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  1. Almost finished themeing a mini railroad ride and a full overview for those freaks and weirdos SCR77.BMP SCR78.BMP
  2. There's not much need to post 1 building in all 4 views. Other than that it looks nice. But why not use the diagonal roof for that diagonal wall? I blends in better with the spanish roof than you think it'd would
  3. I can't judge archy as i haven't seen enough yet. The layout seems okay. Landscaping is minimal though. But foliage. Foliage is defeinietely your weakest point. You're making it too sparse. Try the foliage tutorial made by mastersax. And if you're gonna do your paths like that. No need to stack them. Just raise them at the level you want to be. Although you won't be able to be place benches, lights, trash cans with that style.
  4. Nice but boxy.Try to add some depth and get away from cubical-ness. Never let most of your buildings be 2x2 or 4x4. in my park i try to add as much depth as possible with 1/4 base blocks and 1/4 roofs. Those works wonders for taking away a building's blockiness.
  5. 1 Screen of the station. Yo by the way coupon. Make the entrances invisible for me will ya? SCR75.BMP
  6. Replied to PM in case you haven't noticed. If you want the link it's in my signature.
  7. *waves hand* I can help you with anything else. Say buildings, shops. Anyway. For a major coaster the station does seem a bit.. Small.
  8. So good. Glad to see you're at it again. Can't wait for another update!
  9. Not a big fan on the banked turn at first. And the block of wood under the roof. Just make the roof like the NCSO jungle or mine roof where it doesn't have a body of wood or brick under it. Maybe give it more shape as well. It looks a bit bare and blocky but very very clean. Question. Are you gonna change train colors so they're both diffrently colored?
  10. I need somebody who can download a big park to do a simple hack. I need you to raise the lift chain speed to 80. That will not be the actual speed. I will lower it one by one and see what is the best. Anyway new layout with landscaping. No foliage or scenery yet. Please tell me if the layout is better. SCR72.BMP SCR73.BMP
  11. I'd go without. It looks more aesthetically pleasing.
  12. It all looks nice. Makes me jealous. I want a crazy learning curve like you had
  13. Oh i forgot to mention. On 1.21 the ride's name or track type or any of the other information wouldn't come up. Just random info of rides without names. So basically there was no name displayed and repeated wrong info.
  14. I've been having trouble with my 8 cars. A few days ago I tried to make a disko ride. But all the train selection was in some weird type letters. Then today, i tried to do a simple hack of increasing the lift hill speed. I noticed the train type was completely blank. I checked for all versions. And than I just increased the lift hill speed ignoring it and not only was the lift hill speed unchanged. The train tab on my ingame ride was blank so I clicked it. I got error trapped. I run windows 7. And i never had this problem before. Any ideas what might've caused this or how to solve it? Thanks in advance!
  15. The path glitch is solved. They were all going for a lemonade stall. I tried many solutions but just deleted it at the end. Anyway after so long. A new update! SCR66.BMP SCR67.BMP
  16. It's good. Although the haunted house is better replaced by a thrill or gentle ride that's open and moves. Like the top spin.
  17. It's very nice but you shouldn't let the track touch the ground. It looks as if the track has no support. Everything else is superb.
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