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  2. EXCEPTIONAL WORK! I really like the building but I liked this being a no trainer park.. now it looks like an accolade winner which is still awesome though.
  3. @AoE Very nice park you got going on there! Can't wait to see the official thread! By chance, is your username related to the internet game Ace of Spades?
  4. EDIT : I was a bit harsh, I know why MoosemanRCT's section was non-aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Excellent job there! I don't really think the Arrow Giga is realistic but I love the mean streak!Looking forward to some of your new parks!
  6. Floorles B&M. Those hurt though... VERY nice picture! Is it ok if I steal that pagoda idea for my parks? I love the way this park has turned out. Im really digging those buildings
  7. I.... I have no idea how you came up with that ... Canada... I am not good at historical architecture and I probably would fail at making that. I might Google some pictures but I just had an idea. I might make a futuristic zone or a retro zone (like you said.) Maybe I'll go medieval!
  8. One little tidbit - I don't really like the repetitiveness and blockiness of the Main Street buildings. Everything looks good and your park has great potential. Its a great park, don't get me wrong, but it looks too copy-and-pasted. You know what I mean? Add some balconies, maybe a tower, even a garden courtyard or two
  9. Unfortunately I don't have the space theming or I would've done that space-race thing. I can see it now... Cosmonaut Circuit... I guess I'll do Brazil unless someone has any suggestions.
  10. Nice update, even if all you did do was recolour and delete. I hope that Dark Ride works well.
  11. You must ADD some more airtime hills or just hills in general. Yours is basically an Arrow Oblivion esque thing, it has no hills.
  12. Yes, yes yes. I'll try to work, Im in. I hope this works
  13. Lovely. Excellent planter and that table setup is gorgeous! I think the restaurant could be expanded a little, maybe a little restroom nearby? Porta-Potti?
  14. I usually don't get into heavy CS parks but this one really is an eye-catcher! I hope you can pull of that tradition "Disney" feel as this seems like a huge project. Best of luck!
  15. Well, this is a no-picture update but right now I really need help on deciding the last theme area before I post up Pinewood Amusements. Choices are: Brazil USA Other Short, but sweet. And a little teaser... something big is coming, but it may not be a coaster... and think Beavers. Thank you for your time and patronage. -Dylan Irvings- Press Association Thrill Designs Inc.
  16. Never would I have thought that the Echinema Resort would branch off into this. Exceptional work, this is very inspiring and epic, but that was an understatement.
  17. Can't wait for the release. I would go either way but I'd go go with B because of the niceness of the bell tower itself. If you combined the two, it'd be great.
  18. Pros and Cons time by RCTrioFan! A - Why? : Bulky, takes up space that could be used for scenery, but the supporting is far better than B. B has flimsy wire to hold it up and with a fat guy (think Barney) would just bring it down into a heap on the grass. It you were to thicken the bars maybe 2x it would look much better. Otherwise now, A wins.
  19. EXCEPTIONAL work there Molemaster! This is a huge step forward past Tundra Adventures! I'm looking forwards to your park and I want to know, in the gaming district photo thing, what is the path? Please tell me and this is MUCH better work then your first two parks (no offense) and possibly greater than mine!
  20. Thanks for the tip QueerRudie! Its just that I almost have never rode a Schwarzkopf as the only major parks I've been to recently are Six Flags. They don't really care about Schwarzkopf beauties much but they fill up their parks with lipping Vekoma boomerangs. Seriously.
  21. Opening day is here! (Real reason behind the removing of the Egypt section is that I forgot to include the scenery, it's gonna be a pain in the butt to make an Egyptian section without Egyptian scenery.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dylan Irvings live, and boy, in the biggest park coming to New Jersey is... Tulip Thrills! Yes, that's right, September the First was opening day here in the outskirts of Trenton! (Fictional) We've only had two lawsuits, one over Snack Shack (we won), the pre-copyrighted name. Also we were going to include a genuine Egyptian artifact in the Egypt area but a group of archeologists who owned a museum refused to let us use one, even one from a different musuem. Unfortunately the jury also had a few ex-archeologists and they shut down our entire land. So looks like whoever wins a suggestion for a new land gets a free season pass! SCR1.BMP A tram arrives and people pour in clutching their tickets. We made 30,000$ on our first day - that's some serious money for a park this big! SCR2.BMP The soon-to-be occupied roads of China and the main pathway. There is the Snake Helter-Skelter visible here. SCR3.BMP Occupied now, eh? SCR4.BMP There's Scream Surge! We didn't renovate it, but we included an enterance to Rome nearby. SCR5.BMP Overview of the 3/4th completed Rome area. We added a new addition for year 5, a week before opening day - a new Schwarzkopf shuttle loop named Wings of Apollo. Also visible is the Intamin hyper named Embers of Rome. They like the word "of" a lot, I can see. SCR7.BMP France. The centrepiece for this land is a Jet Star coaster named Lumiere Mason (the real word for lighthouse is "Phare" but that sounds too short) and visible in the corner is Rome's Legend of Pegasus, a carousel. SCR8.BMP Wings of Apollo, the Schwarzkopf shuttle loop. (Its actually just a Turbine with added scenery. Shh! Don't tell anyone!) Also you can see InterTulip Tramway disappearing into the forest underground. SCR9.BMP Dynasty Splashdown in China. Work is MUCH needed here as it is very bland at the moment. SCR10.BMP A tram passes with guests waiting at the gates. We hired a number of security guards to keep casualties to a minimum. Rides visible are Katana Kleaver, Yin and Yang, and the Scuttler. SCR11.BMP Lumiere Mason, FINISHED! France is officially complete! SCR14.BMP Overview. Don't forget to send or email those name suggestions! There we have it, our first official TDI park on opening day. See ya for the last few updates, then join us at Pinewood Amusements! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C&C appreciated as this is my first opening day, after all.
  22. BEST use of default RCT3 secery I have ever seen! Excellent night photography, exceptional work! I know that this is the one RCT3 park I follow. One more thing...
  23. Looks like alot of old, RCT2, well respected forumers are coming back on. PS. Look for an update for Tulip Thrills VERY soon.
  24. I think he Zeroclearenced with 8cars the minetraintrack backwards.
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