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  1. FINALLY! A new entry! I believe you said the track acts like a sponge due to the layering and seams in the wood, which unfortunately causes the rails to rot from the inside. Is the entire project planned to stop with the station/lift/curve section or were you planning to actually complete the entire coaster in the end? I had always assumed you would construct the entire ride.
  2. As someone who has lived many places I'll declare my original home park as well as my current home park. SFOT 1. Mr. Freeze RB 2. Titan 3. Shockwave 4. Batman TR 5. La Vibora 6. New Tx Giant 7. Runaway Mt. 8. Runaway Mine Train 9. Pandemonium 10. Judge RS 11. Mini Mine 12. Wile E. Coyote Current park SFGAm 1. Whizzer 2. American Eagle Red 3. Viper 4. Demon 5. American Eagle Blue 6. Goliath 7. Batman 8. Raging Bull 9. X Flight 10. V2 11. Superman 12. Little Dipper 13. Spacely Sprocket Yeah I don't rank things like anyone else I know. I'm sure nobody would agree my lists. Lol
  3. You are absolutely brilliant sir! An absolutely gifted modeler! I am so glad you are taking on a new project. I need something to gush over again!
  4. August 6th has come and gone! Time for an update of the finished product!
  5. Ah! I understand what you meant now. Haha. Sorry. I love geeking out about that feature on Schwarzkopf coasters. I saw the opportunity and had to share.
  6. Revolution does not have kicker motors at all. It originally had drive wheels set to govern the speed entering the loop's entry ramp, but that's it. The wheels you are referring to are not motorized. They release the anti rollback mechanism if the trains stall and try to roll back. Several of Schwarzkopf's coasters have this feature. Sooperdooperlooper, Shock Wave, Revolution, and Whizzer all use this system. SFOG Mindbender used to as well. Ever wonder why the anti rollbacks are silent except on the lifts? That's why. These coasters originally had silent lifts as well but they have all since had this mechanism removed giving us the traditional clicks. A very keen eye will still be able to spot where these little tires used to be attached to the lift hills on all of these rides except Whizzer. The only way those wheels ever spin is when the trains roll over them. They will continue spinning after the train has passed on their own momentum. 1977 footage from the movie "Roller Coaster" shows the wheels when they were still on the lift hill.
  7. Might have been the congruent silicon wheels as well. I wonder if the added weight of the shoulder restraints was partly responsible for the trains running faster as well. Probably another reason the trims were cranked up. Reduce head banging, shave the added speed of the heavier trains, and reduce the stress of the amplified forces. Those shoulder bars did a lot of bad for that ride. Thank god that's over. Now let's hope they reduce the trims as well.
  8. There is a big difference between open block brakes and trimming. That video is the best you'll see of the ride's original pace which is really only different after the tunnel trim, and there was no pause before the ramp into the loop. The trim after the tunnel was added some time between 1979 and 1983. Not sure exactly when. The movie roller coaster shows the ride before that trim was added. The rest of the ride was never slowed down, in fact the trains ran faster up to the loop ramp than it used to. I'm guessing they used harder wheels with a longer life which sped the ride up causing the need for the extra trimming. No debate, the tunnel trim is absolutely ridiculous and destroys the helix. The pause before the loop isn't ideal but it didn't slow the ride much when you compare footage of it cresting the hill after the loop.
  9. I have wondered about the loose article policy with this. I assumed the sets would be tethered to the train somehow. Are these things battery powered? Isn't this going to kill capacity? Will ride ops have to check the headsets to assure they are secure the way they have to check restraints? How does the sanitizing process work so we aren't swapping face sweat? I have a lot of questions here. I'm not picking on SF either. Nobody seems to be pointing out that they are hardly the first to do this. Merlin and cedar fair already got a jump on this trend. I don't recall anyone picking them apart for it but I try not to read people's posts. Too much negativity kills the fun in this community.
  10. Was it mentioned how many new trains they were having made? 2 or 3? 4?!
  11. We have photos and a video of the new trains on Revolution, and it has been completely overshadowed by everyone criticizing the VR goggles?? They are optional people! You don't have to wear them if you don't want to! Let's stop shredding SF for adding this option and geek out over how sweet those trains look that we have waited literally DECADES to have on the ride! Who did these new fiberglass shells? They really are the same chassis with new fiberglass bodies and lap bars aren't they? I hope the ride sounds the same. It had such a unique "whiz" sound and I've never been able to understand why it sounded that way. Does anyone have any info on what makes Revy sound so different? I'm so excited to see test runs!
  12. What trimming? Why does everyone act like this ride is trimmed to death?? It only trims twice and the only place it really affects the ride is from after the tunnel through the last helix. That is an absurdly slow ending to what was originally a very swift finale, but the whole ride is not trimmed.
  13. The fact that you are willing to continuously go back in and correct your work is the reason this model is so above and beyond. I have so much respect for you commitment to getting this thing perfect. Thank you for doing this! It's really like a public service for all of us!
  14. Help me out here folks. With the announced updates to the factory tour ride at Chocolate World, I was curious to know if there are any blue prints or fan made artwork of the ride's layout anywhere online. Does anyone know of anything like that and where to find it?
  15. As this gets closer and closer to completion I get more and more anxious for updates. Every time I see the thread is still on page 46 I sigh and wish for the moment I see of 47 and another slew of photos. I feel like I'm watching a real coaster construction and biting my nails anticipating more progress!
  16. It blows my mind how real these pictures look. Every time you do a close up it amazes me how realistic it is. Are the fences around the platform always going to be so crooked as part of the idea it's abandoned? May I make a small suggestion? I'm certain this is already something you've thought of. Some of the brighter colors are very vibrant and/or glossy. Do you have a way to scuff them up and dull them for the aging effect?
  17. Ok, mine is going to probably instigate rioting in this forum but my biggest let down was easily Phoenix. Maybe I caught it on a bad day but all that airtime everyone raves about was not happening. It was a very mild ride in my experience. I'd take Cyclops over Phoenix any day. Ok. Crucify me.
  18. For over a decade SFStL has sold shirts that say "I did the boss". I've seen a lot of innuendo shirts across the chain and this really is a double standard. I don't condone any of it, but the double standard really is the cherry on top. Ridiculous.
  19. Boy this is a fun list I've always wanted to make! Let's see here Diamondback FC The Texas Giant, as well as New Texas Giant SFOT Batman TR Iron Rattler Outlaw Run CP Woodstock Express Face off KI Diamond Back KI Goliath SFMM Batman TR SFMM Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket Voyage Hades 360 The Boss Evel Knievel X Flight SFGAm Grover's Alpine Express Bizzaro SFNE (count it or not) Bizzaro SFGAdv (count it or not) Mamba WoF Rock Bottom Plunge Dominator KD
  20. Rocky Mountain is bat crazy out of the box awesome. I love this! I've been thinking this whole time "why the crap aren't they working on the lift yet?". It all makes sense now. Amazing!!
  21. ^Outlaw Run is every bit as smooth at New Texas Giant. It does rattle and rumble like a wooden coaster is supposed to but it's still very slick and smooth. The steel wheels make all the difference. I prefer it. Goliath with have urethane wheels and will be ultra smooth and quiet like New Texas Giant. I prefer the excitement of a rattling thundering train over the sound of a little "whoosh" of air personally. Also yes, Outlaw Run has insane air at several moments during the ride including the first drop. Doesn't the brake run begin just a couple feet lower than that airtime hill? I didn't realize this thing was going to have so much speed left by the end and still be so high in the air!
  22. Thanks for all the updates! It's wonderful to see your commitment to this project. You've spared no expense to create every little detail on this model. I wish I could see you do 100 models to this level of skill. A wonderful work of art.
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