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  1. Possibly, the one that was on it at Flamingoland was absolutely knackered for a long time before it left. As for keeping the original track and train, the track was modified before it went onto the fair circuit (before FL bought it), so it actually lost some extra feet off the station and the turn before the loop!
  2. From what I understand, Bullet hasn't been in the UK for quite a few years now... It's sitting all refurbished at Vekoma's factory, I meant "leave the UK" as in "not come back to operate in the UK". I was praying to the coaster lords that Blackpool Pleasure Beach or someone (hell, I'd ride it if it were built in a sewer) around here would buy it! I want a chance to experience it again, it was just utterly incredible!
  3. I sure hope this is true, although it would be a massive shame for it to leave the UK.
  4. After hours and hours and hours of nerding up on travelling coasters, I'm developing somewhat of a thing for them. The result, CHUNDERSTORM; the super-sized travelling Vekoma boomerang! Boasting two 180ft towers, a 90ft cobra roll and a 90ft loop, this beast is designed to be relocated from place to place to thrill the fair-goers of the world. It hits an eyelid-peeling top speed of 60mph, and hits a peak G-force of more than 5! DOWNLOAD ME! Screens!
  5. I recently rode Ultimate with the restraint maybe 4-5ins above me, the ops thought this was ok and dispatched the train, by the time I got to the 2nd lift I decided it was time to be responsible and secure myself properly for the ridiculous second half of the ride. I could have ended up in orbit on the 2 silly hills after the forest run!
  6. Whiplash?? You encounter far more negative linear force on the brake run of your average Wild Mouse than you would on this! As for the vertical spike, you're constantly moving at the same rate as the train, so there is no chance of you dangling towards the floor.
  7. Intamin ones are largely the same, they're just taken at a way higher speed so the whole thing is very quick, hence the roughness.
  8. The ride itself doesn't have to be built with permission as X-Sector is under a GDO (general development order). The thing they are trying to get planning consent for is the station building and I think the theming
  9. Each train has 9 cars with 2 seats each, making 18 riders per train. Have a look at some of the Disney coasters, they run 5+ trains pretty much all the time and also so did Schwarzkopf's Olympia Looping!
  10. It varies widely between different children. I had barely turned 7 when I was riding every looping coaster I could get my mitts on, whereas you could a 7 year old who had a much lower mental age and thus might not understand what was going on, and might freak out. It varies too much case-to-case so I don't think a general rule could be enforced for age. Height + parental discretion = the best way really.
  11. In the planning proposal, it says that sound measurements were taken from Saw at Thorpe Park, which has the same manufacturer and ride type as the propsed SW7. I'm not paraphrasing, that is near enough a direct quote.
  12. Bullet at Flamingoland had a history of being ferried around and not operating for very long at places because of the insane wear and tear on the launch mechanism (it had about 60 sets of drive tires), it ended up being partially rebuilt and totally overhauled simply because of the horrendous amount of noise it made, before it arrived at Flamingoland. Actually, that's not entirely true... The Wienerlooping (Schwarzkopf Shuttle loop Mk2a) worked fine- if you kept up with the motors. The biggest issues with the ride was noise- and quiet Wienerlooping most certainly was not. Weinerlooping has (had!) six pairs of drive tyres on each spike, and six sets in the station, making for 18 sets of rotary drive wheels that were used to push/pull the train out of the station. Most of the time these motors only gave some force to the train, as Schwarzkopf used gravity whenever possible on this, and for that matter all His designs. Still, the ride gave good overall performance across the board, and was a good reliable ride. However, the ride itself wasn't modified- save the addition of Mk2C trains with OTSR restraints- during the course of it's operational history. R.D. "TPR's Schwarzkopf Priest" Wow thanks for clearing that up dude, I am a huge follower of this ride's history and it's operation since my dad and one of my friends were fitters/ops on it. I'd love to talk about it with you if you'd PM me!
  13. Bullet at Flamingoland had a history of being ferried around and not operating for very long at places because of the insane wear and tear on the launch mechanism (it had about 60 sets of drive tires), it ended up being partially rebuilt and totally overhauled simply because of the horrendous amount of noise it made, before it arrived at Flamingoland.
  14. Oh, of course; the thing was terrible and it's removal is long, long overdue. But still.. I don't like change is what I'm trying to say! Can't wait to see what goes there! EDIT: Here is my post off the Ride Guide forum with links to both sets of photos that I took. 1st set of photos, taken Sunday 15th January 2nd set of photos, taken Monday 16th January
  15. Yeah I was the one who took those pictures and uploaded them, I'll try and get down there again today to see what's happened since Monday! I wouldn't be surprised if it was all gone, it's going to be weird going back there this season to find a big empty gap because I've become accustomed to see it looming over the car park ever since I started going there!
  16. ^ My thoughts aswell, the wingrider trains aren't capable of coping with strong forces, so it looks like the whole concept is more about the experience than the actual forces involved
  17. Everything about it screams Euro-Fighter, but in the back of my mind I still think it could well be an X-Car. Like loads have mentioned, the noise report for Th13teen was done with X:\No Way Out, which while technically being a similar coaster is infact totally different. They might consider Saw to be a similar coaster too, but it doesn't say anywhere in the plans "this is going to be a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter". So while it's looking likely, I'm maintaining that there is every chance it could still be an X-Car, which would make an equal amount of sense. From the neutral standpoint of an Alton fan who prefers Thorpe's Colossus to Nemesis
  18. Vertical - definitely Magnum Force at Flamingoland, it hit about 6g in the first loop. Lateral - Wild Mouse at the same park when one set of trims failed. Airtime - The hills on Rita at Alton Towers do pretty well at sending me to space!
  19. How do you explain the perfectly smooth Intamin woodies then? And the rough Togo rides? One of Vekoma and Arrow's main problems was their train design; the zero car is located at the back, whereas Intamin and BM position their's at the front. This is so that the first car is almost completely rigid (it can yaw and the wheel assemblies move, but overall it is very restricted to support the rest of the train) so it can steer it's way around the track better. With the zero car at the back, the front end of the train constantly has to hunt for the track to steer it round the course properly, which gives the *BANG* sensation of hitting a tight turn at speed. This also would explain why the back car of most Vekoma loopers is so much smoother! Dammit Vekoma, turn your trains around!
  20. ^ It was designed to go a certain speed through each section, judging by the steep baking and beefy supports it's going to be pretty swift!
  21. It looks like someone made a standard inverted coaster out of tin foil and just crushed it into a lump, it's so tiiiiiiight!!
  22. Even more funnily enough, these are the same girls that so many enthusiasts wish they had.
  23. Having it left inside you after an operation. What's worse than wearing barbed wire underwear?
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