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  1. The neighbours didn't have anything to do with this one, the plan was to have a big terrain woodie that started in Forbidden Valley but the Smiler crash caused attendance to fall off a cliff. So Merlin are...reluctant to spend huge amounts of cash at the moment. This was supposed to be open next year but got pushed back a year for the same reason. The plans also say that the station will have a thatched roof and timber construction, more like Katanga Canyon than Mutiny Bay, but the entrance is in Mutiny Bay so who knows!
  2. Why would they give you money back for a season pass? They've not done anything to prevent you going for the first 2 months, you've just chosen not to go until Lightning Rod is open.
  3. It could be that the magnets are overheating, or they're losing sync with each other, or something weirder!
  4. Didn't Europa add a themed area to Arthur and the Invisible's in 2014? Alton and Thorpe definitely aren't scared of adding IP brand's They did, but Arthur is a lot more popular in France/Europe than the UK or USA. With Europa being so close to the Germany-France border, it makes sense that they would tailor any IP based attractions to that market. Compared to Merlin just using seemingly random IPs.
  5. Irvine Ondrey have posted some updates from Lightning Rod on their facebook page. Interestingly, someone asked about the rumoured overspeed and Brian replied that there's never been an issue with the speed and that they don't know where those rumours have come from!
  6. They don't "need" to do anything. I think they should just open it one day. Invite the press and that's that. They get a freebie day where not many people know it's open, to iron out the operational kinks, and whiny enthusiasts get to come on here and whine that they didn't get in the first batch. Win, win!
  7. Towersstreet Talk are reporting on their facebook that some plans have surfaced on the Staffordshire Moorlands planning portal as part of a structural assessment that show a possible layout for SW8 Here's the link to the page: http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=103314 but it seems enthusiasts have hugged it to death. I can't decide what it looks like most, I think GCI but could be RMC but there doesn't seem to be any obvious inversions? Unless they're pulling a Smiler with it all in GDO and this is just a courtesy to the council so some inversions might appear later? James from TowersStreet has made this overlay to show how it fits in with the overall area:
  8. I think the only practical way to mitigate that would be to have a zero-car on every train, with plastic farings, that fall off in a collision, to cover it. I don't know if these infinity coasters can have longer trains, but if not it would massively affect throughputs, possibly too much to be acceptable to manufacturers/parks considering this should never happen?
  9. They have Geisterschloss, which is frankly the best ghost train/omnimover in existence!
  10. Honestly, I don't think Alton is possible if you've only got a day and don't want to hire a car. The park is practically impossible to get to using public transport with only one bus in the morning that takes an hour to get there. If you really want to do without hiring a car, you'll need to get to Stoke-On-Trent station, then get on the bus from the stop over the road. Check here for the time the bus leaves Stoke and the return times: http://www.firstgroup.com/potteries/more/alton-towers/stoke-station Not to mention that train fares in this country are obscene, with a return journey from Heathrow to Stoke-on-Trent costing over £200! Renting a car is definitely the better option, it's only a 3 hour drive to Alton from Heathrow. Renting a car for a day can be as cheap as £50 + fuel, so it's certainly cheaper as well!
  11. The LSM stators are attached to metal rails that are connected to the running rails, so the launch should hold itself in line and straight. So it being wood is almost definitely irrelevant.
  12. A short video of some full circuit testing has appeared on YouTube. Not sure how long it's going to stay up, Phantasialand seem intent on having no trace of testing online. Seems to hold on to quite a bit of speed as it goes round!
  13. Taron was testing today apparently, but not until late in the day meaning any videos taken from outside the park are banned from the normal forums!
  14. Rumours also suggest that at about 4:30pm BST there will be a porcine flock flying from west to east.
  15. Seems an odd decision, I'd heard that they struggle to fill the hotels they have got?
  16. Probably just to show off for the passholder stuff?
  17. That's some wicked wiggle on the little air bump after the lift! I'd ask how long before the public are screaming for it be torn down ala Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom, but I don't think the Dutch care
  18. I'm pretty sure that turn's banked outward like on an El Loco
  19. So does this mean it's getting Skyrush style train's or just 2 seats per row?
  20. I get what you're saying but at least Valravn is an actual word this time
  21. Am I right that they haven't had time to get the main tower themed this closed season?
  22. The teaser video says "attack with the vikings or defend the village", does that mean we could be looking at a duelling coaster like Joris at Efteling?
  23. I think bleak, medieval and volcanic are what they're going for to be honest I kinda like that it's very grey and dark, and think that grass or some other colour would kinda detract from it? It's annoying that Merlin persist with dark and bleak themes for their latest rides and it just looks tacky, but Phantasialand go from colourful and cheery Chiapas to this dark and brooding masterpiece!
  24. The GDO doesn't cover the raised bit in the woods though, so they'd need permission for anything to go that far. Plus it only allows buildings below 5 metres, which is why they applied for permission for The Smiler.
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