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  1. After looking at these closely again. It'll help if you divide each sections in to THEMES.. Layouts are great as usual so is supporting. Archy could use some work. But it's not bad either. Landscaping and foliage is your most important thing. Get the basics down and move on to archy. Try to cram in planning as well!
  2. Nothing done except landscaping and some foliage. EDIT: I was working on a park with Jag. So that took majority of my time. Sorry :/ SCR53.BMP
  3. Nothing got done today except some sucky buildings. But tell me what paths you prefer better. SCR49.BMP SCR50.BMP SCR51.BMP SCR52.BMP
  4. New update. Few buildings done. Mind the dirt it's the future cleared ground for the buildings. Beth's dog, restrooms, and Souvenirs selling "Big Texan" shirts. Name Suggestions still welcome. If none show up, the name will be changed to Rio Grande. Due date is next friday. SCR42.BMP SCR41.BMP SCR6.BMP
  5. Really good. I wish the foliage was more dense than it is right now though.
  6. Personally I'd use the black paths or something to represent asphalt as in most new parks as it looks too sleek and fake right now.
  7. Nice! But the building looks bare. If that's going to be outside park borders, I suggest taking a lot of time on it so it matches with the interior of the park. But I understand this isn't finished and it's really excellent for what it is.
  8. So this is the BIG coaster? Awww.. I wanted to see something real big.
  9. Nicee..!! Although I don't get the half buildings in the middle left of the lake
  10. Only Station done and a few other minor things. SCR40.BMP
  11. ^ I didn't get a chance to check it out. But wouldn't that make all path in my park unowned as well?
  12. Djbr already fixed it for me. Thanks for offering though.
  13. Ooh yummy yummy. But the trees are all seperate. 1 type of trees on the left another type of trees on the right.
  14. Oh the land mass was my fault for using zero clearance. I'll send it to you right away.
  15. Whatt? I did a texas giant based coaster myself in my park ):
  16. Ah Update. I added few more right turn helixes. Happy ? But djbr. You messed up . I can't build over entrance hut on the woodie. It comes out invisible looking. And there's one of those land glitches.. Grrrrr.. The ones where the land goes so frigging high. I'll describe the problem it's the land glitch on unowned land. I have building rights but I don't own it. Can anyone fix this? I really need to continue on the park. But thanks djbrcace, every other ride was done perfectly. Problem 1: The high land glitch on unowned but have rights to land. Problem 2: Invisible or unable to place scenery on entrance hut of big texan. Yes I used zero clearance.. It might have to do with the land below the entrance being 5 ft below the invisible hut. SCR23.BMP WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! SCR24.BMP New helix.. Although in my opinion it kind of decreases pleasing-ness. SCR25.BMP The 2nd new helix SCR26.BMP See ma problem? SCR28.BMP Another problem. I can't Zero clearance scenery over the entrance. I think it comes out invisible. SCR30.BMP COUPON DID GUEST SPOT O.O?
  17. OMG COUPON. That's a flawless recreation of what you showed me yesterday. Nice job. You're going on a learning rct2 rampage
  18. I'm not done with it yet I planned to add a lake as the centerpiece for the coaster of the big gap.. I'm basing a lot of it off of texas giant. Texas giant also had a big gap with a lake in the middle of it.
  19. Sorry for double post Who ever wants to help me make the huts invisible your welcome to do so. I need to add the plants to the queue line and shade for it too. The path I've built will be one of the Western/mining area's street. And will be surrounded by buildings. Name suggestions welcome. I'm not happy with the name Name suggestions. Give it mine\western themed, Texas themed, whatever sounds cool to you! EDIT: Coupon is helping me with the entrances and also parkDating somethings. SCR17.BMP SCR18.BMP SCR19.BMP SCR20.BMP SCR21.BMP SCR22.BMP
  20. Much better. I just thought the park wasn't organized enough and had too much coasters. Unlike your other parks. But the new screens you showed me is more than enough to show me wrong. So... Ma bad :l
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