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  1. I love this park! I like how you incorporated the bathroom into the building and the use of no CS. I like Liberty Splashdown. I can't wait to see more!
  2. Nice layout! Wait, how did you get those custom supports in the roller coaster designer?
  3. Hello, I am new to TPR, but I have played RCT2 for a while. I don't mind constructive criticism, and I will use it to improve my parks. Tell me if the pictures are working, because I've never uploaded pictures onto this site. The first park in the "Majestic" chain of parks opened very early to quickly get the funds needed to build more rides. I got in early with my season pass to take some pictures. Moving onto the first picture: SCR7.BMP The entry plaza with outdoor turnstiles turned by security guards. Rides: Helium Updraft (Balloon Ride) and Demolition Derby (Demolition Derby above the pathway). Don't forget the giant fountain restaurant In N' Out (my personal favorite) and the wooden outdoor eating pavilion in the top of the picture that I managed to get. SCR8.BMP A better look at the restaurant, the Guest Services building, the outdoor eating gazebos, and the Zamperla Hang Gliders named Tornado Gliders. The detail on this SCR9.BMP A look at some of the first rides in the park. In this picture there is a small firetruck ride, the Wonder Wheel Ferris Wheel, and the Guard Tower, an Intamin drop tower themed to a guard tower. SCR10.BMP Another angle I took from my camera. SCR12.BMP And a leave you with a teaser. Looks like some B&M Standup track! I also saw some high capacity trucks come filled with something. I wonder what it is/was?
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