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  1. I wonder if the train is going to make it over all of the hills. Towards the end of the video it looked like it was just pulling over that hill.
  2. I hope that they don't over price their Slingshot. I think that $15 per rider is enough for a ride.
  3. I wish I could go but I'm on a vacation then. Good thing SFNE is my home park and I get to ride Bizarro a lot! Plus they just go a new ride this year!
  4. It looks like an element a kid playing NoLimits would make...
  5. How are the laterals on it? The barrel roll seems to be bent outward making good air time and laterals.
  6. ^Five trains with four cars has a higher capacity than six trains with three cars. If the operating crew stays on track and loads and unloads the trains quickly, the PPH should be very high.
  7. It's good to see that Six Flags is doing this. It's not just this park either. I heard from eye witnesses that crew workers were working on Cyclone at SFNE with this type of track. I wonder what wooden roller coaster on the Six Flags chain will get this treatment next.
  8. My favortie steel: Bizarro (as Superman though) My favorite wood: El Toro (most insane airtime ever)
  9. I just saw the video on BGTNation and he said that the ride would accelerate up to 50mph on the 3rd launch. Does anyone know if they changed the speed of the last launch or he just made a mistake?
  10. I think that it is just me that thinks that the track will go under the sky ride. From the angles that I have seen, it looks like it definately will go under it. Has anyone confirmed that it will go over the sky ride?
  11. It looks like Intamin is taking some Gerstlauer elements but making them smooth,(assuming they are smooth). From some angles the heart line roll looks like a heart line roll and some angles it looks more or less like a corkscrew.
  12. The scientists were paid to make up crap. End of story. Polar bears might be dying, temperature might change rapidly(I know, I live in New England), ice may be melting, but it is all natural. Guess what happens to the melted ice when it hits something cold, it freezes! Temperature depends on the costal winds and the position of the earth relative to the sun.
  13. I don't think the capacity on the ride would be very good. Fahrenhite only has three cars to a train with the Norweign Loop along with Speed Monster. I wonder if they are reducing the intensity of the roll to make a longer train.
  14. MIne can also be download on Nolimits Exchange. http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/1850/sonic-temple-of-the-ring I will say that when I uploaded it (way before this contest) it was a bit pumpier than it currently is. Also, I'm satisfied with the results!
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