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  1. @prozach626I think it was the one where you lift the tab to unfasten. Children often have more trouble with it then the red button type.
  2. Water rides should not have seatbelts you can't easily escape IMO. I get they want to make them safer taller ect. but I never felt safe on Shoot the Rapids and we saw what happened there. Kings Dominion has just a really loose lap seat belt on their rapids ride, which is really there for show. Maybe lives would have been saved if the restraint was simpler.
  3. The state of Maryland won't allow more than one car on Wildcat anymore since an in-house modification caused too many collisions. I don't think the ride even has a functioning block system anymore, you can see from the POV's all the BB's were removed. Windstorm is a really fun ride, you can see some of its original paint from when it was at Old Town starting to show in your pic! It's a cool place but way too pricey, $45 for an all day wristband when SFA has a season pass for $50 around the corner is just highway robbery. Last I checked all the major rides will set you back 8 bucks if you want to pay ride by ride, which is also absurd. Was everything open?
  4. Sounds like a Kings Island accomplishment rather than a Cedar Fair one.
  5. SFA's Giant Discovery too. One of the worst months for parks in years I'd reckon.
  6. ^Maybe you had some bad luck, they seem to have had the flyers open every day since the refurb, at least according to their website.
  7. Every ride I've oped that has the "seatbelts first, lapbars second" is a disaster to operate, no one listens. We used to just hold the restraint unlock button until all the belts are secured. But this isn't possible on all rides, I wish more companies would use the type that can go on second like on the Premier spaghetti bowls or Copperhead Strike. Just seems smart as it's just a natural habit for most people to pull the lap bar first. People seem to leave their brains in the car.
  8. ^Wow! I didn't think we'd see one run that speed in the US ever again. Hopefully they start running that program.
  9. TT has small free lockers you use for the phones now. They use metal detectors.
  10. I think once a year in Maryland, might be different for a new ride though. The inspectors do make recommendations, such as moving a control panel so guests can't press it, or improving clearances.
  11. Has Enterprise been closed often this year? Was really sad to see it not operating on this trip. Also, their flyers are pretty neutered, the slowest I've ridden and there are these rubber things that limit the motion of the sail. If you're able to snap they let you though, so I guess it's a tradeoff.
  12. Any engineers here know how close this thing was to catastrophic failure? Because it looks mighty close to me.
  13. Why would the motor being installed backwards not be evident during testing?
  14. Don't forget Demon Drop at Dorney! I'm also an Anaconda fanboy so I wouldn't skip it. I hear the Mountain Gliders at Carowinds are fun because they let you fly crazier than other parks.
  15. Knoebels is my favorite park but it seems they are perfectly content with keeping their rides closed if it means they don't have to raise their wages. Edit: Oh, and Twister went down today due to staffing.
  16. It's been almost all of June with minimal downtime for an Intamin!
  17. I'm surprised they still had it listed as 9pm closings for this long. Cedar Fair is really something else this year. Can they sell all the parks to Six Flags?
  18. 13 an hour was the starting wage at the beginning of the season.
  19. ^Thanks they told me the same at KD when I asked for a map in person. I hope they still have them they are fun to collect, and my phone's not always on me thanks to their lockers.
  20. Am I a dumb dumb or is there no park map posted to their website?
  21. It seems they refuse to run a ride with under a certain number of employees even if they physically can, unlike SF. For example, Jokers Jinx at SFA is supposed to have a crew of 6, 1 load/flashpass, 1 load, 1 op, 2 unload and 1 security officer. However they are fully willing to run it with a crew of 3, being op, load/flashpass and unload. I don't remember Kings Island running any of their major coasters with three people.
  22. I've seen a few of those "Karens" at Knoebels as well, so annoying. I do get it though, heavy snapping does look like something is going wrong. I've never found the speed to matter much, you can easily snap Knoebels flyers even when they are running at their low speed, which is slower than any other model.
  23. ^Same experience at SFA. I'm wondering if there is a difference between Larson models, as you can see the support structure was changed at some point between Air Crow and Valleyfair's. Note how Air Crows is more similar to a Bisch-Rocco.
  24. Did you get lucky or already know this, cause this is spot on. 500 "without issue", whatever that means. It's 2000 in Iowa!
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