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  1. ^Agreed. It looks as though the train would hit the supports too, even if it is inverted.
  2. VERY NICE! I can;t wait for the download! One question, can you put up the brick path you used up for download? For the name, how about Rattlesnake Dunes, Thrill Plateau, Swift Sands, and Quicksand Queue. I can't think of any!
  3. Replace the enterprise with a nice little courtyard or a simulator. It just seems to cramped I.n there.
  4. They are WW/TT paths. I only used the paths though, there are only two paths from WW/TT and no Scenery from WW/TT. I don't know about the rides, have at least one that is WW/TT. Thanks for the positive feed back and I hope you have some C&C as I want to improve.
  5. After many times to bring myself to update and many fails (cough couch *Mine* cough *Craft* cough), I've finally decided to post an update! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tulip Thrills Amusement Park - TDI - Year Three Dylan Irvings here with an update from TDI! Inwheeler has bough out Snack Stop and changed it a bit into Snack Shack, with food being served from different franchises like McDonalds! There has been major renovation and we shall open on year five, two years later than expected. So lets get onto those Polaroids, shall we? SCR6.BMP Scream Surge, at the start of the park. It is more Roman themed than anything else and we are debating to renovate it. SCR7.BMP Another angle. SCR8.BMP InterTulip Tramway, along with part of Tulip Thrills - China and the Snake Helter Skelter. SCR9.BMP Another angle. SCR10.BMP A view of the China part of Tulip Thrills. Visible is the Vekoma Jr. Coaster (name undecided) and the Vekoma Boomerang, Katana Kleaver. Also there is a space rings ride named Yin and Yang Portals, themed to two themed pairs of portals. SCR11.BMP Another angle. A Snack Shack is visible here. SCR12.BMP The other path that will branch off into Rome, and the revised turnaround for the Intamin (name undecided). SCR13.BMP A view of the Rome area. A Snack Shack here has a nice riverside dining area. Dylan Irvings signing off. Update tomorrow, I (hopefully) promise! Don't forget those Cookies & Cream!
  6. Lightningrod. Surge/Scream Surge. Lochness Monster. I have no idea.
  7. Well, I guess it was the [NCS] thing, but it ok. I do it too, it is no big deal. Nice park by the way.
  8. Forget my JAW, my whole head is on the floor! This is amazing. Why couldn't a real park be like this!
  9. Looks like a Kingda Ka clone, with coloring (I thinkk) but again, all of them are clones of each other. Nice job!
  10. I think its time for the park to receive a GCI woodie or an out n back.
  11. You amaze me with the worst game out of the RCT trio. I think I should give RCT 3 another chance, but I want to stay involved in RCT 2.
  12. Nice park. Itsok but it needs more wide paths or a more buildings t,o much empty space
  13. Nice, but if this is a realism-heavy park, take out that new coaster. Awesome though!
  14. Yay its not dead! And I hope that you live up to funkeymon's parks!
  15. Very nice park! It reminds me of my take sof realism-esque parks.
  16. Scrambler Ability to start an amusement park OR ability to start a donkey petting zoo?
  17. You REALLY wanna make me play RCT3 again, it looks so good! One thing is, I would change that texture underneath the paths.
  18. What do you think? NO Would you ride a B&M boomerang if it existed?
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