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  1. I have a few to list off here. Millennium Force. Before the first tunnel is great. Crazy speed, big drop (although I say the drop is very over rated as well) intense Gs. After the tunnel is a total snooze fest. the ending after the second tunnel is fine. The only air on the whole ride after the first drop unless its a cold day and you are hanging in the overbanks. Millennium Forceless in my book. The Beast. I always underrate this ride because I feel it is overrated. I do always enjoy it, but those trims really are killer. My biggest gripe is the trim before the second drop. Why is that necessary? When it had the skid brakes that drop was trimmed, but still awesome, but I don't see why they need to trim it there at all. Perhaps back when the ride had buzz bars the air was too much, but not in the staple happy trains we have these days. When they switched over the magnetic trims is when they destroyed that drop. Overall, the ride doesn't do much besides run around in the woods. It's fun, it's unique, but it's not amazing. Kingda Ka: It's rough, and it's all kinds of janky. The restraints are wrapped in electrical tape, the fiberglass is all cracked on the trains, and there are even chunks missing from them. The brakes are rusting, and a substantial amount of them are crooked and/or don't move properly. I can't enjoy the ride experience after observing all of the poor maintenance that can be seen, and then they launch you after the killer wait for a 2 train operation for a five second ride on a jack hammer. I'll stick to Dragster thanks.
  2. Upon looking at an old park map on display at Six Flags Over Texas, I did some searching and discovered that the Texas Giant on ride photo booth sits precisely where the sky ride station used to be. I don't know if it's still the same building or not. Can anyone confirm this? Looking at the upper left directly across from the train station the current building on the site
  3. I can only PRAY it will boast the same intensity in the end that it used to. Being all steel track I fear it will take every ounce of wickedness away from the ride entirely, and become smooth and quiet. I can't agree with you more however that it was once the greatest woodie ever made. Not too many people out there share this opinion it seems. *sigh*
  4. Hey! I just got on here to post that ^ graphic. I made it and plan on doing one for every week I go. I'll post the previous ones I did below here. EDIT March 6th March 13th EDIT:March 27th I accidentally showed track and structure removal before that is still in tact. This is the correct image. I missed March 20th because it was about 20 degrees all day, and snowing that night. Anyway plan on me doing this once a week on here.
  5. First "park" Kemah Boardwalk First coaster obviously Boardwalk Bullet
  6. HAHAHAHA! Glory Hole AND Explosion Tunnel?? Really? Oh man that was a romping good laugh. Thank you for sharing that. Last time I rode that ride I was far too innocent to get that. Do they mention those while riding and in succession?
  7. Woohoo! 18/20 on the February Quiz. I always do better at these than I expect. Not gonna lie, I did get lucky on a few.
  8. HAHA. OMG. I'm like... everything. I scream, I laugh, I grunt, and when I really really really get hyped up, I'll start yelling things like "YEAH! EAT IT BABY! GO GO GO! TEAR IT UP!!! YEAH!!! COME ON!!!". Legend and Voyage I yell a lot about tearing things up. Those rides just shred the whole way and I LOVE it!
  9. Ha ha. I'm sorry but I do have to laugh at all this a little bit. Most of us here are going off of about 50 feet of track we've seen in a photo peeking through Riddler's track. I don't really like the colors that much from the sounds of it, and this picture really doesn't make me like it any more than I thought I would. Those of you saying it looks great haven't even seen what it looks like in comparison to the Gotham midway. The midway was designed around this ride and it's color scheme, and taking that dark decrepid look out of the coaster and keeping those dank rundown building facades will clash horribly. But as I said before, its funny we all judge based on a fragment of the ride that we have seen. I'd love to see a shot of it from down the whole Gotham midway, and then really decide how I feel.
  10. I can't say I'm happy to hear that Batman is getting new colors. I always thought it had the best paint scheme and wished the others in the chain would have been made to look like it. Correct me if I'm wrong but it was one of a kind. First time I saw a yellow Batman I was freaking out. I just didn't get it. That was years ago though and I grew to like it. Now Georgia isn't getting the same thing as SFMM right? Don't they have like an Adam West purple thing going on over there?
  11. Millennium Force is way overrated. So is the Beast. Don't get me wrong. Beast is a great ride, but the magnetic brakes are killing it, and running along the ground through most of the ride with long drawn out turns, and no more than two drops kind of makes the ride stagnant in the action department. The ending meets my total approval though!
  12. I've got some good pet peeves. GROSSLY overweight guests that complain when they don't fit on a ride and stop the whole operation while they attempt to buckle a seatbelt that is clearly at least 5 inches short of being buckled. Guests who you tell to put things away, they ignore you, lose the item on the ride, and then proceed to harass you about it the rest of the day. spitters Enthusiasts who try to "wow" you with information that is incorrect while waiting in line, or overhearing people making outrageous claims about the rides in conversation while waiting in line. People who can't get to a trashcan when they are every 10 feet along the midways. Last but not least, all those little shreds of toilet paper that accumulate on bathroom floors.
  13. Hands down, probably the worste time I've had at a park was King's Island 2009 opening day. Not a whole lot went well for me that day. Anytime I have a dream about being at a park, I never get to ride anything becaus something always happens to prevent it. This was very much my day at KI. Of course I was there for Diamond Back. We got to the park barely in time, had a hundred delays getting parked, meeting up with friends, and getting through the front gate. By the time we were anywhere near getting in line for DB it was pure chaos. Every ride we went to was down or went down after waiting in line. Firehawk, the Beast, Crypt, Son of Beast, and Flight of Fear all broke down or were down when we tried to get it line. Yes, I know it was opening day and the rides aren't broken in yet for the season. I don't blame the park. To top it off the whole day was an endless side track nightmare. Every five second we would see someone we knew and had to stop for ten minutes and chat. I was goin nuts! I love the coasters at KI and I just wanted to get my ride on! lol. Worst park day ever.
  14. I know a big problem with tire lifts are rollbacks when wet. Disney has the tire lift on Barnstormer, but it has brakes to catch the train in the event of a roll back so the second train is safe. I think no anti rollback with a two train operation is tempting the odds of a collision.
  15. Always liked this video. The song is fun too! What is it? Where can I find it? I want it. I need it! I LOVE IT! lol. No, but for real what is it?
  16. I'm having the same issue with navigating back to a search results page after watching a video.
  17. I didn't realise they were planning for a new Phantaz at the new site. That makes my day! I also didnt' think they were replacing the old facade after the wind storm shredded the original. They had let that facade rot so horribly, and had been talking of removing the ride all together for years due to constant vandalism. Well, I've bene by the park on three occasions to get photos of teh deconstruction, and after a few weeks, I am finally getting around to sharing them with everybody. I'll just put up a few at first because I'm a little short on time, but the rest will be here very soon. I took this first set of photos with my cell and I was battling angles with the sun a lot so they arent' so clear. January 28th, the bumper car building had been damaged by an ice storm that caused the southeast corner to collapse (sorry, I didnt' have a camera when I saw that) so it was no surprise to me to drive up and see it completely removed. The sad remains of the kiddie bumper car roof was still lingering around though. The bare front of the once awesome Phantaz still waits to be demolished. It took me a few moments, and I suddelny realized that the Til-A-Whirl was completely gone with almost no trace, and the Himalaya was empty with the arms laying on the midway. Closer observation of the Spider showed that they were starting to take it apart. All of the kiddie rides were gone at this point as well expet for the 4x4s, and the funny little penguin ride that replaced the ferris wheel. Some bent and gnarly remains of the Bumper Cars were chillin in the lot where the Wildcat used to stand. Not much seemed to have been happening up front on the South end of the park, so here is just a shot of Zingo waiting for it's final day. I did notice that Zingo's train was no where to be seen and I could not see it in any of the park's usual storage areas either. By now, they had taken some place. Moving on to February 17th. Upon arrival for this trip, the first thing I noticed was that the kiddie bumper cars were completely gone. The Spider was looking pretty darn naked by now. Another view The 4x4 tracks were dismantled and the trucks were gone. Here you can see what used to be planters that also had rather beautiful iron railings the funny little penguin ride still had it's lighthouse hanging around the too cool for school Mind Melt was still untouched The small sky ride named Ski-Daddle still had it's cable nice and tight Super Round up was being dismantled as I was standing there Not too much was lookign different with the Himalaya oddly enough. I figured itwould have been completely out by then. Meanwhile the Wildcat Lot-O-Crap was looking a bit more interesting. Here are some more bumper car building bits and plenty of what looks to be scrappage Bumper car light fixtures a plenty Stair cases, railings, and fiber glass! Oh my!! Moving to the park's South end, I took some shots of the Chili Pepper, and Log Ride just for good measure before they vanished. The view is less than ideal and the area was quite busy so these are the best shots I could get. Coming around the bend I took some shots of my poor Zingo. They had taken all the lattice off the Party Gate here Then as if by some nightmareish twist of divine timing, workers showed up and starting taking the steel off of Zingo's rails. Here is Robbie Bell himself working to get his park packed up and taken out. Now for the latest update, I headed back to Tulsa once more to see what was left of the park. I realyl wasnt' expecting much to have changed considering it was three weeks between my first two visits with not a whole lot missing besides kiddie rides. This was only two weeks later, but I was stil nervous, and very surprised at what I found. There was very little left of the rides on the North end. The Spider is totally out. Pharaoh's Fury has had the boat taken off and it is chillin on the side for now. here is another view with the arms hanging limp Super Round Up is looking pretty bare to say the least The Ski-Daddle cable is now limp The Himalaya is gone and this funky trailor was in it's place with some rather interesting looking contents. This pole used to support the D.J./control booth The Mind Melt which was completely untouched two weeks ago, was history. Here is the ticket sign for it as it still read from the state fair Finally the penguin's little light house looks like it got hit by a good wave. A wave goodbye that is. Now if they could just get that darn funnel cake trailor rolled out of there. It's been on wheels this whole time and yet it still lingers. It suddenly dawned on me that all this time I could have gone behind the fairgrounds security buiding to see parts of the park not normally visible. I wish I had remembered that little secret a few weeks before but after climbing over a lot of stacked up picnic tables and squeezing behind a storage building, I managed to see the blank area once occupied by the Scrambler Looking towards Phantaz, I noticed all the light poles on that side of the park are down. oddly the only remains of the 4x4s is the trailor section that carnivals use to transport it on. Looking into the Skee Ball buiding, I found the Pharoah's Fury heads hangin out. Lots of things are seeking shelter under what was built to house the park's original carousel, but later became a picnic shelter. This is a shot attempting to show where the park's current carousel was located. It was the blank spot in the middle of the midway. It was prety much the dividing line between the North "fair" section fo the park, and the Southern area that was more paermanant and landscaped. If you look closely at the upper left you can see the old carousel building. It looks like the ticket booths from the front gate are ready to be taken away for good. Back over at Zingo, men were up working on the lift. I noticed the classic chaser lights that outlined Zingo's larger hills were carelessly tossed off and dangling from the second hill. The handrails had been removed along Zingo's first turn. I could not see any steel on the tracks at all by now. It's kind of hard to tell in this photo though since the white paint is so dirty where the steel used to be. I now leave you with this sad image I should be back at the park in about a another week and a half to get some more shots of what's still left and what isn't. If you actually took the time to look at all of these photos THANK YOU!! and if you didnt' then may you have Vekoma dreams, and Togo headaches for the rest of your wretched lives.
  18. These really are some fantastic photos. The colors were so rich, and your angles were definitly not common. Great job! I hope my mom can still ride with me when she's in her 60s. I LOVE the story about Demon Drop. That ride makes me laugh uncontrolably too!!
  19. Wow, Prater seems HUGE! That is a wild mix of major vintage (the old truss Ferris Wheel, and horse pulled carousel) and new. It reminded me of an oversized Oktoberfest. I bet I would LOVE that place!
  20. Simply amazing! Awesome work! I just have one small critique, or suggestion. It should include scenes of the stampede of wildebeasts (I don't think I spelled that right) with Mufasa's death, and you HAVE to throw in a Hakuna Matata scene with Timone and Pumba! Two very important scenes in the plot, and one would be very dramatic, and the other fun and comical. We all want to see our favorite characters in there. Top notch work though. You SHOULD be an imagineer! This would be amazing. I really liked the sound track file as well. I could picture it all happening to the music as it played out. Very nice.
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