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  1. Looks like there is only gonna be 3 contestants. Unless everyone submits within the next day.
  2. I would go with stress testing. There is basically, not one vertical support in that piece of art!
  3. I am here to put the nail in the coffin about my post. Leave it alone after this post. When Intamin was testing their Figure 8 element, before construction on the ride started, they were testing the strength of it (stress test). How much force it could handle. I said it would have been stupid on their part if they didn't put the weight of the train on the Figure 8 when they were doing the stress test. But as Coasterfreak101 pointed out, Intamin is not stupid. They just like to push the limits of roller coasters. I hope that helped.
  4. Wouldn't it be stupid on Intamin's part if they didn't put the weight of the train on the track when they were testing the Figure 8 element. That would be a let down.
  5. I think it'll look better when they are completely done with it and have the cool cloth like things hanging from the supports.
  6. Yeah, I just figured that out. I downloaded it on NoLimits-Exchange. I thought he was going to change the supports to make it a hybrid.
  7. Okay, I did that. Now how do I get the folder into my message to you?
  8. This is a teaser to my ride, Sonic: Temple of the Ring. http://img138.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img138/6978/rollingsnakedive.jpg&via=mupload (some people might have seen this track on nolimits-exchange.com, some track was redesigned)
  9. Do we put up a video. I only have the built in recorder and it is ver slow and my camera has decent quality. Or can we upload it to a website where you can download it.
  10. There is not much to say. There were what, two people that entered. I'm not going to tell someone there ride is good in vivid detail when there was only two entry's. I think it was easy to see which one was more realistic. (no offence)
  11. Krake, huh. Guess which name just beat Cheetah Hunt for all eternity!
  12. I recently got an e-mail that said I started an account on Club TPR, which I didn't. I don't want to be part of it becuase you have to make payments for it and I'm only 14. What should I do?
  13. ^Yes, just keep it like that. If it's only for a milisecond, that's fine. A lot of roller coasters have a lot more g's than that and sustained for a longer time.
  14. Who cares if the third launch only goes 40 mph. The "parabola" hill after the launch looks like some insane El Toro airtime!
  15. The name truely isn't that bad. I liked Cheetaka better but, did it really mean anything in any language?
  16. I like that they used the term "parabola" instead of just "hill". It makes me feel like some of the stuff in math isn't all stupid, and I want to be a roller coaster designer.
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