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  1. Thanks but I personally love the colors of the path and they're the closest I can get to France colors (it's more Italy but oh well). I also appreciate your feedback and I may fix the supports.
  2. Unfinished around the edges, I was originally going to finish this up before I posted here as I already had posted in the Preview thread a while back today but I have no time so I'm just gonna post this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dylan Irvings has a surprise for you... the (almost) completion of France! The centrepiece of this is truly amazing as we hired Schwarzkopf to make a Jet star coaster into a small space in the corner of the park!This was completed one week before opening day and we were lucky because after testing ( it went smoothly by the way) It started to rain as I snapped these Polaroids! SCR2.BMP From preview thread. SCR3.BMP Also preview thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. I honestly don't watch baseball much but I llove the way the park is going here. Exceptional work!
  4. @QueerRudie I understand the unrealistic transition the Schwarzkopf coaster has but RCT has limited option and I did try to make the transition in that space as I tried hard to fit it into the centrepiece for France. I will take your opinion into account however as I will be working on a different park after Tulip Thrills. Very nice there ryansmith. I just hope you intend to straight out the landscaping (of course you do) and the theming is exceptional even for you. Not really much to say here as it is still unfinished and I would like to see the finished product before I do my semi-OCD criticism.
  5. 492 feet... Well, that's a first. Here's my new Jet star coaster as the centerpiece for France, in Tulip Thrills. It's name is Lumiere Mason as the actual French word for lighthouse (phare) is too short and ugly-sounding. SCR2.BMP One angle (sorry for rain). SCR3.BMP Other angle.
  6. Well, maybe change the new "Wild West" to something medieval, maybe like Renaissance, I'm not good with history. It seems medieval to me.
  7. Very nice go-karts, is it peepable? I love the new Colosseum for Mako but I think the go-kart tires would be better in black.
  8. I know, and I wonder if the fire effects took down the bathhouse? I hope the following isn't too harsh. I hope that Screamer doesn't get taken down but I feel like what this park needs is better names for rides (no offense) and themed areas. Like for Tundra Adventures, maybe add a Eskimo-esque village or a complete renovation of the park. No offense, I feel that Tundra Adventures is lacking the same atmosphere and realistic-ness of Screamin' Adventures does. (By the way what is with the Adventures in the names? Is it a chain?) I mean, it has unrealistic scenery and the water color of the enterance area is really unrealistic. How is it not frozen over? And landscaping, at least add a small 2x2 hill or something. Again, I hope this wasn't too harsh. I really like Screamin' Adventures but I just think Tundra is a little over the top.
  9. ^Agreed. Please don't make your work so square. It is an OK park after all, but the squareness and stuff just really ticks me off. I think that this park has good potential but it needs a bit of improvement.
  10. WELCOME TO TPR. Its nice that we have another newbie to the site as we always enjoy new people. VERY nice park! It has very vibrant feel and good use of CS! I love the vibrancy and all, but you might want to tone the colors down a notch. Nice park Cyrbyzz.
  11. Busch Gardens in RCT2! Wow. I love how you decided to make a Busch Gardens park, and you are really maintaining the atmosphere here. VERY VERY nice work, only tidbit is those catwalks. Seems a bit off to me..
  12. I'm feeling a burst of inspiration for my next TDI park... (20 minutes later) Started another one called Pinewood Amusements. Looking good so far, don't know if I'll keep going after I finish Tulip Thrills, probably will. It also has lands from different areas around the world like Africa, Antarctica and El Salvador, just to name a few. Also brainstorming names like "Calmere Islands Amusement Park" or "Phoenix Point/Peak Amusement Park" and "Lightning Valley Amusements."
  13. Could you describe it a little more? I've had at least 10 entry problems but I don't understand this one. I could really help you out, I've had so many problems with this...
  14. Dark ride. Personally, I like the Big surf, you should keep it. The theming in this is exceptional and I really like construction shots. Keep it up!
  15. TASTY! REALLY good work you got here Xtreme, really an eye catcher with that gladiator game. This must be an NE design tobe this good! I love everything except for the lack of foliage/land transition. Keep it up!
  16. That... is the best dive coaster I've ever seen. Only tibit is that the first pic looks extremely unrealistic, but, hey, its your call.
  17. Exceptional work there djbrace! One can wonder what this park will behold, as it looks like an accolade/spotlight contender. I like your idea of using single-rail track instead of the ugly default car ride track. Needs more trashcans for a Cedar Fair park, unless this isn't one and is an exceptional park anyway. The atmosphere of the park is great!
  18. VERY NICE! Awesome! I hope you took the flowers into consideration as they are an eyesore. I wonder what the site will behold!
  19. Nice job, except for the Intamin. I just think a better option would be a, I don't know, a donkey? TPR jokes aside, looks really great! I think you should change the color for the Intamin.
  20. Update time! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dylan Irvings is ready to take you on a tour of the awesome (incomplete) new lands of Rome and France! SCR13.BMP Here is a picture of Rome you may have seen already. Nothing really special. SCR14.BMP 'Nuther angle. SCR15.BMP Updated layout. We told Intamin not to have the turnaround extend over the pathway, but oh well. SCR16.BMP Here's some of France. Crossroads is visible as well as park of the Disk-O fairground ride. Dylan Irvings signing off. Short update, hope you like it!
  21. I guess I would pay up to 10$(for iPod), but it should have the ability to download custom content such as parks, track layouts, and custom rides/scenery. Also try to keep it add-free and maybe it should have a built-in recorder? Please add my first suggestion, that would make it awesome.
  22. WELCOME! I like your park, it seems nice. Reminds me of molemaster42's park. But I am bursting with criticism. Here goes- Change those flowers at the enterance to full tile or quarter tile. Those flowers.. well... just look plain weird clumped together like that. Also, add more trees and bushes, liven it up a bit. You should probably not overuse that brick wall roof, because it looks repetitive and boring. If you wan to keep that look, maybe mix it up with abstract roofing and canvas roofing. Put some fences around that ferris wheel and change the land look under the carousel. And I understand landscaping is tedious without 8cars, but I think it makes it look 10x better. Looks goood though, I hope you enjoy TPR and I think this can shape into a great park!
  23. Youre welcome! I really like these parks and when you relase it for download I'd love to check it out. For the name, how 'bout Spnashin' Spanish, Hasta Fiesta, and so forth.
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