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  1. After 19 years of crushing loneliness, I met a guy back in March who I instantly fell in love with. He wasn't out as gay at the time, but he says I helped him discover these feelings about men that he always had but suppressed. Likewise, he fell in love with me the first time he saw me... 3 months down the line we're still absolutely freaking crazy about eachother, it's an amazing feeling that keeps getting stronger and stronger! I live in a rural area with around 300 residents and met this guy at Alton Towers, completely randomly. If that doesn't give you faith that there is someone for everyone, then I don't know what will! How mushy is that!
  2. It's obvious and no-one is saying it, so here goes. If your weight is at the point where you cannot ride most coasters and flats, then losing weight should be ***THE*** first and only priority in this situation, not trying to find rides that accommodate you. And you won't "get fat someday" if you treat your brother's case as a cautionary tale and avoid junk food; for like 95% of people, there is absolutely no reason why they should be so overweight that it causes them problems leading a normal life. Sorry to sound so harsh, but realistically people can't expect ride manufacturers to keep re-designing bigger and bigger seats and restraints just because they can't control what they eat very well.
  3. The ride was a Pinfari suspended looper, and due to the park not owning a cherrypicker it took them over 8 hours to lower the passengers down to safety using ropes. Oh deary me...
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