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  1. That is great CC9, good to see your back! I think you should scrap that woodie and make an intamin.
  2. Welcome to TPR, and one thing: Wayyyy too good to be a six flags park How bout 7 flags? I love this park, only thing diffuse to me is that intamin impulse (flash?) Make it a darker color, its just an eyesore.
  3. Awesome work BAB! I really like your launched B&M and youve improve so much! Say, how'd you sink thoses entrances?
  4. I wonder why there hasn't been Batman clone yet. Nice park, but I agree on those paths they are bland. This is one of my favorite parks and I look forward to seeing that Shwartzkopf coaster!
  5. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! I loved this park I though it would become Mooreville's predessor!
  6. Nice park SoCal, it makes me think about playiing RCT3 again! I think you should add another restaurant and a large scale woodie, or some S&S Power Towers.
  7. Judging from views to replies ratio, I have seen that many people are looking but not commenting. So please leave some C&C and I have a new micro to show you once I get back from Mountain View, Ca.
  8. After the initial launch, I think a top hat would go better.
  9. Those conifer hedges don't fir in well with the snow theme, but thats just me again
  10. Hello! RCTrioFan here, brining a new series of RCT2 parks that are 15x15.(Credit to PSIrockin for the Lighthouse Coast which I used for my base) This will not be updated regularly, but rather as a time-consumer, but you never know when I'll update it. I was originally gonna enter them into the Monthly Micro challenge until it went dead, so this may be your third time seeing this one entitled "Goliath's Rage" featuring a launched B&M and a spiral slide named "Venomshark." SCR1.BMP View one. SCR2.BMP View two. SCR3.BMP View three. SCR4.BMP View four. SCR5.BMP Update woodie catwalk.
  11. Nice park so far! Can you tell me how you made the entrence banner for the queue line invisible?
  12. Nice B&M, is it a terrain twister? I don't think B&M ever does that (unless I'm thinking of Intamin), but nice foilage and landscaping.
  13. OK work, but I think that carousel and Monsters station are over themed. Tryn toning it down a bit, but I love your layouts!
  14. Nice work! I have a few tidbits however. You shouldn't overuse those one-color beige walls, and maybe you should ttry not to use that green pathway. If you were to use it, change the texture under the paths to the rocky. You should try doing that to all the paths -- it gives it tthat "finished" look. Other than that, nice park! Try submitting it to NE later, I bet it could scoop up a bronze!
  15. Hanton Hills? Rotary Garden amusements? Reverend Park? Tulip Thrills? (<-- don't take that one, its for my upcoming park) Phoenix Point? (I like that one too) Calamity Coasters? Flora Fields? The possibilities are endless!
  16. I can;t update right now because I have my computer at staples being fixed, but the park is not dead and I have majorly changed the park. So stay tuned, and for all the intamin impulse coaster haters I have removed the coaster. Keep the comments roling/
  17. EDIT: Park o hiatus, too big of a park to work on for now. Look for RCT2: Tulip Thrills soon (around new-yearsish) Hello! I'm back! The reason I haven't been on is because I quit RCT2 for a while, but I'm back! My name is RCTrioFan, here to show you the newest park created by me, who else? This will be my first actual attempt at a park, using the "Build your own Six Flags" scenario. Anyway, onto the pictures: SCR8.BMP The entrance of the park. SCR9.BMP Focusing on past the entrance. SCR10.BMP The Volcanic Sparkles, a hidden themed dodgems attraction, and an unnamed impulse coaster, located on the "Forlorn Empires" side of the park. SCR11.BMP The Tree Chopper, a twirling ride hidden in the trees, a frog hopper for the family, and Cube Canyon Endeavors, a sinkhold-themed enterprise on the "Forlorn Trails" side of the park. SCR12.BMP A different view of the above. SCR13.BMP A view of the family friendly coaster, Ambient Train! This is probably my best themed coaster to date (because I mainly just build them). SCR14.BMP An overview of Ambient Train's layout. SCR16.BMP I leave you with an overview of the land we have to do. C&C appriciated, thank you!
  18. I love the hacked carousel! For the name, how about Geranium Valley? Whispy Woods? Eternal Coasters? I don't really know, actually.
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