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  1. if you're gonna do custom supports. Make sure ingame supports are gone!
  2. I see potential guest problem. The whole ride plaza is a dead end. Peeps who want to leave the park won't be able to get out. That's not what i meant by landscaping. Landscaping as in sweeping in and out of mountain landscaping.. The whole bobsled hugging the terrain is what i meant. But it's an improvement.
  3. Me likey. Except those neon green fences. They are very clashing with the flowers and the area.
  4. Ah just a tip for future ride invisible making. Diagonals cannot be made invisible.
  5. I already told you man. You have to wait til the admins decide to put it on the database. That can take up to a few days. SO BE PATIENT. BTW you don't need to post it like that. Just post your saved game folder as if you would with a screen.
  6. It's like you took a page out of nin's playbook! It looks really great. The modification you made are good too Ryansmith. You should use diffrent textures more often. That station just breathes life into the screen.
  7. I told you I sucked at layouts But I couldn't put something like that you made near the entrance.
  8. Don't worry. I'm not quite done with the coaster yet. When I'm done. It'll have plentry interaction. Ryansmith:What are flyer trains? I know the Articulated trains but i've yet to heard of flyer trains.
  9. Lalalala Update? But this update is weird. There are no new buildings. Yeah you heard me. But something else is coming your way! Opinions and criticism welcome. The coaster is not finished. I'm planning footers, foliage, hills, and a lake for the coaster. SCR7.BMP SCR8.BMP SCR9.BMP SCR10.BMP SCR11.BMP SCR12.BMP SCR13.BMP
  10. Really good! Try changing the very tippytop of the supports to match the track color. It helps out a lot. It represents those connectors connecting support and track in real life. And it'll probably look better
  11. It looks really good. Everything is amazing except the bold colors of the station and those objects in the corners. Also the waterfall. It looks too.. Clinical and cold. Try to make it serene and showy by adding a few jagged rocks and sepearting the part where the water actually... falls! Try to use the slanted base blocks for the stairs. Everything else looks AMAZING Give me sum more!
  12. I'll hack the ride for you. Just send me the park through PM or Email. My email will be in your inbox. You're already getting handy with 8cars pertrainer. It'd be great if somebody wrote a tutorial on how to use 8cars per trainer. (looks at dmaxsba)
  13. I see nothing interesting. It's all bland. It's even bland-er then vanilla. You make those colors look as plain as black and white. But no seriously I think it's great. Great hacks. Great colors. Really captured the six flags atmosphere. Now try some diffrent textures instead of all those same walls and roofs.
  14. dmaxsba: those little things are supposed to be lamps or lanterns or something. djbr: Really? I really didn't like the building all that much. But mastersax's tutorial on foliage gave improvement over foliage a little. edit: Thx mastersax. That tutorial was great! Should I go with a central hub system for a park layout? edit: The building's going on a big of an overhaul. I thought I didn't want to play rct2 anymore but after playing it's kind of hard to stay away.
  15. New update. Got some work done today. EDIT: the building still needs some tweaking. SCR2.BMP SCR3.BMP SCR4.BMP SCR5.BMP SCR6.BMP
  16. The layout and supporting were superb. Landscaping was only a minor problem (I think) Archy was really good.. My problem with this was. The coaster didn't interact with the enviroment as I wanted it to. The ride was very enclosed. If you were walking in the walk ways you couldn't take a view at the coaster very much and there was no place for them to view the coaster. Another thing was the part when it went behind the buildings. Now I don't remember but I think you had dumpsters behind those buildings. ( there were no paths in the back of the buildings..just minor pet peeve). But I wouldn't want to ride a ride that has a clear view of dumpsters in the back of a building. Well I would but it would take away from the experience
  17. I agree with you as my foliage really sucks and I should've stated there was another building going where the paths. but i dont get what you mean about diffrent colors. Every building has a difefrent color
  18. Card craze summed it all up. Tree uniformity is actually a pet peeve of mine. It's okay in moderation when the atmosphere calls for it but overused like that and it looks very hectic and gives a very unnatrual feeling. As for the giga that looks like a very good layout and I love the diagonal track there. In RCT i believe you have to get alway from the square grids as much as possible and use diagonal everytime when you have the chance. No land is COMPLETELY flat. And rides like your log flume desperately need lanscaping. It's always nice when the log flume looks perfectly natrual on a hill. And please take off at least 5~8 boats on that log flume. I don't like when i ride a log flume the previous flume is only 3 or 4 feet away from me. It takes away from the experience. These corrections are only minimal and only take little time to fix. I love the park so far and you're a crazy building machine Calilof. Keep up the good work!
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