed than at Knoebles. They say "CONTROL YOUR BIRDS" ha American Flyers, Lake Compounce: Officially not allowed, but operator dependent. Mountain Gliders, Carowinds: Allowed and Encouraged. However, the cycle time is very short and the movement of the sails very limited. Premier Model - Flying Aces, Idlewild Park: "Snapping is not permitted as it damages the ride" Thunderbirds, Eldridge Park: Operator dependent, in general more allowed that Knoebels, especially if there is no one on the ride with you. Larson Models(significantly harder to snap, if not listed it's likely not allowed/possible)(incomplete list) Frontier Flyers, Hersheypark(High speed): Not allowed Dorney Park, Cedar Creek Flyers: Allowed French Quarter Flyers, Six Flags America: Allowed Flying Scooters, Camden Park: Allowed Woodstock Gliders, Worlds of Fun: Allowed Air Crow, Indiana Beach: Officially not allowed but operator dependent. Easier than most models due to location on the lake. Flying Eagles, Valleyfair: Allowed. Bisch-Rocco portable models Allowed on most/all but even harder to snap than the Larsons Feel free to correct me or share your experiences, especially on the "unknown" ones.
  6. Man I was so ready to book a trip next week only to see they open daily the week after...
  7. Do the ops here have a problem with snapping on the flyers? The KD ones sure did ha.
  8. It was up in the very morning, went down and came back up at around 5. Got stuck on the lift about 1/4 of the way up as others have been describing. Also did it's lift get slower or am I going crazy? Also idk who told me that snapping the flyers here was okay, it's definitely not some of the employees will stop you with even a little cable movement. Grizzly slow. Hope it gets faster as the summer continues. I know I sound like the stereotypical enthusiast here but what's the excuse for not running two trains on memorial day weekend? The only rides with two were Intimidator(probably the ride that needs two the least), FOF which was loading every other row, and Dominator. Even Anaconda got an hour+ wait today due to it having a single train, which I have never seen in years of coming here. Fun day though!
  9. Thanks for the update guys! Hopefully Grizzly will run well in the rain, It's one of my favorites and I've never heard of it running slow, would be a major bummer if it is. Also thanks for the Racer heads up I probably would have skipped it otherwise.
  10. ^Was about to say the exact thing, I think a Hershey/Knoebels or even just Knoebels trip would be great for this group as well.
  11. By trimmed do you mean it was running slowly? b/c IIRC neither ride has trims. Now that you mention it Racer has been inconsistent over the years but I've never seen Grizzly crawling, maybe I'm just lucky. Hurler seriously crawled through it's layout post-2010. Anyone catch if Intimidator was open today? Tried calling and emailing the park with no luck.
  12. ^What do you mean by "neutered shells?" I've been going here a while and they have always felt mostly the same to me, I remember thinking Grizzly was running better than ever in 2017.
  13. Volcano Flyers at Knoebels - First ride of its type and the only one to have a gasoline engine Claw at CW - Only ride of it's type Wild One - More modifications than any roller coaster in history Olympia Looping - World's largest transportable coaster Bobsled at Seabreeze - First wood to steel track conversion(I think) Shoot the Rapids - World's crappiest log flume
  14. Awesome TR! It really does seem like SFA is doing incredibly well this season. You should post the BGW one! Even great parks have a bad day sometimes and it would be interesting to hear what happened, even if it is negative.
  15. Yeah HQ has been going up and down consistently nearly every day, they sometimes just park a maintenance truck next to it so they don't have to keep driving back ha. But it It is really surprising how crowded the park is this year, it was a great decision by them to open early. ^Wild One went down two or three times, probably for about two hours total, but was open most of the day. Must have had some bad luck with timing.
  16. Not sure if I'm adding anything new here but I just read about this and it's ridiculous! If this happened at a Six Flags park I would be angry, the fact that it's happening at CP is just absurd. When was the last time Cedar Fair fucked their customer base like this? I can't think of anything. Just horrible, I really feel for you guys who planned trips it's not fair at all.
  17. Superman is up. Should have two trains tomorrow as well unless there is an issue with one.
  18. Yeah I wonder what prevented parks from being able to hire certain overseas workers this year? I hate to pile on the negativity against this post but come on dude.
  19. I'm in my 20s and find it possible but unpleasant to spend an entire day at a park, usually I'll go back to my hotel or an off site restaurant during peak hours.
  20. Oh god not the "What's the best slightly-above-average coaster at SFA" discussion again. It's Batwing btw.
  21. Sorry that posted without comment. This is good but why such an arbitrary date the park opens back up on the 21st ha. I'll be there tomorrow I can check on Superman's status. I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal to miss it though, not one of my favorite hypers and if you really like it you can just drive 7 hours up north to the better version! Still a really fun ride no doubt though, especially on a hot day.
  22. It is Six Flags practice to sometimes leave trains on or off because of poorly designed transfer tracks that require a lot of manpower, but that would surprise me on a B&M.
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