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    Ignoring forums

    Ah, fair enough! Thanks for checking!
  2. I've seen one selfie stick in the wild, and that was in a shopping centre with the two guys using it for up-skirt shots of the women walking about! So yeah, ban selfie sticks
  3. Dar

    Ignoring forums

    Is there a way to ignore certain forums when looking at unread posts? I've had a poke around in the settings and had a quick search and couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  4. Flipping heck! I've heard of training your ops early, but that's taking the mickey a bit!
  5. Isn't that the ride's tagline? That has nothing to do with backwards seats?
  6. Try to do the park in a circular fashion! It's far to big to be able to zig-zag across The Smiler does have SRQ! Oblivion is a queue eater, it's throughput is usually around 1600pph! Rita has an awful queue, so try to get that done ASAP although it also has SRQ. You definitely shouldn't need fasttrack at all I wouldn't have thought. Have fun!
  7. It's the equivalent of about $7.98 a gallon here in the UK!
  8. The pre-drops were to prevent wear on the chain and motors when the train left the chain, but B&M have worked out an alternative solution I think!
  9. Europa Park is my first thought! You could easily spend 3/4 days there, and the Hassenhorn RodelBahn is about an hour's drive away and then you're in the middle of the Black Forest which is pretty spectacular as a destination. Holiday Park is also an hour and a half away and Tripsdrill's only an hour and forty minutes from EP!
  10. Liseberg and Mack Rides have made some modifications on the trains and got the vibration levels lower then Blue Fire /// Marcus Great! Are they still adding the waterfall after the pretzel loop too?
  11. Has anybody heard anything else about the improvements that were supposed to be made to Helix this winter?
  12. Enough people already love this ride, I think you may be right!
  13. What was the announcement they were making yesterday? I can't find any mention anywhere!
  14. There's a B&M patent floating around for a different method of loading a flying train. The train comes into the station and the *track* rotates 90 degrees and the cars rotate 90 degrees so you are facing the airgates. I think they scrapped it in favour of the tilting system on technology and reliability grounds. Like so: Here's the actual patent if anybody else cares worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?CC=EP&NR=1201280A3&KC=A3&FT=D&ND=5&date=20030507&DB=EPODOC&locale=en_EP
  15. ^^B&M trains weigh around 7-10 tons (based on Nemesis and Air, I'm not sure about B&M sitdowns!). If that footer is on a particularly high force area, it could pull around 4G, maybe more, at it will be a spike of force. I'm not a civil engineer, so I could just be talking out my butt but that's my line of deduction for such massive footers!
  16. I'm a big-ish guy and one of the main motivations to drop a stone or four was when I was singled out by a ride op in the queue for Silver Star at EP. He made me use the test seat before I could queue any further, and I heard the words nobody wants to hear, "Row 5". I think having an op tell people to use the seat is probably the best way forward. I know I'd rather walk past the end of queue with people thinking I've chickened out instead of walking out of the station with people knowing I'm too fat.
  17. I can only assume that you banged your noggin' a few too many times on Kumali's restraints! My step-father-in-law-ish lives right next to the park and I object to the assertion that throughputs are good! I've sat and timed Mumbo Jumbo get an amazing 240pph and Kumali on its 5-10 minute dispatches!
  18. That white track looks too narrow and weedy for dive coaster track maybe? I agree about the red track, it looks like there's a straight piece under the curved piece. Are they planning a YOLOSWAG-coaster style spine-to-spine track?
  19. It looks bad in the onride I've seen, far too much time spent just sat in front of screens not really doing much. If they had you moving round the room, interacting with the video it would be better in my opinion but at the moment it just seems like they've wasted the trackless system and could have just used an omnimover.
  20. The Smiler has 2 really bad trains, and 2 really smooth trains and unfortunately it's just luck which one you get. The exit to the cobra roll is a bit of a jolt though. If you get a smooth train the ride is sublime, easily top 10 even top 5, but if you get one of the rough ones it really affects the ride.
  21. It's back to the final brakes!!1! Looking forward to seeing all the greenery around the ride and on top of the station grow out. I can't wait for this ride, it's definitely my most anticipated of this season.
  22. Does anybody know if the trims are adjustable for more or less splash during the summer?
  23. The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach had its first drop redone and the turnaround was retracked as well. The first drop was done for comfort reasons I believe and the turnaround was done because it didn't always get round it, with the winds coming directly off the Irish sea (Great design decision ) The track followed the box section originally and then they retracked it how it is now, as far as I'm aware. Additionally, the track around the first two "airtime" hills gets replaced every few seasons.
  24. Does anybody know what are the noise controls are like at Liseberg? I know that The Smiler was testing through the night to avoid the public seeing the first tests (and valleys ).
  25. With the amount of track that's been installed, I'm shocked at how little it actually represents of the layout!
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