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  1. If you got on this section anymore . Anyway great addition. Great thanks to all who participated in making this happen
  2. Maybe he wants to keep everything a secret so people will actually download his park. Showing everything isn't always the way to go.
  3. Here's my entry that I never finished. It was 95% finished. Just was too lazy to add trees. Awesome Coasters Workbench.SV6
  4. Don't be afraid to stick buildings to each other. I used to be afraid of that and seperate all the buildings but when you join some of the buildings it looks good.
  5. I don't see a problem with the TV's. I have trouble with the trash cans though. I never knew why those type were used. They're not rct-texture like. They are oversized and they don't look all that good. I always stick to the ingame-ones.
  6. I've decided to make this a small park because it requires a lower point then a design accolade. Anyway. New layout, a parking lot. Fences and a new interior ride. Soon To Come: Custom Flats, Enterprise, Intamin Drop Tower, and another entrance for the new parking lot, new buildings, custom supported kid woodie, carnival games, and a Boardwalk! This is a very different atmosphere than anything I've created so far. I love it and I can't stop working so smoothly. Anyway new screens! SUPPORTER STILL NEEDED SCR118.BMP SCR119.BMP SCR121.BMP SCR120.BMP SCR122.BMP SCR117.BMP
  7. At some point. I'll get somebody who can WinHack the map bigger for me without actually erasing the rides on Nedesigns.
  8. They realized. They gave credit. The guy who posted the pics had no idea you guys would even care. Soo... Sorry.
  9. I've started on a new park and it's a pretty small map but I wish to make it bigger later. (some screens were already shown) COMMENTS ON THE LAYOUT!!!!! Just a mini arrow layout i came up with. SUPPORTER WANTED! NEED TO SUPPORT ARROW WITH DIAGONAL LIFT SCR112.BMP SCR113.BMP SCR114.BMP SCR115.BMP SCR116.BMP
  10. This is all the comments I got from NE. For anybody thinking they're too "HARSH" only some of them are like that and most are banned by their admin. All the comments i've gotten. "I don't approve of the randomly undecorated info kiosk in the path which looks a bit out of place, but this is most definitely a great start otherwise. " "Gorgeous but i think block(around fountain) needs more smooth touch " "Shame about the random info booth, however I love how the turnstiles have been done, and generally its a good screen. The foliage is also really nice, perhaps you shouldn't use red and yellow flowers all the time though. " All comments i've gotten on that screen. NE is not hell you know.
  11. 2 Unfinished screens. The brown and white building's gone. And park's name and location is yet to be decided. No park brand, though.
  12. That looks great! Now here are some joke screens that will tease you for the release. Beyond.. Lies a beast so cruel. It has been held captive by an impenetrable fortress. Who could it be? SCR105.BMP SCR106.BMP
  13. It says i have already sent my entry in.. I didn't not yet.. So the due date is december 1st?
  14. No he means the New Elements Spotlight RCT2 park Six Flags Carolina. W
  15. No you can show teasers even if it's not sent in. Mine for example is not sent in but i showed lots of screens.
  16. Haha thanks djbr. I'm just glad this is my first screen with actually decent supports. So thanks for doing the supports now my life is complete
  17. Just improved on djbrcace1234's screen a bit. Feedback always welcome. SCR104.BMP
  18. I'll work on the foliage some tommorow when i have the time mastersax and djbr. I'd just like 3 or 4 trees in there somewhere. And sprucin' upon the station will also be done. I forgot to tell djbr again how much I love that layout.
  19. The paths layout seemed to be grid based but everything else was nice.
  20. There must be a total of 3, yeah count'em, 3 block sections to allow another train or car if the ride is functioning on continuous block sectioned mode and not continuous circuit mode. Continous circuit mode gets it's car/train numbers and size from the station length. Continous block sectioned mode gets its car train numbers from number of block sections. Block sections can be the top of a lift hill, a station, or a block brake. So this is the table 2 block sections : 1 Train/car 3 block sections : 2 Trains/cars 4 block sections : 3 trains/cars And so on and so on. So to have more then one car for your ride. You must either put it on continuous circuit mode or have 1 more block section to get another train/car
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