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  1. Curious to see if they've designed the pre-drop dip out of inverters as well. Otherwise, looks like a great layout.
  2. I find Diet anything to be nasty. I'd go with stagnant pond water before Pepsi, so this sounds about right.
  3. I like the ride just the way it is, so waiting a year is fine by me.
  4. It's a Zamperla Volare. Not a particularly popular coaster. The first one was built at Elitch Gardens, and it has since been relocated to New York (Coney, IIRC). There is one more in NY, and another at Canada's Wonderland. About as big of a waste of steel as Superman: UF, but at a fraction of the cost.
  5. Sweet, on the second video, you can hear the high-pitched motors from the Sky Whirl. You could hear that ride from almost anywhere in the park. I miss Sky Whirl @SFGAm. When it was replaced by Deja Vu I wasn't that bothered because GIBs are fantastic. Now that it has ultimately been replaced by the waste of space Buccaneer Battle, it's a different story. I think the triple wheels are all gone, but how about the double wheels? I remember reading not too long ago that there were a few left (presumably) overseas.
  6. Had this been a relative or friend of mine, I don't think I would want Disney spending time with anyone when their intentions are obviously self serving. I don't think they would be criticized for leaving them be either. Clearly the family doesn't have an issue with it, so it's a moot point.
  7. Riverview Bobs And selfishly, SFGAm's Shockwave, in it's original location, thusly ridding the world of the waste of steel that replaced it- Superman: Ultimate Flight.
  8. Everything about ZacSpin screams portable to me. If Intamin didn't jump on this then kudos to whoever did.
  9. Agreed, not going to happen. This is a big fuss over a little sh1t. Probably for Haunt.
  10. Sweet that people are going to act like No Lo-Q is going to throw a wrench in their plans.
  11. Yeah, it actually looks a bit like Demon's first drop and it will be taking it with more speed. Not bad at all.
  12. Shame that the drop out of the tower isn't as steep as the ascent into it. Oh well, still looking good.
  13. Something I've wondered about is would Texas Giant have been on the chopping block now or in the near future if something like Iron Horse or Topper Track didn't exist?
  14. Glad to see it work out. Wonder what effect this will end up having on the SOBs and Mean Streaks.
  15. To assume that the only reason one coaster beat out another is because people wanted to spite the site is taking a defensive stance on the matter. As Jarmor points out, the B&M has it's fans too. If I'm misinterpreting your post, then my apoligies. : - )
  16. I think you should all be blaming the Green Party (Sky Rocket). Really, since they both opened I've seen half prefer the B&M, and half prefer the Intamin. That's just about what the poll says. I haven't ridden any of the coasters on that list, so I just didn't vote. To act defensive about this "most scientific of polls" because one site bombarded the B&M with votes while the other is doing the same for an Intamin is a headscratcher though.
  17. What I find so odd about this ride is that Chiller really was a *GREAT* ride, and made even better with the lap bars. But yet it's rarely ever discussed or mentioned since it closed. The zero-g roll taken backwards after the retrofit was really a thing of beauty. In a way, I'm actually glad I didn't get a chance to ride it after the rolls were replaced with whatever that was.
  18. You didn't notice a difference in Gwazi because you hadn't ridden it in 3 years,3 years ago I enjoyed riding it.Before they closed it for the refurb and new trains the ride was getting to the point were you were lucky if you didn't break a rib on it,it just wasn't fun at all to ride,after 1 ride I was done riding it for the day.I rode it last month and sure it vibrates like a normal wood coaster but you can actually enjoy the ride,I could have stayed on it all day. Hm. Sounds like the park went ahead with their plan to replace the wheels with squares, half-circles, and triangles immediately after I got my dozen or so blissfully pure rides (with PTC trains) on it this past November.
  19. I *will* jump on specialty chains (particular to certain areas). We used to have lots of Checkers up here in Chicago (and still have one or two left IIRC, nowhere near me), so when I'm down in Tampa, I'll make sure to stop there. Portillo's in Chicagoland serves hands down the best Italian Beef Sandwich I've ever had, and probably the best burger too. If I ever find myself on the West Coast, In n Out is on my agenda just so I could compare.
  20. Either this, or if you absolutely need to change your park's skyline, go pre-fab.
  21. When it comes to large chain restaurants, I have two exceptions- Taco Bell and Chik Fil A. I can deal with Wendy's chili and nuggets. No McDonalds, BK, etc. unless I have absolutely no way around it. It's been over a year since I've had a McD's or BK sandwich of any sort.
  22. I paid $3.87 for premium in the west suburbs of chicago last night. In the city it's roughly $4.20 for premium.
  23. I dunno, all Busch Williamsburg is doing (so far) for their 2012 coaster was announce that there would be an announcement far in advance (essentially what Hershey is doing sans the viral campaign) and it's getting talked about and speculated on long before it opens too.
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