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  1. The last roller coaster that I rode that scared me when I first rode it was the original X at SFMM. Skycoasters, Skyscrapers, and Sling Shots also scare me but you usually have to pay a seperated admission cost for them so I have never had a problem of being with someone who wanted to go on. Though I do plan on riding them sometime soon, so I can say that I have been on them 200ft plus freefall rides also scare me (particularly Drop Tower at KI), but I still go on all of them, so I guess I'm not that scared of them.
  2. They are actually very comfortable and roomy. I am 220lbs and I fit perfectly fine on it. The only thing that I hate about them is that they have this very large anti-slip bump (can't think of another name for it) on the seat right below your private area, that is not guy friendly at all. But its there for a good reason.
  3. That is the exact reason why I generally do not like quick Qs. Which is one thing that I like about Cedar Fair parks as appose to other chains, is that they don't have a quick Q system. Sure its great that the park can make extra money from people willing to spend more money and also those people who mabey don't visit too often can make the most of their day. But it just makes the long queue lines even longer. But anyway I agree with most people here that KI really doesn't need a Quick Q of any kind. If you spend the whole day at the park you can get on everything. And if you don't want to wait in a long line for Firehawk, FoF and Face off, just go on those rides early. I also think CP doesn't need it either because the lines there generally move fast. Their still long but they move fast, and I would just hate to have them slow down with the addition of a quick Q.
  4. I wish they don't remove Log Jammer. I think its the best non-themed log flume, at least from what I been on. And if there isn't a long line for it I always try to go on it whenever I am there.
  5. Now what is wrong with Dinosaurs Alive? When I saw it at KI this past month I thought it was a lot cooler than I thought it was going to be, and I grew up with the animatronics at Disneyland. Though its not the kind of attraction that I would personally go see many times on my own and I could care less for the 3D show. But its the kind of attraction that most members of the family (minus the thrill junkies) would enjoy, expecially the kids. And also remember KI did get Dinosaurs Alive, Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular and Windseeker this year. So it may not be the only thing that KD is going to get, if they are ever going to. I don't know what kinda deal Cedar Fair made with the people at Dinosaurs Unearth, but the attraction is an uncharge, so it probably doesn't cost them too much to install it, at least compared to intalling a new ride. Which leads to a good chance that you would see these pop up a couple of the Cedar Fair parks in the next few years.
  6. Okay here are park maps that I have right now to trade. I should get more by the end of the summer. And sorry I am only interested in maps, not brochures. Disneyland 2010 Spring Disneyland 2010 Summer Disneyland 2010 September Disneyland 2010 Halloween Disneyland 2011 Summer (with Star Tours 2.0 as new) Disney California Adventure 2010 Spring Disney California Adventure 2010 Summer (with WoC as new) Disney California Adventure 2010 September Disney California Adventure 2010 Halloween Disney California Adventure 2011 Summer (with Little Mermaid and Sky School) Universal Studios Hollywood 2010 Spring (pre Kong, but post Backdraft) Universal Studios Hollywood 2010 Summer (with Kong as new) Universal Studios Hollywood 2011 Spring Knott's Berry Farm 2010 Knott's Berry Farm 2011 (with Windseeker) California's Great America 2010 Cedar Point 2010 Cedar Point 2011 (with Windseeker) Kings Island 2011 (with Windseeker) Kennywood 2011 Six Flags Magic Mountain 2010 Six Flags Magic Mountain 2011 (with Green Lantern) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2010
  7. If you read the chart you'll see that in 2012 the working drawings are to take place, and the construction period hasn't even been written down yet. So 2014 at the earliest...assuming construction will take place in 2013. Tell that to Lance, because he is talking about 2012. And also to add my point about 2012, look how far Hershey has come with their new ride. And that is suppost to be smaller than this rumored ride at Knott's.
  8. ^ Yeah its Cedar Fair's gig this summer. Each park is breaking random guinness world record that don't have anything to do with the rides and attractions in the park. Though I hope this new coaster is true. I don't think it will happen, at least for a summer of 2012 openning. Because I think we would be seeing evidence of it by now. After all weren't we talking about I305's construction for just about the entire 2009 season. And as far as I am aware one of these type of rides would require alot more demolition and reorganization around the park than I305 did at KD. And when I was last there on Jun 8th and I didn't see anything there out of the ordinary other than Windseeker, of course I wasn't looking either. But also if this new coaster does become a reality, I hope it is not as intense as I305 so the GP would fall in love with it, which would greatly help the park out in competing with their competion's big plans for next year. Which leads to another point, wouldn't it be better to introduce this kinda ride after 2012 so it won't be caught in the whole Transformers/Carsland mania and possibly generate more attendance for the park.
  9. Unless something happens, I am going to Kings Island for my first ever visit on Wed (06/29). And then after that I will have my fourth visit to Cedar Point this year on the Thursday after (07/07).
  10. I know, we were talking about how Universal was doing really good with Harry Potter. And then USH just kinda snuck in there with a 25% increase. Of course they did do a great job at marketing it with all the King Kong posters all over southern california. This makes me wonder what the outcome of Transformers is going to be if King Kong did that well.
  11. In regards to a world record being broken. Cedar Fair is breaking random world records this season at all there parks. So I don't think it has anything to do with a new attraction. But who knows why they use a photo of hammerhead.
  12. This is the one ride that I am most excited about. Mainly because Universal seems to be pretty secretive about. I mean all we really know is from the concept photos and that it is suppost to be a newer Spiderman type ride. At least thats all I know. Anyway when does Singapore's open?
  13. Well I think the old Eagle's Flight building (or near) would be a great location for a drop ride. Right there on top of the hill.
  14. Though a new trill ride sounds great, I think the park should invest more in tranquil type rides. Being someone who gets motion sickness and carries Dramamine and Tylenol in my pocket whenever I go, it would be great to have a ride or two that isn't falling, spinning, or flipping. Because all the park has now is the Sky Tower and the Oriental Express. So I'm all for a new dark ride, ferris wheel, or something that you can just relax on.
  15. ^Hey its something for the media to talk about that is not a really issue. And they can go on to talk about how amusement parks are places of massive death and carnage.
  16. ^Agreed, nomatter how high the price get. Us enthusiest will still find a way to pay it because it is what we enjoy to do. Which is why theme park companies love us because they would need to do alot in order to lose our buisness. Now with the prices getting higher and higher over the years I'm still waiting for Space Mountain's line to get shorter, but that hasn't happened yet.
  17. ^ Similar story. I was with a friend of mine at Disneyland and he wanted to ride Goliath first.
  18. I have been telling a joke to my friends and family, that the reason it is located right next to the beach is because when the people fall out they would just land in the water.
  19. Darn, if those happen to be the dates then it looks like I will miss it by five days when I am in so-cal in early june. Then again I will be down there again in late August. But anyway, I wonder if a season passholder preview would be too much to ask for.
  20. Okay so I just came back from spending the entire day at they park today. I got my Platinum pass process and got in the park 9:45, though Iron Dragon and Mantis were the only rides open for morning ERT. Today was also one of those high school physics days so it wasn't really empty for a weekday in May. But it would have been better if three of their top rides were open. The longest wait I had today was for Maverick at around 40 min. Though Dragster had a line that I think would have been over an hour especially since they were only loading 3 rows on each train. Weather wise, it was a lot better than what I was expecting. There was light rain in the morning but pretty much stopped by 11, with a few sprinkles throughout the rest of the day. And it was pretty windy and cold all day. Millennium, Magnum, Raptor, Gemini, and Maxair showed no signs of life whatsoever for the whole day. But oddly enough despite the high winds Dragster was running in the afternoon. Though they were only allowing people to sit in the front couple of rows and the trains were doing rollbacks at what seemed like every other launch. But unfortunately I wasn't able to get on it today. In other news Monster was back up and running as normal. Gemini's train wasn't at the bottom of the drop. Iron Dragon, Mantis, Corkscrew, Mine Ride, and Mean Streak all had one train operations from what I saw. And as for Mean Streak, OMG whatever they did to it really worked. It is still rough but it was a lot better than I remember it being. The trims on the first hill were turned off and there was some pretty good puffs of airtime throughout the ride. Overall it was actually a pretty good day. Despite Millennium, Raptor, and Magnum (my 3 most favorite rides in the park) were closed, I still did have fun. Most of the rides had little to no wait at all. And here is my ride count for the day. I had accidentally left my Dramamine at home and I was too cheap to by more. So I decided to be conservative and relaxed on my coaster riding today to keep from me getting motion sickness. So I could have done a lot more than what I did for 10 hours at the park. Iron Dragon x2 Mantis x1 Skyhawk x1 Cedar Creek Mine Ride x1 Maverick x1 Mean Streak x1 Corkscrew x1 Power Tower Drop x1 Power Tower Shot x1 Wicked Twister x2 Disaster Transport x1 Cedar Downs x1 Blue Streak x1 And BTW I would like to give a shout out to the TPR member that I rode Skyhawk with early in the morning. I believe Chris was your name.
  21. I like it how on that map, Ninja has a paperclip shape layout. Nor does it have an image for most of the rides. That must of made the GP really confused.
  22. Don't worry. It gave some us twenty seconds of excitement.
  23. ^yeah, after reading that I'm starting to think this is just some publicity stunt that Spring Hill is doing. But I don't know what they are trying to get from it by saying that.
  24. ^Speaking of Southern California. Universal Studios Hollywood does have its very own Red line station. Anything to stay away from rush hour traffic on the Hollywood freeway.
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