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  1. It's fine isn't it? I think it's equally interesting to hear what some parks have chilling in the boneyards. I'm going to say it's on topic since I created the thread (not to mention my post about SFOT had a big hunk of boneyard in it. Haha).
  2. Wow! This thread took off running! Great stuff! I have SOOOOO much I can say about Six Flags Over Texas it's overwhelming. I can share photos of almost everything I'll list too but I'll need more time for that. Titan is built on a parking lot that has both been partly removed, and also buried in gravel and dirt. You have to look closely in the right spots to be able to see it. Also from Titan you have a great view of the boneyard where you can see TONS of things such as: Rail road coaches from possibly Astroworld, the antique cars from Astroworld the old trains from Astroworld's Excalibur mine train an entire fleet of spare cars for the park's Crazy Leg's ride (Troika) the red and blue trains from Texas Giant (for now) a very short segment of Mr. Freeze track a spare train for Flashback spare boats for Roaring Rapids, and Aquaman 3 Intamin first gen. freefall cars (I am certain they are from Wildcatter but possibly not) and here is a real kicker, a Chance Rotor. I'm told by maintenance personnel that it's not the old Spindle Top ride but rather a model that came from Oklahoma a couple years ago, which could only mean Frontier City. Their rotor is closed however the structure around it is completely in tact. There is no way they removed it without taking apart the building so maybe they had a spare for parts. The real question is why in the world would SFOT aquire one now? They haven't had a rotor in that park for 20 years now! Other hidden goodies not seen from Titan include a few sleds from the old Rotoriculous himalaya ride a couple of buckets from the park's original Crazy Legs ride which was an Eyerly Monster modelanother full set (6) of bobsleds for La Vibora, a third train for Jude Roy Scream the kiddie bumper cars the kiddie train ride (cars, but not tracks) The original entrance sign structure for Texas Giant was spared and used for Titan by the log ride entrance While walking to Titan you go head on at Giant's platform where you can see the original sidewalk, and queue rail posts that lead to the station from Giant's original queue. The original staircase is even there now leading to nowhere. There are numerous footers from Big Bend scattered along a path behind Aquaman and leading into the Looney Toons U.S.A. kid's section. The Oil Derrick tower used to have slides running off the side. The platforms are all still in tact up in the tower however the stairs leading up to it no longer connect to the ground. They were removed about ten feet up. The large guns used for theming on the park's Chance Yo-Yo are from Astroworld's swings. The park also inherited the name "Gunslinger" from Astroworld at the same time. The rail road originally ran counter clockwise around the park and most of the theming along the way is positioned to be view from this direction of travel. At some point the train was turned around and now you have to look backwards to see a lot of the theming as it was intended including a hidden little Six Flags emblem on the front of the engine for the train parked in Looney Toons U.S.A. Also of note is that all the theming along the tracks is rescued from previous attractions. The saloon scene with the dancing skeleton's inside is leftover scenery from the Stage Coach attraction when the park first opened. The hobo-Hilton scene with the hobo showering in a barrel came from the park's old La Salle River Boat Adventure The men riding on Donkey's and the spinning tamale figures are from the Ferrocarril Fiesta Train The indian scenery in from the old Indian Village section that has basically faded from existance besides a large gift shop and food stand (for now) used as a Johnny Rockets. The old entrance to Casa Magnetica is still in tact Neon lights and all near the exit to La Vibora, however the name has been removed and in the more recent years of it's operation the old entrance was actually the exit. Also no secret at all is the fact that Casa Magnetica sits perfectly preserved next to the log ride queue and every few years, the park reopens it. The queue house for Texas Chute Out was originally built as an open air theater. It was very short lived as the parachutes came in only 2 or 3 years later. Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure recycled the park's old Spee-Lunker's Cave ride. Dispite the extreme make over a good eye can spot signs of the original ride all throughout the current one. The flume's entrance to the show building remains untouched about 90 percent of the painted rockwork in all of the scenes is the rockwork from the cave If you look at the ceiling after passing the road runner figure you can see hardware fixed to the roof that once held the mechanism which operated a swinging boulder being passed back and forth by two Spee characters. The places are still carved out where the characters stood in the rocks. In the ride's final scene where there is a big shoot out taking place between Yosemite Sam and Daffy Duck, there was originally a large rotating tunnel. Because of this the flume actually becomes a fiberglass and steel bridge that the tunnel rotated around. When you very first enter the scene and turn left you can clearly see the gap next to and below the flume where the large rotating tunnel passed through. I could go on all day about this park but I'll stop here for now. haha
  3. I tried a little search on this, but it's hard to define so I thought I would start a thread. My apologies if there is something like it. Shut it down if you must. I always think it's fascinating to find leftovers and remains in a park of old rides or buildings. There are tons of them in parks all over the world. What ones do you guys know of that maybe the majority of us have never noticed or heard about? Even things like recycled theme parts, like Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain, and the old Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland. Another example is the picnic pavilion at Waldameer that was actually the original Ravine Flyer's station.
  4. Why does every one like to bitch about scream being built on the parking lot? Was X and even the mighty Colossus not built over the parking lot? Get over yourselves and find something legit to complain about. Colossus was built on a parking lot, yes, however the parking spaces are not still there and the coaster is so massive and dense it masks it somewhat well. X, was not built entirely on a parking lot and doesnt still have parking spaces under it. All parking lot coasters are a disaster in my opinion, but Scream! gets the worst complaints. I'm going to agree that its terrible, but it's hardly the only one. I'm not even happy with La Ronde or dare I say it... Europa(this one is hardly terrible though)! haha. Actually, Isn't Goliath technically a parking lot coaster? It's right behind Colossus and sits on the same giant slab... Titan was built in a parking lot, however there is an odd mix of actually having removed the parking lot as well as parts of it just being buried in dirt and gravel. If you look closely in some spots you can see the lot down there but at least they masked it.
  5. I'd like to congratulate all the crazy people on judging RMC once again for these supports. Really? You thought they were added after the first tests and had the guts to post in a TPR forum without looking back to make sure they were there before testing?? Oh man you guys ought to know better than that. I hang my hat to you for having the guts to be without getting the facts first. Sorry. Just reading these last few pages had me laughing. On to the ride, I think those steel poles are tacky but I'm sure you won't notice them on the ride besides coming up to the midcourse (are we going to get some head choppers there? I hope so!) http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150134314860991&set=a.415802370990.210303.65853440990&pid=8399473&id=65853440990 It's a very unexpected approach but hey I'm sure it works great! haha. This ride is unique to say the least.
  6. If you zoom way in to about 300% you can see what does appear to be a 3 point set up. It will be a better location for that game no doubt, but I would rather see a ride go there. I have a thing about rides being replaced by non rides. Maybe I'm greedy. haha
  7. I'm not so sure height restrictions do anyone any good on Jaguar or Orange Streak with the lap bar design. Anyone else get a kick out of the fact that a single rider can easily slide out of their seat on top of the lapbar beside them? Interesting thing about Cedar Fair is from while working at Cedar Point, I was told by very reliable sources that their seatbelt addiction doesn't do anything for their insurance rates (as many people who work there theorize). It is part of their "commitment to safety". I call it a commitment to overkill in some cases.
  8. Ok, this one goes out to Robb, or Elissa, or anyone having been to Fuji Q and Fiesta Texas. Fiesta has the most frustrating operations I can think of. Can you compare them for me? I mean Fiesta has decent capacity rides that the park refuses to be efficient with, and Fuji Q has low capacity rides. So is it operations as much as the rides themselves?
  9. ^I do find that a little odd, especially since these have been around for a few years without anything like this happening. It probably has to do with the outward facing seating allowing people to be a bit more vulnerable if anything funny is happening with the restraint, whether they have too much wiggle room or are being dumb or even some type of funky mechanical incident with the restraint. I've only ridden a couple of these (Waldameer, and Sea Breeze) but in no way felt insecure so this is very odd.
  10. ^haha. Sweet mula! I need to do mine asap! Taxes trump tpr anyway. Back to another post I'm too lazy to quote, that does look like maybe two tunnels but maybe they just haven't connected them yet. Seems pointless to make two like that but voyage does it too and that's cool so who knows?
  11. ^how do you have a 6th row on a two car train with only two rows each? I think we may be having some confusion in lingo here. Ultra twister had a tight drop in relation to the size of the car. Of course it was better in back. The same can be said of perilous plunge at knott's, or maverick. Tight elements on short ride units. Giant's drop is not so abrupt, especially with such a short train.
  12. I just cannot stop chuckling at this post. Really?? The back row is only three from the front in the video. Haha. I should assume you mean with a full train it ought to be amazing. It almost like saying "the back on wildcat at Cedar Point is great! Way better than the front!". Sorry if I'm coming off like a jerk. I'm not trying to. I just got a kick out of that with the tiny little train.
  13. I never got to ride gwazi with the Ptc trains but wildcat at hersheypark was one of my favs until the mf trains. I love rough rides!! You also have to consider that gwazi only closes for what a couple weeks per year? Woodies require far more care than that. Of course it was rough! I do hope these trains give it a better reputation though. By the way, are they going to give the new trains the same crazy graphics as the old ones? Those were the pimpinest trains ever!
  14. I'm saying they are only open when powered. By default position I mean the position they go to on their own. Think of it like a fire door in a building. They are usually spring loaded to stay closed. They only stay open if something holds them open. Take away what holds it open (in the coaster's case electricity) and the door closes (brakes close).
  15. Where was it ever stated that Giant's brakes are electro magnets? They are just run of the mill mag brakes aren't they? The way they disengage is one side of it slides front to back and misalignes the the magnetic field letting the train roll through freely. The Big Spin coasters have a brake that does this, and I'm pretty sure that the maintenance guy at Lonestar Coasterthon explained this as well. As for the midcourse having something to stop the trains, I'm sure they will install tire drives since no other part of the ride seems to have calipers, and you can't see the entire brake run in that picture, so you aren't going to see signs of any other hardware besides what's in that photo. My guess would be anything that will stop the trains entirely will be located past the staircase, (behind the camera that took the photo). As for power outtages, the default position of those brakes should be to stop the trains. Power should only be necessary to open the brakes, not to close them. This way when power goes out everything stops on it's own. This is how MOST coasters are set up, but not all.
  16. ^It won't effect the smoothness over time. The storage of coasters on their track is said to create flat spots on the wheel materials allowing some thumping and wheel wear, but that's not going to effect the ride over time. As wheels come and go it may change slightly but it will only ever get so bad, and certainly shouldn't cause any problems.
  17. While Judge is really in need of some smoothing in some of the pull outs, let it be a woodie. This kind of thing is just unnecessary for a ride Judge's size. I'm hardly a fan of Judge by any stretch for it's lack of excitement, or airtime. Suffering through it's roughness just doesnt pay off like Giant did, however it is one of only 3 woodies in Texas now, and if Rattler gets the Rocky Mountain makeover that only leaves 2. Just leave it a true woodie... but God I really do hate Judge. haha. It looks great out there by the lake but can we trade it for CP's Blue Streak??
  18. I don't know if anyone said it yet, but Shoot the Rapids. How was such an old ride concept so poorly executed?
  19. ^define what you mean by ledgers because those are the beams that the track sits on connecting to the structure so those are already on the entire course.
  20. Here is what the show is aiming to be about. "Bert comes to town an amateur and leaves a conqueror. Thrill-seeker Bert Kreischer takes viewers to the legendary events, competitions and adrenaline rushes that celebrate local culture. He experiences the most hilariously absurd, undeniably dangerous and hands-down insane challenges small-town America has to offer. Whether Bert's attempting to walk across "The Greasy Pole" in Gloucester, MA, catfish noodlin’ in Knoxville, TN, or taking on Cedar Point’s "Fearsome Foursome" roller-coaster challenge in Sandusky, OH, he'll stop at nothing to showcase what the locals do for fun. Best known as a comedian, Bert travels the country meeting the passionate people who participate in these backyard adventures, experiencing the annual traditions that rally small towns and screaming his lungs out on thrill rides across the country. Get ready to laugh." I pulled that text from http://www.travelchannel.com/TV_Shows/Bert_the_Conqueror/About_The_Show If you are viewing it with this in mind it makes it better in my opinion. It's just about having fun, and showing people some fun things to do and places to go.
  21. Titan was filmed today, and yes Mr. Freeze is being filmed tomorrow. The park is putting the trains back on the track for the show. SFOT really does deliver services for special occasions. This shows it. Superman would be a pretty good candidate for the show though considering he did WAAAAAAY smaller S&S rides before, like at Canobie Lake. Maybe next year he'll come out for Giant! I'd LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to be in that film shoot! I was there for Titan today but have to work tomorrow.
  22. This. Eheheh. This is the winner for a left hand turn, since that's ultimately the result. http://rcdb.com/544.htm?p=985 He's saying that what the element accomplishes is a turn to the right (when you consider it's entry and exit points) and its a very elaborate way to get the train to change its direction to the right.
  23. That is fascinating! Who said that in this thread? I still think people are acting like other people are making mountains of mole hills when they really aren't. I think the biggest exaggerations in this thread right now are people saying that people are picking things apart, and saying RMC doesn't know what they are doing. Nobody has said that. People are just reacting to the things they haven't ever seen in a project before. Like it's been stated, we don't normally get to see projects so close and with such scrutiny so a lot of these things we just haven't seen before. People are allowed to be surprised and confused, and by doing so they certainly aren't saying they know more than anyone, or saying the project will fail. BTW, sorry for taking certain things personally earlier. After my batch of photos it seemed directed at me. Thanks for you guys who spoke up for me though! Honestly I'm just thrilled to be able to help keep people up to speed! I've always lived far away from the excitement and now that it's nearby, I gotta have people to appreciate it, and share it with!
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