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  1. And how are people proposing it will go faster anyway? It can't go much faster on the tower (due to the tight curves and transitions) and it's gravity from there (until the third launch), so even if you boost the speeds to maybe five or six mph higher on the tower, it's not going to change the rest of the ride much at all. I'm pretty sure this is about where it's going to be at. That's my theory, but I could be wrong.
  2. I have to say Colossus's trains are notably crappy. I never liked them and I first rode that ride back before I even noticed or cared about things like that. That was 17 years ago and my opinion remains the same. They suck. I was shocked to ride the Morgans over at Rye Playland, and Sea Breeze and not hate the way they ran. I hate that those fiberglass tanks are running on such historic rides, but they did run well.
  3. Ok, here is my view on the NTG treatment on all these coasters. IT'S A BAD IDEA. Most of those rides need topper track and they will be great rides just like they were in the beginning. They don't need entire reprofiling, and trains and all that jazz. I don't think people realize how much happened to Giant to accommodate these changes, and it simply can't work on just any existing ride so easily. SO many things had to be taken into account for this to happen on NTG. I won't get into what all was done to it, but if anyone needs convincing, I'll write an essay on it for all to see. Rides that suck lemons like Mean Streak should get the treatment because even trimless, and smooth, Mean Streak is just a boring ride. Ghostrider, is not boring. It just needs smoothed out. Topper track it! Son of Beast, again, even smooth, the ride really is boring after the midcourse. NTG treatment, go for it! Rattler, besides the helix and trims I actually love the ride, but some topper track and a bit of original profile resurrection and it would be awesome. Topper track it! Predator is probably not worth the investment since it's not really a MAJOR ride, and I don't know how much potential it really would have. It's a good enough ride as is. Topper track it! Georgia Cyclone, I haven't had the pleasure, but I'm going to say topper track it! Colossus, well, I LOVE how it looks and a NTG treatment would fuglify it. (make it fugly). It's a sort of legendary classic in my eyes, however it is a tad dull. I say topper track it, but it may be worthy of a NTG makeover. I'm on the fence here. Anyway, I think I made my points here. Basically I just wish everyone would stop saying every woody out there needs the NTG treatment. I hate that Giant got it actually. It was already a fantastic ride and some topper track on there would have thrilled me to no end, but they did a great job with what it is now, and I'm happy with their efforts. It did pay off, but man the original ride was a beast. I'll miss it. Lets just not get carried away and rape the world of all it's classic wooden coasters here.
  4. Isn't this a general SFMM discussion thread? Wouldn't that mean Colossus is on topic? It's not a Green Lantern thread. That's just the latest focus here.
  5. ^ok, to their CREDIT, ALL of those names have me tickled to death and they are all VERY good names for IB.
  6. I think it's kind of outrageous they have compromised the location of the Falling Star and Swings. The Music Express can go anywhere as the lake really didn't affect the ride experience but those swings were seriously awesome and the view on the Falling Star was fantastic. I think the ropes course should have gone over in the area where they moved the flats, but maybe the view of the lake will be of good use on that too. Uhhhhhhhhg. I am having a really hard time digesting this. I LOVE this park. I'm not naysaying progress here, but the these additions are not being done in the spirit that the park grew up with. Look at Cornball Express and tell me that a zipline had to give iconic attractions the boot from their locations. Building a zipline that was geniously placed to accomodate those rides in their current locations, now THAT is the IB way.
  7. Thanks Rob! Sorry. I feel I should be wearing my dunce cap at the moment. haha. I suspect I should have been able to find that on my own. That's an amazing deal too!
  8. So my question is this. If I go to Six Flags over Texas and show them my club TPR card and ask for a discount, they SHOULD be able to give me one? Is this just for merchandise or admission, or food? I'm psyched about this! I want to make sure I understand how to use it.
  9. In that first batch of photos there are some brown metal rails you said you didn't know what they were for. I'm pretty certain they are from Gemini's transfer system. They run from the beginning of the brake run to the transfer track and a cable runs inside it. It's used by maintenance to winch the trains backwards off the transfer and into the station every morning before the ride opens. It's kind of a quirky and interesting process. Why they would be removed and laying out in the parking lot is beyond me. Maybe they came up with a new way to do it or maybe they just needed replaced.
  10. At the park yesterday they were cycling all three trains on Giant. Black looks best on the course and looked to run the fastest as well. Some trains were getting trimmed on the midcourse which really makes the second half mediocre at best (I was on the one train that got trimmed at the commercial shoot). I'm certain it was only for test purposes and the ride won't run that way. In more news on the ride though they have painted the entire station inside and out and I would guess the brake run roof is up for a paint job as well (at least I hope). They took out the tattered old ceiling fans on the platform, and also put up a new red white a blue canopy cover on the ride op position on the midecourse brake. It looked nice! Seems safe to say most of the finishing touches are the priority at this point. Also there is some fun merchandise out, most notable are the engraved wooden paques at the wood carver shop near the ride's exit. I have a few pics I can add later.
  11. Not to beat a dead horse here, but I can't resist. FOR ALL OF THE BOLT PLATE NAY SAYERS I GIVE YOU THE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE WHICH YOU SEEK (DISCLAIMER, this was taken on the platform and is not an on ride photo with the ride in motion)
  12. ^Wow! Yours is a very depressing list! That's quite a few! Mine include Bell's Zingo, and Wildcat Geauga Lake's Big Dipper, Villain, Raging Wolf Bobs, and Double Loop Six Flags Magic Mountain's Flashback, and Psyclone Six Flags Over Texas' original Texas Giant (If you want it to count) Busch Williamsburg Big Bad Wolf King's Island's King Cobra and Son of Beast (which is yet to be determinted but I've ridden it with and without the loop) Conneaut Lake's Toboggan Silver Dollar City's Buzzsaw Falls Fontier City's Nightmare Mine (2 operated in the past) Six Flags Great Adventure's Great American Scream Machine Funland's Roller Coaster and finally Worlds of Fun's Orient Express. Wow! This is sad! This is so much more than I originally thought! 19 total!
  13. ^Isn't that only during the 50 day countdown from June 18-Aug5? Not the show but the cheerleaders I mean. I was just looking at the park's webpage and it looks like four footers have been poured in the ride's infield making a nice big square. Could this be for the rumored flame throwing oil derrick?? If so that's going to be a nice BIG oil derrick! Or should I say "Giant" oil derrick?
  14. I like Rolling Thunder just fine! haha. Now back on topic! A look at the webcam today reveals the second tunnel (and quite the odd looking thing it too) looks done. The roof follows the hill but the wall goes to the ground. They have taken every part of this ride out of the norm. Also there is a very substantial amount getting done with the catwalks. The catwalks should help give it more of a traditional look. I had actually forgotten they were still needing to be built for a while. Link: http://www.sixflags.com/overTexas/rides/TexasGiant.aspx Also if some of you guys are in the area and want to go check it out, in the library on the UTA (University of Texas at Arlington) campus, up on the 6th floor is a history exhibit for SFOT. Lots of fun old pictures, maps, brochures, and souvenirs to look at!
  15. I was a little quick to judge watching the video from the thread but the description on Youtube should lay any environmental concerns to rest. Here is what they say "The lake at Waimea Bay fills up annually and floods the roads upstream due to the hard Winter weather's rains. A river eventually emerges and carries all this dirty water to the ocean. It's a natural process. The water from the river gets carried away overnight by the currents; no ocean fish get harmed. There are also no fresh water fish harmed because they stay in their natural habitats; all this water is from rains, not an occupied river or lake. Ma mua o ka ho'ähewa, maopopo 'oe ke 'olu'olu." Sounds good to me! I can see this becoming a big annual event if they can organize it and the water is sanitary enough. Sounds like it would be really dirty given that it's all runoff, but I think a lot of what looks brown in the video may be from all the sand that is getting swept out in it. I wonder if any of those guys got sick afterwards. If you watch some of the shots that stay focused on one wave for a little while you can actually watch the waves change shape as the sand is rapidly eroding away beneath it. It's really awesome! Plus I wouldn't think it would be very dangerous since it's shallow and sandy.
  16. I cannot believe that was actually legal! Talk about tampering with nature! Very amazing stuff but can't help thinking it messed some things up.
  17. At Blackpool PB what was the area with the trampolines and Bling originally made for? The oval shaped red conrete area looks like it was for a Whip or something before.
  18. I agree Rattler needs the RMC treatment but in the way of topper track and bringing back the first drop. The helix is not as bad as it looks in the video (believe me, for many many years I thought that helix looked like a boring waste of lumber until I finally rode it and was somehow surprised) and if it were trimless, and the top level given some hills again it could be pretty fun. 10 Million bucks on Rattler would not give it a total makeover like Giant but it would definitely fix it's dull spots and bad reputation! I bet they could spend just 5 million to get the ride up to par. P.S. this makes me laugh ------>
  19. ^Blackpool has got to be chock full of fun stuff! What else do you know?
  20. I don't think that the gap in the track is unintended since their are bolt plates on each end. Look like it's meant to be that way.
  21. That is some great stuff about Fiesta Texas. It's really a shame that Six Flags took over that park. It's meant to be so far beyond their standards. It really is such a beautiful park. I wish it had become a Busch park, or Herschend. Considering Dollywood and Fiesta Texas duke it out for shows every year it would be fun if they were in the same company. haha.
  22. I do realize that I am in the minority here but I actually like rattler a lot and as for ghostrider, I have not ridden it since 2001 but man oh man what a ride! I doubt I would hate it now either but if they can smooth out the ride with topper track then there is absolutely no reason to get rid of it. It was an amazing ride and can be again. As for El Toro, it's a great ride and it is made of wood but might as well be steel. It runs like a steel coaster and feels like one so I can't compare it to other Woodies. A wood coaster is supposed to shake and rattle and feel out of control and El Toro does none of that for me. Just my opinion. Like I said, I am the minority.
  23. Giant is not the first to be fitted with these steel tube "tension wire" substitutes. Another example of this also resides in Texas. Anyone ever notice Rattler's first drop? http://www.city-data.com/picfilesc/picc33885.php
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