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  1. wow what a roller coaster ride this park has given since it debuted, I was shocked to see that it's reopening next season but also kind of excited, the credits are still out there and with the attendance (according to pictures on here from other people's visits) being low, looks like re-ride city
  2. I definitely enjoy dark rides, obviously we all love the coasters but dark rides add to the day at a park and get you out of the heat. Plus some of my favorites are the Scooby Doo shooters at KD, KI, etc, I might suck at them but it's a relaxing ride and it's fun
  3. damn that immelman looks so good, most immelman's (at least from my experiences) are a bit taller, this one is tight and probably very forceful can't wait to see the rest!
  4. ^baha too true, dude at Holiday World you're going to wait no matter what, they have 3 major wood coasters and flats, so the waits don't spread out too much like at CP or any bigger park that has lots of rides to spread out wait times! As far at the new coaster, I think a medium sized steel is a good fit to start, something like a Eurofighter, Mega-Lite or even something on the same scale of Fahrenheit/Maverick. They have nice terrain to work with out there so they can definitely make something like any of those into a world class, top 10 ride without a doubt!
  5. the way I look at it is...it's a hobby and a passion. Everyone has hobbies and passions, when I tell people one of my favorite things to do is go to parks throughout the country and eventually world to ride roller coasters they think that it's the greatest. Roller Coasters are loved by almost everyone, whether they understand them or not, Amusement Parks are one of the most popular destinations when the weather warms up. Mostly everyone I know knows about my passion, love and knowledge for them, just this week I took my cousin to Dorney who has never been on any big coasters yet. I told him everything he needed to know about every coaster (ie, the hold on the back spike of Possessed the 2nd time you go up it, the jojo roll on Hydra, the out of control, rough ride on Thunderhawk, to lean into turns and inversions so you don't feel the force on your neck so it's more enjoyable). At the end of the day he absolutely loved everything about coasters and wants to join me everywhere I go . If you tell people when you're there, they will appreciate it! Speaking of, as I type this, one of my friends is at SFGAdv texting me asking which rides to go to that would have a decent wait, not a massive wait. See? It's good to have this passion and instead of sitting here telling her where to go, I'm going to get a bag, get in my car & join her today! Never be ashamed!
  6. This move is a win for both parks. SFGAm had this thing for 21 years, so it was well used and served it's purpose. First of it's kind anywhere and was a nice B&M to have in the park, but hearing that lines dwindled over the years, it seems it did it's time. Now it looks like the move to SFA is actually going to happen and this is a win for SFA as well. Finally a new ride, and a park that can really use the coaster, much more then SFGAm did, plus if it's refurbished, repainted, etc, it will be a very nice "new" ride when SFA assembles it, good for both parks!
  7. damn B&M is outdoing themselves with this one it seems! I love the sequence of it too, dive loop to overbanked curve right into a loop...which then LEGIT immediately goes into an immelman??? So sick, Parc Asterix is without a doubt getting one of the best B&M inverts in quite a while it seems, looking forward to watching this until completion!
  8. was at the park yesterday evening. Got 2 spins on Talon, 2 on Possessed & 1 on Steel Force, Thunderhawk & Hydra all in about 2 hours, rain started to come down harder so we peaced. I love the ability to go from ride to ride without a wait, while they have a smaller collection of coasters compared to competitors Hershey & Six Flags Great Adventure, they still have quality ones. While Invertigo is another transfer ride coming, it gives Dorney another coaster to add to it's roster and because SFA's Two Face is gone, it's quite a unique ride (like Possessed) to have in the area as no other parks have those 2 types of coasters, so it's a nice move in my opinion for DP.
  9. Baha I know right! It has always been an eye sore to me since it arrived. Yay for records but yuck for quality. I almost ask people how it's their favorite ride because it surprises me that they actually get on it since it's down so much. Been to GAdv 8 times this year so far, no rides on Ka due to it being down everytime I am there
  10. I honestly like this move, the way this needs to be looked at is "Six Flags America is getting a coaster". It's been since 2001's Batwing, and even if it's a relocated one, then so be it! Iron Wolf will fit nicely into this park. When Chang was moved to SFGAdv I wasn't that excited because of how it was operated and how it ran. Green Lantern is operated brilliantly at GAdv and I have loved all of my rides so far this year. I think moving it to a park that really needs it a nice move and it gets a much needed B&M to the park.
  11. Talon @ DP! Was there with my cousin, the only 2 on the whole train
  12. made an unexpected visit to Dorney yesterday (solid time) and heading to Great Adventure Saturday!
  13. People at Great Adventure have been classic but this one was my favorite last season. I'm walking towards Bizarro behind this couple, probably around my age (23) & the girl goes "I feel like I've seen or been on this before, wasn't this Medusa or something?", of course I wanted to butt in and say "yes it was!" but her idiot boyfriend goes "no I've been coming here for a while, Medusa is on the other side of the park, this is a brand new ride, besides Medusa was yellow, this is purple"......I couldn't believe what I heard but yep legit story hahaha
  14. wow! This thing looks insane, I hope the theming will be solid as they are portraying it. Everytime one of the parks in Europe comes up with something the more I realize how much I need to get over there
  15. man what an AWESOME looking trip so far, now that I'm done with school and have more time on my hands I'll have to start getting in on these trips , looking to get to LC/SFNE in the fall and maybe now some Quassy because of that awesome report of Wooden Warrior! Keep it up Robb, such awesome opportunities for unique experiences, even for those who aren't there with you guys!
  16. depressingly The Dark Knight @ SFGAdv. Went for a few hours last Friday night but disgusting thunderstorms arrived at the same time I did. Had a bring a friend coupon so my dad could get on Green Lantern, NO rides opened at all the 4 hours I was there except Jolly Roger & Dark Knight, so we did what we could and got 2 spins on that, such a bummer but understandable, the lightning was insane.
  17. Haven't done a Windseeker yet, going to CP next month and am looking forward to it. These clues are very interesting, if it is definitely an argument between a giant frisbee or a Windseeker, regardless of what it is, is a win for Carowinds. Went there last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, plus with this new 61 acre purchase towards the back who knows what more great things we will be seeing from them!
  18. couldn't agree more! Some might call me crazy but it's all in opinion, I think Knoebel's Phoenix is a little overrated. The airtime is definitely sick but it's a short ride that repeats itself in my opinion
  19. I rarely get butterflies when I ride anything anymore. Riding Millennium Force when it debuted in 2000 when I was 13 really had my heart racing, but after that I didn't have any moments like that until...Griffon! Even with a track record of a little over 200 coasters, my first ride on the very outer row hanging over the drop had me a bit scared for a few seconds but then we were released and I was good to go
  20. This is awesome, another SOLID addition coming to Hershey. Finally a hyper, not to mention easily the most unique one that will be out there, congrats Hershey! I still think it's amazing how they are putting this in around all that the park already has, it's going to be awesome seeing this tower over the rest of the skyline! As for the specs, I'm quite excited for these trains. No matter how good or bad a video is, you can't judge the ride experience. It's a twisty layout and sure to bring some airtime, you don't feel the airtime watching a video, so don't say you don't like or expected more out of the layout then what is planned because until you get on it physically, you don't know how it rides! I'll surely be shooting to be there opening day for this, and to think this is one of MANY more 2012 announcements to come, great start to the 2012 new coaster lineups for the USA!
  21. just took it, I-305 down a bunch. I went on both of these within a week of each other, both are sensational but I-305 just has much more power then Intimidator does, Diamondback is much better then Intimidator in my opinion too. Go I-305!
  22. Mine used to be Lochness Monster's tunnel with the awesome display of Nessie in there and it being dark, not like that anymore . So, mine is Bizarro's two tunnels at SFNE, mist and sheer speed after the drop through the first one, then diving down to the right and up into the great bunny hops to finish the ride off ejector air style
  23. Voyage is my #2, Toro #1, no doubt one of the most solid wood coasters still out there, but everyone is exactly right: it's aged a little and is a bit rough. It's still ranked in the Top 10 on Mitch's List, still pretty damn good if you ask me...
  24. ^haha agreed! Visited here in July, what a great place This is a nice, unique addition to this park, a massive place for B&Ms and now they put in a nice, compact steel coaster like this, going to look great when it's done!
  25. wow I planned on going on plenty more after my trip in the summer but I never got to go So my last coaster was I-305 in August, still a great last coaster though, front row at night
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