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  1. That looks truely amasing... ...They have to piss off us americans by building amasing and unique coasters over there. Thats just not right.
  2. I just watched that video of Expedition GeForce and it looks very fast and very intense. Is it really that fast?The airtime looked incredible. It also looked like there were a lot of straight parts during the course. Did they affect the ride in any way? Now I really want to go ride it. That is flipping amasing.
  3. That pretzel loop going around the escelator is very sexy. Too bad they didn't have anything like that at CP. The turn isn't as sexy but it still is. That hill isn't that sexy though. The corkscrewhop is the sexiest though. That looks amasing(and sexy). Too bad I won't be able to ride it.
  4. I didn't think that they would get the second hill up so fast. That looks amasing and changes the skyline a whole lot. I really really really really want to go to HW now.
  5. no Do you know what a kamikaze watermelon is?(avatar)
  6. Star Wars all the way! I am such a nerd for it. I downloaded the main theme song and the imperial march of limewire. I also bought lego Star Wars and played it for two, yes, two hours. I love the Star Warz Gangsta Rap too!
  7. Ok, 175 sounds good enough. Thanks guys.
  8. That thing looks amasing. Too bad they don't have a terrain coaster like that over here. That is an awesome enterance though. Is it just me or does that one part of the pretzel loop look like it isn't an inversion? If it is then IMHO the twist is too sudden.
  9. Does anybody know how high that horizontal support is on Millennium Force's lifthill? This has puzzled me for a while now. I think it is like 150 feet or something like that. Does anybody know the exact number? Thanks.
  10. I know that this will sound retarded but, what is a flying scooter?
  11. Yep, thats another place. Some of them are RCT2 wizards over there and are helping me. You can see it all from the beginning there. I will post more screens when I play again.
  12. ^I agree with what you just said. It would easily simulate flying. Birds fly hundreds of feet above the earth and at speeds exceeding 60 MPH. I don't see this happening. Someone said that flyers have barely broken 100 feet. I bet that Tatsu will be 150 plus. Lets all face it, a S&S Power package is coming. We will be seeing two or three S&S rides around the park.
  13. I finished corkscrew and added a new kiddie coaster called Twisty Timbers. Here are screens. One is an overview and the other is Twisty Timbers.
  14. I have been on Kraken and Scream. I liked Scream better. It had a great layout with nice elements and it actually had airtime!
  15. I am doing a new park. It is called Fort Clairvew. Back in the Cival War,(made up story) it was a famous battle ground. Fort Clairview was taken over by the Union army and the area wasn't build on until today(1930's). Then a mysterious man came along and founded the amusement park. He built the first coaster, a side friction coaster called Glory Eagle. The park was popular with the Coney Island style type atmosphere. What I am going to do is show the park modernize. I have started with old rides(SF coaster, tilt-a-whirl, flying turns, ETC.) Here is a screen of the enterance and two old flat rides: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...rdude/SCR1.gif Here is a screen of Glory Eagle, the side friction coaster: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...rdude/SCR2.gif Here is a screen of Lava Chutes, a flying turns: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...rdude/SCR3.gif Here is a screen of Lava Chutes' station. At the time it was very modern, looking like an old warehouse: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...rdude/SCR4.gif Here is an overview of the park so far: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...rdude/SCR5.gif There is a fake volcanoe in one of the screens. I think I am going to get rid of it because it didn't turn out like I wanted. I hope you guys like it.
  16. Whatever happened to the screamin swing rumor? We all know that they are adding a screamin swing. I hope they add a floorless. They need some inversions. They only have 3 coasters that go upside down and they badly need a B&M.
  17. Put a stengle dive in place of the bunny hill, turn, and straightaway on MF.
  18. It's a stupid excuse for a frisbee but it looks cool. I heard the clapper(seats) had a delayed swing stopping right before it touched the side of the bell. Now that sounds cool.
  19. Coasterfreak11: That is my website for everything rollercoasters. The only ones I didn't make were Vertigo, Fireball, and Flying Vulture. Your room is awesome. I wish I could visit it. I love Oasis too. Its so sexy. Pagemaster_B: The trick to an inverted coaster is adding a connector to the chain. socalMAN123: I checked my guestbook. Thanks for the message. Thanks for all the comments. I never knew I was so good.
  20. Don't flame me because my park isn't as good as all of yours but I am getting better. Here is Thrillersville. Its like a city for...thrills. There are five crazy coasters that are all unique. Pulse, the first coaster built, is an Intamin mega coaster. Insanity, built by Arrow, has a layout similar to Viper and GASM but shunken and changed around a bit. There is also a cobra roll instead of a batwing. Nausea, a classic Schwarzkopf looper, has just enough to make you sick. Adrenaline, the B&M inverted coaster, is like no other inverted coaster. My favorite is Terror. It is a GCI woodie that starts off very twisted and then goes out into an underground turnaround and then back to the station. Enough chat. Here is a link to pix. Scroll down to the bottom to see pix. http://www.freewebs.com/rollerdudetw/simulators.htm
  21. Here is a whole page of mine. http://www.freewebs.com/rollerdudetw/knexmodels.htm Magma is the best. Rattlesnake is a good one in there. There is also a Storm Runner recreation in there.
  22. Hey Dak. That looks awesome. That tophat is huge. The lake adds a nice touch. That last pic is amasing.
  23. Shivering timbers shirt some kind of baggy pants belt lime green converse
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