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  1. The station looks very small compared to how gigantic and itdimidating the ride is.
  2. Well bumping topics if asking for a download is great but don't bump the topic saying good luck with the rest when the park is already completed. And has been replied quite sometime ago. Anybody know what happen to dmaxsba? I miss him
  3. ^^ That Park's already released. Gotta keep up with the times
  4. When i first saw this. I thought it had no visual appeal whatsoever and looked like an ugly custom flat ride. But.. You just converted it in to a whole new thing that it blends in so well.
  5. Okay all this "elite" talk of NE just needs to stop. NE aren't all composed of amazing players. There are some regular players like here as well. All I know is NE welcomes all creations not just RCTLL/RCT2 no matter how bad or good they are. So stop being so afraid of them because a small amount of the members there are "crude". OnTopic: The last screen is missing afence and i think the orange and white scheme doesn't work very well here.
  6. This also looks too cramped and too big for something to put in. I'm struggling to see what i can put in here. SCR139.BMP
  7. I was quoting a screen from few pages back. The one with the water thing and 3 buildings and the lounge white chairs with the puke And the beige building. Normally themeparks puts the roofs towards the front so it looks more authentic. But in this case you've placed the roof at the back where the peeps wouldn't normally be able to see it.
  8. No. I meant the brighter colors actually make the buildings look bigger and it gave away the plainness of the walls. Not as in like simply planned. I meant simply executed. Which isn't bad but it's not I've come to expect from you. And waterparks neccesarily don't have to have simple entrances
  9. This screen is just money. So is the newest one. But try the full castle stairs instead. And think of another idea for fences. A question. Why is the roof shaped towards the back of the beige building? It's usually shaped towards the front,
  10. All of them are very nice. I'll provide a detailed explanation of each pros and cons of every park! First. Ghost's team. I see very much coupon in the park. Such as a blandness (not neccesarily a bad thing) that just screams a simplifed and more plain version of CP6 or Prodigy. Leaning more towards CP6. Pros- Lots of diagonals. Very realistic. The construction, very creative Nice foliage and details. Very bold Colors(Except for the entrance) Cons- The Red and yellow rarely works on buildings and it doesn't work here. Peeps were all shoveled in to a concentrated place. There wasn't a lot and they could've been easily spread. It looked very simple in some places. Too Simple. Such as the entrance. Overall I liked it but it wasn't enough to grab top prize. (3rd) Second. Dj's park! It was a very nice technical park. But there wasn't just enough theming and the atmosphere was very brown and there wasn't anything very.. Refreshing or vibrant. But it was pulled off very nicely. This park grabs a second place from me. Pros- Very nice roads and parking lot. Great and awesome coasters and rides! (main reason why it was great!) The lake and underground plants. Awesome supporting and flat rides. Cons- Very noticable peep jams and lines. Foliage. It's still very.. Odd. Some buildings were way too simple such as the squares and rectangles next to the enterprise and frisbee. No entrance? Ah Team Folf. This is the 1st place park! And the one that got my boat. It was really awesome and refreshing. The architectural form of the buildings was although there was almost no input of diagonals in to buildings. Pros- Landscaping really good nature park. Awesome coasters. good flow and very fitted to the nature of the park. All the effort such as the paths and the details on the buildings. The nature-ness of this park it was really good and had a good vibe. Cons- Unfinishidness on the supporting of the coaster. Foliage. (too sparse and patchy unnatrual grass) Carousel was too grey! Overall park was too grey and brown. A nice splash of yellow, white could've stood as an eye pleasing sore thumb. Team sfgam. I'll just sum this up in an overall. It was very nice but too small to grab my attention. It was too small as well as too bare. What was there was nice but was comparable to the other parks and due to the small amount of what was in the park. It lost my attention in a few minutes. The bridge was definetely was nice. So was the planter although its placing was very very off. Supporting was also a nice attempt so kudos on that.
  11. Yes very nice. Everything in that area has unity. It just needs a little bit more variety of colors such as pastel red or white.
  12. Yeah but you'd probably wanna cover up those exposed supports for the bridge. Don't want bloody peeps
  13. Wow SoCal.. I don't know what you've done. But that's cheating. Everybody thinks Nin, Ace, And gutter's parks is over yours. And how do you manage to have 9 more votes than nin? I mean you couldn't have just done this by begging people on the chat like the manner in which you did me. EDIT: So sorry I sound rude SoCal. But no one will want to join another contest if it's not fair.
  14. Colors seem to be too random. I've had problem with this too. Stick with a certain color scheme. My favorite one would be the Neutral (with some added brightness) scheme that i made: Light blue (aqua), dark brown (one for mine coasters), and white. Then another nice color scheme to match and compliment the other color scheme would be : Tan/Mine Brown & Grey, black (prefrebably for the roofs). Then red and black and yellow windows. And you can use this color scheme over and over again by changing the order it goes in like tan for the roof and grey for the wall or tan for the wall and grey for the roof. The colors by themselves aren't neccesarily bad but together they have little to no cohesion. Like skin pink and aqua blue you have going on in that screen. Think as if you were building a heavily themed jungle park. You would only use certain colors right? Use the same concept for unthemed areas. Of course you can switch it up a little as long as you go along so it's not TOO much of repeated colors. What i'm trying to get at is that your buildings all give off a diffrent aura of it's own. Like that white&blue station compared against the dull, neutral, foresty tan and green building across the street. That makes for no cohesion and overall beauty. No matter how good the buildings are if they clash against each other they neccesarily don't make a good overall screen. This also apply with the paths and how they react to buildings and other paths. You have a unique style that labels your work as brataz but you need to give your screens more of a controlled feeling. I mean the screen you showed was just wild. So many different colors in a screen. Stick with a certain scheme like i've said before. Also try to avoid 90 degree turns in paths as they're very very uncommon in real parks and give off a blocky feeling. use lots of diagonals for paths (even if you don't have diagonal paths) And therefore ends my rant. I'm just criticizing because I see some of me in the screens. And you having the same problems i did growing up as a builder. I hope these advices help you! Awaiting for more, Meh.
  15. This competition was so well thought out. Tis' a shame that I didn't have enough time to finish my entry even halfway. Can we please host another one similar to this for RCT2? Because the scenario placement was genius. Nice and challenging and gave even grounds for all players.
  16. 1.Nin 2.Gutterflower 3.Ace of spades 4.SoCal. Too bad I can't vote for all of you ):
  17. Well NE is the only standing RCT2 Forums (foreign sites excluded) except for this. And most people like their accolade system and that's where they go to be a really good player. I was a noob until I finally had the guts to make the leap . Of course I'd never leave TPR. There's just great stuff here that you don't see there.
  18. The foliage is nicer but still very sparse check out my lone star gardens (in my sig) or my sunny thrills. It has patches of full lush foliage surrounded by more sparse foliage which creates for a very natrual and flowing feel.\ I say yellow/white. It's the best one by far. It might not fit anything but it stands out in such a nice way keeping the screen clean and refreshing.
  19. Hmm.. I don't know about the beige. The architecture is very nice. Very very nice. European rct2 is what we needed on TPR. But I think beige is a very odd choice for the checkered path pattern. I mean it should be fine if used with restraint but it's everywhere. Maybe use the beige checker pattern in a big diamond shape circling the entrance building and another one towards the top left of the screen. And leave the lest Grey.
  20. Ahhhhhhhhh Jcoasters, is it you from youtube? The one that made with that hawaiian dreamland competition ? Anyway nice batch of screens brataz. Looking good
  21. Lowlife>Trees. Also it seems to be.. dense with no order whatsoever. Tall trees at the center and shorter trees around . And I'm not a bigfan of your path combinations it seems kind of random with no cohesion. But on the other hand the waterfall and landscaping is great. So is the station and ride&supporting. But make it stand out a bit? The station has blue in it, the same type of blue in the supporting with a lake at the back. White, grey, yellow are just some suggestions
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