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  1. That is good news for the park that it was that crowded on a weekday. Wern't we just talking about how empty the park had been this summer.
  2. Just the other day I was looking at the 1994 map of Disneyland California (when Indy opened), which I have saved when I was a kid. And on the map they were avertising a regular annual pass with 27 blockout days for only $99. And the premium was $199.
  3. It doesn't matter how much they raise the ticket prices by. The parks will still be crowded.
  4. Well if it is a low capacity Star Flyer. Then alot of the thrill seekers that go there will wait in the long line for it. And if that is the case there will be less people waiting in the lines for the other rides.
  5. With regards to the name "stratosoar", Screamscape made an point that Cedar Fair filled the application so it might be for another new ride at another park.
  6. ^Its amazing how empty the boardwalk area is in the moring. I guess everyone goes to Ghostrider and Bullet first, then takes a while to get back there. Knotts is a weird park. To me it seems good on paper and at a glance just from the collection of rides and attractions there. But whenever I'm there, I seem to get bored really fast. Though I have a pass, I can't remeber the last time I spent more than 6 hours there on any given day. For me the only rides there that I would ride more than once is Xcelerator, Bullet, Supreme Scream, and the Log Ride. I also don't care of any of the shows there except for the Stunt Show. And also there is no food places there that I really like, unlike other parks which usually have 2 or 3 places which I actually look forward to when visiting the park. It is a shame that Cedar Fair is somewhat destroying the classic parts of the park to assimilate it into the Cedar Fair mold. But they have to stay competative. Because I think most kids these days prefer rides and thrills over panning for gold and learning about the history of California.
  7. Ive got a gut feeling for a B&M hyper. I have said the same thing the last five years. But I have a strong feeling for 2011. Of course I did say the same thing each of the last 5 years. But anyway for a major coaster comming to Knotts a B&M hyper seems the most likely because that has been the trend of rides Cedar Fair has added to its parks in recent years. And also the nearest one to California is Raging Bull, so it would be nice to have one on this side of the rockies. And jugding by the location of the markers (if they are for a new coaster). I see this one becoming another Silver Bullet style coaster where it will dominate the midways. ^ BTW I did not know the roof on Ghostrider's drop was to block out sound. I have always thought it was for decoration and for some sort of headchopper effect on the first drop.
  8. They still have it listed at the ticket booths out front for like $27.
  9. Here are the maps that I am now interested in trading. 2010 SFMM x10 2004 SFMM x4 2002 SFMM x7 2010 SFFT x5 2010 Cedar Point x16 2010 Knotts x8 2010 USH x7 (with Kong) 2010 USH x7 (pre Kong but post Backdraft) 2010 Spring Disneyland California x9 (with Captain EO) 2010 Summer Disneyland California x10 2010 Spring DCA x7 2010 Summer DCA x14 (with World of Color and Glow fest) All of these maps here are in mint unused condition. All I did was grab them while leaving the park and was just very carful not to bend any of the them. For Knotts, USH, DLP, and DCA I could include a photo copy of the show schedule from a recent visit if you want. I do have many other maps but these are the only ones which I have interest in trading. I am open to what ever park maps you have to offer. I generally prefer the newer or current Six Flags or Cedar Fair parks. But like I said I am open to what maps you have to offer. Sorry but I am really not that interested in brochures. And finally I should be getting other maps in th next few months. Just PM me if interested.
  10. IMO Mooseburger is the best place to eat in the park. Because the food and service is great. But also is one of the very few places with sit down Air conditioning.
  11. Right now I have: Six Flags Xtreme pass from Magic Mountian Cedar Fair Platinum from Knotts Universal Studios Hollywood Premium Star Pass Disneyland California Resort - Socal Seclect Pass(the cheap one with half the year blocked out)
  12. If I had a similar experience to that kid with the restraint, I wouldn't want to go on any roller coasters for a little bit. Until I can't take it anymore.
  13. Well I will miss Tital Wave a little, just from memories of going on it a long time ago. I remember death gripping the bar thinking that I was going to fly out of the boat when going down the drop, tells you how long it has been. But for Thill Shot, when was the last time it was ever open anyway. I forgot it was even there. And also I wonder what kind of food the the new resturant is going to have, hopfully something different than what is already at the park.
  14. What would be even better is a Huss Giant Frisbee 55. Never ever been made before, unfortunately. It's even bigger than the standard Giant Frisbee... If it is bigger than Maxair then CP would be mad.
  15. I have always thought that a giant ferris wheel would be great where the 3 point challenge game is right now. That plaza there would seem good place at night to have a ferris wheel all illuminated. It always seemed weird that the park never had a true ferris wheel. I also tought a Huss giant frisbe would be good along the road leading up to X2 on the viper side behind where the roller coaster paintings are. And I think the old sierra sidewinder plot should be a more family friendly type of flat. Because it is right next to Bugs bunny world and Thomas Land. Anyway I could go on and on about the somewhat abandoned areas that are in the park and what could go there.
  16. I have no idea what food places work or what places don't work. They had denied me once at the waterfont (accross from goldrusher), then on my next visit they accepted it. But places that it has worked for me at least once are Mooseburger, Katy's kettle, panda, pizza vector, longhorns and the waterfront. Yeah some (not all) of the employees there are really stupid and horrible. Back in april I had once shown the person at longhorns my pass for the discount and they said I needed a premium pass and that the xtreme does not get the discount. After "debating" with them for a little bit, I demaned them to get me there supervisor. And she cleared it up. BTW I didn't know there was such thing as a premium pass for MM.
  17. During the TTD scene, if you look closely at the back ground you will see that the park was empty and the other trains were on the transfer tracks. So they filmed the part where he was riding it when the park was closed.
  18. Along with KDfansite and PointBuzz there is also Ride Warrior Nation.
  19. ^That would be funny. Your launching on superman thinking wow were going fast. Then the train from the new coaster goes zooming right past you going 50 or 60 mph faster than you.
  20. ^Heck if they let you skip the lines I would do it all the time.
  21. ^Thats a good sign. When I went on it, it was around noon and it had a walk-on.
  22. I don't understand why alot of you guys dislike STR. I had a blast on my one and only ride on it a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the waterfalls and water guns. I was sitting in the front and got completely soaked on it. My only problem with it is that unless I am wearing a bathing suit its not very re-rideable, because I got unbelievebly soaked on it. Of course I was sitting in the front row.
  23. ^Wait what does Knott's have planned. Don't torture us with your secrets.
  24. ^I agree. If it turns out to be a retheme with one side going backwards, I wouldn't be in any hurry to go on it. All it seems to me is just a back tower on a shuttle loop, just steeper and taller. I'm personally hoping for a rocket coaster replacement, because there is more to it and would have a larger rider capacity. Also a rocket coaster I think would do better at attracting more of the local general public to ride. Because it is obviously different and looks more intimidating to the general public's eye so they would come flocking to see in busloads. Which would be great for the park.
  25. At least the 3rd and last giant Arrow multi looper Viper is still running. And I don't think there is any plans for getting rid of it (for now). Of course if you were to tell me that GASM was going to close a few months ago I wouldn't believe it. And I still don't believe it.
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