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  1. Good to see that this is finally back. I can't wait for some new stuff being added to the park.
  2. Yeah You could replace that question mark with baseblocks or deco art pieces
  3. Maybe more gray, dark, and maybe a show. Complete with little details like platforms and stuff. Simliar to the ones in SFC. But that building definitely does.
  4. Well. I know it doesn't look much like a GCI. But i like it a lot. SCR58.BMP
  5. The updates i forgot to show yesterday. Nothing big. just a peep jam and 1 new familiar building SCR57.BMP i have no idea what's causing this.
  6. Whoa.. Gotta step my game up. The screens I showed won't even come close to cutting it in competition with so many big players.
  7. If you wanna get a working frisbee you have to make it invisible using the FF method. It won't work by using 8 cars way. I hear the alarm for a *COUPON ALERT* *COUPON ALERT*
  8. Sorry, I just had to show you up . Just kidding lol. SCR54.BMP Lone Star Gardens entrance NCSO Style! SCR55.BMP
  9. Can we have like 1 or 2 tunnels? Nothing big. Just going through the sides of hills.
  10. The actual rct work is amazing. Photo cropping is amazing. And advertising is amazing.
  11. ^ I agree completely but he asked what needed improvement. The transition of the style of buildings were very undefined and fast. I won't give people criticism if they don't want it. If they want criticism, I will leave some. BTW, I'm not a big fan some of NE's attitude. And I joined TPR before and was (is still) more active on TPR. So I'm not technically a NE fanboy although i had no idea if you were implying that at me.
  12. ^^ The standard recently have gone down tremendously. Anyway it looks really good. It's good but not NE material right now. All that matters right now is how you finish the rest of the surroundings. The buildings alone like that look repetetive, try to incorporate some new colors.
  13. Aw damn. Dmaxsba is in. We're all doomed!! But nevertheless sign me up! I'm really excited to see something from dmaxsba.
  14. Whoa it looks great! TLM. I love it that you're playing again even just for fun.
  15. Hmm for the TOGO tunnels on the lift hill. ( i think that's where he put it. ) he probably used heartline twister track and zero cleranced it on to it. REMEMBER, if you want to stack a ride and not get glitches. Always build backwards of where the original track is going. For example, wooden coaster catwalk and a lift hill must be going opposite directions although it makes no difference in visual appeal.
  16. I was replying to the statement where mcjaco said there is a lot of parks without themed areas. Even Six Flags has themed areas. Although it might not be visible.
  17. I'm sorry. It has no value in my eyes. It's just 1/4 baseblocks topped together and you call it ruins. themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=54610&start=20 This topic should shed some light. He did ruins which looks extremely clean at the same time. You just can't slap something up like that Arrow and call it a park.
  18. Why? There are lots of parks without themed areas. It's sometimes better to sacrifice aesthetics for realism.
  19. ^^ Hahaha so true. Anyways thank you guys for the comments.
  20. ^^ I don't know it just looks kind of hectic and buried under landscaping and colors.
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