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  1. Helllo! Florida's very new amusement park Amusement Point is rapidly gaining attention. And hope to gain more with these sneak peak photos . SCR23.BMP SCR24.BMP The Entrance and Plaza SCR25.BMP Newly Constructed 4 launched power shots. Still under construction going under testing SCR26.BMP A nice view of the Mexican Cafe and Ferris wheel SCR27.BMP It's 3rd coaster Blue Comet Entrance. Paths yet have to be built. SCR28.BMP Blue Comet's Station SCR29.BMP Tons and tons of Steel were used in making of Blue comet not only for the track but for the treacherous supports. SCR30.BMP Aerial Shot SCR31.BMP The turn around SCR32.BMP The First turn around after the inital drop SCR33.BMP Amusement Point's very first coaster. A very unique twist do deja vu. Named Pheonix. SCR34.BMP Nice Live show and seating next to pheonix SCR36.BMP The Park's very 2nd coaster. A simple out and back woodie named "The Beast" SCR37.BMP The turn around on the beast! SCR38.BMP Great Airtime! SCR39.BMP The S bend following the drop to the brakes. SCR40.BMP More Air Time SCR41.BMP The turnaround then the headchopper SCR42.BMP A currently going under constructions coaster with support works currently going on now. Rumors have it after this coaster the Park will be ready for it's grand Opening SCR43.BMP Aerial Of the work currently done. Lots of work still to be done.
  2. yeah that's why frigging seoul land is like to be demolished whole. Because the rides there are so old. I mean did u see the bumper cars? They had long antennaes to some mesh web that created sparks which = SCARED Me!
  3. reminds me of my very first parks. It looks like matsku84 on youtube with slight more realisticity. I'm zombieacropalyse on youtube but I'm way past fantasy parks for the last 6 months i've been practicing realistic coaster making, scenery making, theming, pathwork, stations, and most important custom supports. I'll be posting up a new park soon meanwhile check out my 2 old videos on youtube that i have failed to upload for like 5 months.
  4. Keep the wide paths to a minimum. They look a bit queer. Suggestion: make paths double wide as in 2 paths lined up.
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