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  1. ^Yes you are right. It's just that the MAJORITY of Newton rides are done by people that just want a quick smooth ride. I was just alittle upset.
  2. This is my home park and the Midnight Mansion sucked last year. Maybe this is a sign so they will stop doing the haunted house. Now that we're getting a wild mouse, I'm upset that SFNE is going down hill this fast. It is said to have amazing themeing so it better be fricken amazing.
  3. I have seen some Newton rides and have been impressed with the smoothness, but most of them have unreal banking, hills, and forces. What I want to see is the MOST REALISTIC Newton roller coaster that a SINGLE person can make. I myself do not use Newton because I feel it makes unrealistic track designs. Make the most realistic roller coaster for its type. I.E (B&M hills and transitions, Intamin transitions) Rules- .no specific length .minimum of 2 inversions .NO pumps or jerks (because it's Newton) .ABSOLUTELY NO REVERSE BANKING Entrys will be due November 20th by 10 p.m EST Post a link to where I can find your roller coaster.
  4. Does Powder Keg have an audio system because I think I saw an audio box on the back of the train in one of the pictures.
  5. How much can you really tell by using a program like Nolimits? Anyone...
  6. Today they posted it would have a steel structure. Not much help to figure out where it is but I thought it was cool that they were making a hybrid.
  7. Here is the link on Screamscape about GCI. It is dated 6/23/10. http://screamscape.com/html/kings_dominion.htm Like it said, they might just be doing rehab on one of the rides.
  8. Kings Dominion. The field looks like the one behind Hurler and they were supposed to get one.
  9. ^^Also it becomes difficult for zero-g moments with trains that are twenty feet wide because when one side of the train is tilting up while the other side is going down, the lower side is being pulled out of the turn with some pretty intense laterals and verticals. So you couldn't go very fast through the element or have it have a very tight turn. My bet is a straight launch closer to the ground and throught one camel-back and one in-line twist.
  10. It will probably be a lot smoother than S&S 4D's, even the Intamin Wingrider's.
  11. This is my demo of the HIGH 5 element. I know it's not the greatest quality but it show what it will look like...
  12. In other words, this is the wooden roller coaster version of Dragon Challenge. (Dueling Dragons)
  13. I just finished making a "prototype" of it on No Limits! It actually does work out well.
  14. Gonna be steeper than El Toro, yes, gonna be better than El Toro.....NEVER!!!
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