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  1. Haha thanks. I guess I'm not the most "confident" guy out there.
  2. Let somebody else do it for you. It can increase the park's interesting-ness, if that is a word, by a lot. The overview looks very promising!
  3. Sorry. I had no idea when i typed bare. It looks very nice coupon.. Stupid typos.
  4. It looks all very bare. I loved it that you gave more detail than usual. I love the building! Dark horse should be working an equal amount. It's a duo month so credit should be shared. It's a shame to see you work with him if he comes up with nothing.
  5. Way more flats would've been welcome but overall it has a refreshing and clean style. Nice Work!
  6. Forgot to post a screen or 2. My best woodie layout on the youtube rct2 era. SCR14.BMP
  7. Hi it's me! Want you to know that this park is nothing like you would expect. This is before I discovered TPR, Custom Scenery, Nedesigns, and realistic parkmaking. So this park will be just a NCSO filled with cheesy layouts and bad scenery. Let's get to it shall we? I uploaded a video on youtube showcasing the park's newest coaster- village pillage. Like i said this is before i discovered realistic parkmaking so my names weren't good either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dcac_yttuSI and the download for the park as well. It's fairly small considering it is NCSO. 1st download is version 1. 2nd Download version 2. ( Don't be alarmed. None of the saved games require expansions ) 3rd download is version 3 4th Download is a converted rct1 scenario that I added some stuff too. (Converted to rct2 of course) 5th Download is more of a realistic park but still not that realistic. I was tired of doing sheer fantasy. Remember before i discovered TPR! 6th Download is never finished Amusement point. Right after i discovered hard core CSO. Please note: All this is old and nothing to compare with my recent work. they're all horribly bad. Hawaiian Dreamlands.SV6 Hawaiian Dreamlands (No Expansi.SV6 Hawaii.SV6 Mega Park.SV6 CrazyUs Mega Park.SV6 Miami Amusement Gardens.SV6
  8. I think you need to work on your foliage a little bit more carefully. The variety of trees work very good. But please try to scatter same trees as apart as possible. It seems one place is just covered with one type of trees and the next place with a diffrent variety. 4 and 5 same variety of trees together is fine in moderation. 3 and 2 are recommended though. You seem to be overusing the grass object as well. Vary it up with flowers, darker shrubs, and bullbrushes. I love the first screen though especially the mine coaster flyby.
  9. Too many teal\turquoise trees. They're too displeasing to the eye, it's fine in moderation as a turquoise tree one or 2 in a whole forest of 15-20 trees. I'm not sure if those are the correct colors for the trees though. I might be wrong. You are using the GW H2H5 foliage scenery tab?
  10. Just a few complaints You know me. Always these little things that has to be done my way. 1. Those windows do not look very western or mining like. It's fine on those buildings like the building with the flat roof because it is incorporated perfectly. 2.Near the top right of the screen repetetiveness shows with the Red-light red overkill. But this problem is hardly serious and can be changed really quick. I'd recommend just changing the top right and the building 2 buildings down. 3. No vents. I hope to see vents on those buildings. Details sometimes make the screen! 4. The tarmac paths. They stand out too much! 5. The brown base on the borders of the fountain. 6. Foliage is great. 7. Detail on those buildings are phenomenal. You surpassed me!!
  11. Would you happen to have fake waterslide tracks that look like the ones ingame? That would make the water slides hack much much easier.
  12. Awesome way of advertising! The buildings are phenomenal as well
  13. As this topic has more evolved in to a Q&A and less into advices. I'd really like it if somebody explained the basic functions of 8 cars for beginners to make 8 cars more beginner friendly. I'm in no position to do this myself as the only function I know how to use properly is the money function and zero clearance function.
  14. Please look for your question in the RCT3 Help thread stickied on top of the page. If you've gone through every page and you couldn't find the answer to your question than you may post in the RCT3 Help Thread not in a new topic. Here is the http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=49420 RCT3 Help thread. And I also highly suggest that you read the Game forum Ettiquete. You have over 250 posts and you should know what not to do. If you haven't read the Game Forum Ettiquete here is the link to it. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=47124 This topic might as well get locked soon by mcjaco. Please DO NOT post topics like this as creates unneccesary work for mcjaco and takes away from everybody's enjoyment of the forums.. Not trying to be mean but saving mcjaco some work instead of him explaining it.
  15. I love the teeny garden that was there instead of S&S's. But I'd still like them in the park. Think of another location for them maybe. It's a great way to fill up space and advance with the park. You're really improving fast and building fast as well. Everything is looking nice and simple like the game intended to be. Best of luck to you with this park as if needed any more luck
  16. If you own all land in 8cars. You will own all land including the border land. But you will disown all paths that you have built. Best thing to prevent this is. Build an entrance path. Use the own all land function than use the disown borderland function. Than insert your guest entry point. Than put the entrance right infront of that. And you will own ALL LAND. Be sure not to delete the guest entry point path as that will create rct peep to not be able to enter the map.
  17. Oh i should've been more clear. You can't with the simple 8 cars method of crooked house mode. Nice to see you gave a visit over here belgianguy!
  18. The inversion looks strong. What are the top Gforces on that inversion?
  19. Ask for the colorable HarryPotter rock formations. I don't have them but chances are dmaxsba does.
  20. color the ground wall dirt where there's no waterfall. I'm not even a big fan of iced wall with waterfall. That landscaping's a bit too smooth though. And watch that foliage.. But personal prefrence i hate those herbs. And land variety not just dirt but combo of dirt/grass and dirt and grass would be nice
  21. If it were me i'd change the trams supports from green to brown
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