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  1. If they can't maintain a Zamperla Volare for more than 2 years, I'm not confident they could maintain a woodie full stop!
  2. Can't be that good a safety expert if a little boy took a brake fin to the back of the head in his park? I can't think of anywhere else that has such an archaic policy, if it's that important then put up some cameras around the track and park instead of relying on guests, and impairing their enjoyment if they're on their own or if the rest of their party don't want to ride.
  3. Is there any reason for their ridiculous single rider policy?
  4. Fastrack is such a shambles at Thorpe, with overselling galore, that the queue to even get fastrack tickets can be longer than the main queue you're trying to avoid, and the actual fastrack queue at the rides can be a considerable length as well!
  5. Looks like it opens on the 1st July! Loopings
  6. Don't forget that they've still got to fill the middle up and they've got all that space towards River Quest as well!
  7. Looks like it really flies through that first immelmann! Can't wait for a full POV!
  8. I swear to God that if Chiapas is shut when I visit next month I'll...probably be very angry and quite disappointed.
  9. I would be curious to know if TTD, Wicked Twister and other launch coasters have generator back-up. I would assume that they would want this as an extra safety precaution in addition to limit/proximity switches and sensors in the event of a power outage during a launch. Does anyone know for sure? To be honest, I have never really looked for these during my rides, but they could very well be there - hidden within buildings. I would think that there might be a local tie between Cummins and Holiday World given their close proximity to each other - seems to make sense that they would work together to have the gen-sets there - just in case they might ever need them. I doubt it, none of those would move a train to the launch block until the previous train has passed the point of no return/rollback. And they're equipped with permanent magnet brakes so they'd stop even without power.
  10. Phantom's Revenge has had its trims and main brakes replaced with magnetic ones from Velocity Magnetics, programmed by our friends at Irvine Ondrey Engineering! Facebook video of the new final brake run!
  11. They don't have restrictions on WHAT they can build, just how high and/or loud. You might be thinking of the oft-quoted line that they would never get a wooden coaster because they don't score well on market research and the public thinks they're unsafe!
  12. Is it me or is there an larger than normal gap between the transfer and station track?
  13. The track isn't themed though, it's just plonked in a hole! I think this is going to be like DvH; great experience, average coaster!
  14. Nemesis doesn't really have a theme, it's just down in a hole!
  15. Yeah...nope. It's totally fair that you can't afford a lambo, you don't earn enough. Kids should keep score, they need to know when they're not good enough. The way HW are raising money is fine, I was simply suggesting ways they could have done it differently to offer the opportunity to as many people as possible while raising as much, or even more, cash as doing the auction.
  16. Does Indiana have a sales tax? If it does, every time you go somewhere in the state and pay money, you're indirectly supporting the government and their decision. As much as it will suck for legitimate businesses, the only way to get through to governments is to make the cash go away.
  17. You're all wrong, you clearly go down the slot at the end to get to the underground watercoaster section!
  18. While many all of us (including me) do not have the disposable income to throw huge wads of cash at a minute long coaster ride, for those that do, they are supporting an incredible cause: Give Kids the World. Everyone wants a chance to ride a new coaster first, and a really neat way to organize that excitement is to auction the limited seats for a good cause that the park collects zero profit from. Yes, it stinks some of us don't have the money to win a seat, but at least the money spent on those seats is for a great cause that is light-years more important than who gets to enjoy Thunderbird first. Not everything in life is fair to people of all incomes. Sad, but true. I agree to a point, but I still think selling raffle tickets for $10-$20 and donating the proceeds along with specific limited edition merch for the first day with all proceeds going to charity would be not only a fairer system, but I bet they would make a lot more too! How many enthusiasts are going to buy more than one mug or shirt? Not to mention the scalpers that buy loads and sell on on eBay! I wish them all the luck in the world with the launch, I just wish they'd release a full POV
  19. I wish they wouldn't do auctions for first rides. It's not really fair for people on lower incomes that might want to ride. I think a fairer system would be a simple raffle for the first train and then limited edition charity merchandise for just the first day.
  20. ECC confirmed that it won't open then. No new date was provided.
  21. They've announced on the radio that it opens May 20th!
  22. These have just been uploaded by Klugheimleaks which has been chased all over the web by PL! It can now be found at http://klugheim.0xhost.net/wp/...for now. Keep checking their Twitter feed for updates if it gets moved again I assume they've wrapped the supports and track because this part is going to be indoors? Or at least feature quite close theming?
  23. Has anyone seen anything more about IOE's refit of the mouse? Would be cool to have a "photo trip report" of the work!
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