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  1. I stopped by the park today for a few hours this afternoon. Montezooma was open today even though the sign out front said it was closed. Today was pretty moderate in crowd levels (really crowded for a school day) thanks to all the school children being there for an outing rather than being in school. Silver Bullet and Pony were just killers with one train operation, Xcerlator's 1 train is tolerable but those other two really make one slow line. Sierra Sidewinder was closed and both Ghostrider and Jaguar had 2 train operation. And finally some of the smaller supports on the brake run of Xcelerator have been given a fresh coat of paint. I love Knott's strategy, just paint a little bit at a time Instead of closing the ride for a few weeks and paint it all at once.
  2. Hey guys, I am planning my first ever visit to the park in late august of this year. Right now I have Mon Aug 23 as my date. And I was wondering what the crowd levels might be like. Assuming with the park closes at 8 and I think that most of the schools there are going to be back in by then that it will be less than average levels. I was going to be there when the park opens at 10 and stay all the way till closing plunging as many rides and re-rides as possible. And I am not planning on buying Flashpass.
  3. I really like both the Karate Kid wrap and the Axe Twisted wrap on Viper. Other than the El Toro wrap I like all of the ones that have appeared so far.
  4. They should get a single rider line for X2. All they need to do is get them to go through the exit and the employee who is doing the row assignments will blend them in. Of course if the GP gets wind of it there would be a long line that might take longer than the stand by. Like how TSMM at DCA got at times.
  5. Those wait time boards are completely pointless. Whenever I go I never look at those signs anymore. I just go by the length of line and how many trains they are running to make my own frequent visitor prediction. I would see guest (mainly the troubled teens) play around and change the time on those boards every now and then. Once in a while the employee at the entrance would be telling guest as they entered the queue the approximate wait time. It would seem that most of those boards post the wait time from that point in the line, not the overall wait time. It would be great to see the park someday get a system similar to Disney or Unversal. It is great to hear from someone who hasn't been to the park in a few years to point out how much better the park has become. Being a frequent visitor to the park it is harder to notice some of the gradual improvements. And I'm glad you had a great time for a saturday visit.
  6. Weekdays in July or just the summer in general usually have moderate size crowds. Some of the rides will have over a half a hour line, but its not really bad. I would spend the whole day and just about get on everything. Just avoid saturdays as much as possible. I once had gone on 4th of July weekend and it was very crowded, pretty much to the point that I didn't even have fun.
  7. It should be pretty dead all day. X2 and Tatsu might have a some sort of a line in the morrning but generally the park will be empty with walk-ons galore. Don't waste your money on a flash pass for that day.
  8. Okay I just got back from spending a couple of hours at the park today. I got on all the big rides except for Ninja though it was running today, it just happened to be broken down by the time I make the trek up the hill. The problem which it seemed to be that they were working on was the restraint release mecanism in the station. On other notes the misters on termy weren't working today, neither was the audio. I got my first look at the new viper decals which I actually think look really cool. I also got my first ever ride credit on Thomas the tank engine, so I just added another ride to my growing list. And finally this would seem kind of weird but I noticed that on the Gotham city sign the letters that spell out Gotham City were gone. So the sign just said "Backlot".
  9. For the rehabs, Ninja should be the last scheduled for a while. The parks do all there ride rehabs during the off season so when the big summer crowds come in they would have all the rides open. If any of the rides are down from now until halloween it would be unscheduled and unexpected by park management. (except for colossus) You can check on the rides page on the website http://www.sixflags.com/magicMountain/rides/ThrillRides.aspx . If you click under Ninja it says "temporarily closed".
  10. The mists were working last week on the station tunnel and the other 2 tunnels. I remeber the guy behind me comenting how he got more wet on Terminator than he did on Tital Wave. I actually will be stopping by tomorrow for a few hours. So hopefully Ninja will be up and running tomorrow.
  11. Viper at SFMM got the hair gel ads on one of its trains about mid summer last year. And a few months ago were taken off completely. Because it was train #4 and when I was last there train #4 was back to its old self.
  12. I was visiting a local carnival or fair whatever you call it that is near me this weekend. And I there on a Thursday night when there was nobody there and I couldn't ride the Zipper because I would be a single rider. And there was nobody at the fair last night both friend or complete stranger that was willing to go on the ride. Note: There was only like 15 guest there last night. And the scrambler and matterhorn were the exact same thing too.
  13. X2 should be a walk-on or near to one after 1:00. I recomend skipping X2 in morning an going straight to Viper or Tatsu and then go on to the back of the park. Because X2 usually doesn't open until 15 or 20 mins after the park opening. I have visited the park 3 times in the last few weeks on weekdays and I got on everything within a 4 hour period with re-rides on a few.
  14. You know how on X2 your legs are free to move around just like B&M invert or a SLC. Well leg banging is when your legs get whipped back in forth during the ride and they hit the bottom of the seat really hard. I'm refering to the bottom of the seat as the part that your legs are touching when your legs are at rest. (The part your calves touch)
  15. When I was a kid I thought the quiet one was scary. That God this one wasn't around when I was little.
  16. ^You know that if you go on a weekday this time of the year you can get an near empty X2 station with half empty trains all the time. I have gotten a solo ride on one of the sides around 2:00 PM. That is why for me I don't find the passholder night to be a big deal.
  17. In the past I had problems with leg banging but for a while I don't anymore, I think it is mainly how I place my legs and feet. I think a Tatsu like leg restraint would eliminate alot of the feeling of freedom from the ride. One thing that annoyed me in the past was when the ride ops would push the restraint down to where it would be right on my shoulders, which of course really made it uncomfortable. But it has been a while since the last time the ride ops had done that.
  18. The last few rides I have had on X2 have been relatively pain free. Mainly because I figured out how to brace myself at the bad parts like the bottom of the second raven turn.
  19. I was thinking the same thing when I was walking throught the viewing area for the first time. And we all know how much the disney fans love to get wet expecially at night.
  20. You know World of Color was one of the things to the DCA expansion that I was accually not really looking forward to. But watching that promo video, I actually really want to see now as soon as I can even though Im not expecting it to be as great as disney is pushing it as. To bad Im only a So Cal Select passholder because I would be counting on it showing on Jun 14, 15, 21, and the 22. Or else I would have to wait til the end of August.
  21. With the new train wrap, Im actually kind of suprise they don't do a movie overlay similar to Terminator with Ninja and rename it "Karate Kid: The Ride". Hey they wouldn't need to change the themeing that much and they could add preshows to make the line way cooler. Wait could that be why Ninja was closed for so long. The umbrellas suddenly showed up around the park (waterfront, cyclone bay, and johnny rockets) about a month ago. I think its good that some of them are red so they are not all blue and white.
  22. Thats what the CM at the entrance said. Of course that could be disney being safe so if they need find anything they need to change. And also from what I had saw there is only 1 train on the site.
  23. ^Sorry, yeah summer of 2011. The guy also mentioned something about them doing a complete overhaul of the track, which I think is kind of weird. Because I thought they had recently done something similar to that not that long ago.
  24. Has Universal come out with a projected date or weekend when the first tram will be going through yet. Or are they still working on that date? Because summer is almost here.
  25. From what a cast member told me, these are just the prototypes and they shouldn't be in use full time till about next summer.
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