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  1. Yeah today wasn't very Xciting. Of course if it was going to open it wouldn't run with the rain. And the water dummies were on the train while it waited on the brake run. At least that what was going on after 4:00. Man with the rain comes the park really becomes deserted. I had sat in on the 5:00 wild west show and there was only about 40 of us total at the most.
  2. ^It was called "Scream Parks" and it was a behind the scenes show of Magic Mountain. They showed the operations of the park and with the course of the hour they followed Goliath's progress till they end which they had a ride along. I believe it was dicovery channel. I had taped it and watched it many times because that was before my first visit to the park so I was very facinated with the show.
  3. ^Huh I find all the seat equally bad, thats why I usually sit in the back because you might as well get the airtime.
  4. ^From my experience its not so much which row. Its more which train just came out of rehab recently.
  5. Yeah "Take the Tunnel" at a roaring 5 mph. . I love how we say that and none of the GP gets it.
  6. I wonder how far along the red train is to being ready. Last I checked it was still in pieces behind the transfer track. ^With Xclerator being as short of a ride it is, also with a long dispatch time. I feel single train operation isn't that bad if compared to 2 train. Yes its slower but it is not as bad as most other coasters.
  7. I don't know about you guys. But I kind of like the tunnel without the roof, I think they should keep it that way.
  8. With Xclerator about to reopen shortly, Im almost as Xcited as when the ride first open back in 2002.
  9. I am unavalible this weekend, so I was thinking of stopping by tomorrow at around 3 for a few hours. Who knows mabey I will get lucky. . Not likley but who knows I like to stay positive.
  10. I still hate them. Well at least they still have only a seatbelt rather than a lapbar. I to agree that the lack of padding doesn't seem to be very helpful if it is going to make the ride more comfortable.
  11. When I had my pain free ride I was in the back row of the classic red white and blue painted train. I think the back row is better because the parts which I find are really bad when your about to reach the crest of the hills, you are going at a slower speed when you hit those curves than say the front or middle. I have also found viper to be pretty smooth lately.
  12. Hey guys I had stoped by at the park today (4/19/2010 for those who don't keep track) for a few hours and here are a few notes I like to share. 1) Terminator's audio is still off. (shocker) 2) Roaring rapids still hasen't open and the lagoon has not been filled yet. 3) In regards to Thrill Shot, today I noticed it was not on the "rides closed today" list on the ticket booth. But when I walked by it, it wasen't open. 4) Ninja is back up and running, it was not open for the public today because aparently the "water dummies coaster club" had an ERT session on it all day. Darn those guys. 5) I had a very rare pain free ride on Revolution. 6) Sat outside on X2 and was a smooth clean ride till the final twist going into the break run when I had a big wham on the headrest. So that was my one and only ride on it today. 7) I got a solo ride on Batman. 7) They just released the new designs for the soda cups (I prefer last years). And on them they have this new acronym "CRPD" which stands for Coaster Rides Per Day. And its a new one that I will start to use from now on. Overall the park was pretty dead, vertually everything was walk on except for goliath which had a 15 min wait with one train operation, x2, and deja vu.
  13. Ah the good old days of Revolution, when you can ride it and actually have fun while riding it.
  14. Heck from this photo I count a least 6 and there is still a line extending out of the entrance. http://www.rcdb.com/130.htm?p=5485 BTW does revoultion only have 2 total trains or is one backstage for rehab.
  15. For viper and riddler - 3 trains + kickass crew = one fast moving line. I have only seen tatsu and goliath run 3 trains at once in recent memory, though goliath I have not seen for a couple of years. It seems whenever goliath did there would be a horrible crew working those day. Which at times there will be 2 trains waiting on the brakerun before the other trains is ready to leave the station. That pretty much defeats the purpose of the multiple train operation. In regards to terminator's pre-shows, I think they should just let the line go through those builings rather than stoping it in every room and just let the videos run on replay. They wouldn't need to have the employees in there except for the flash pass merge. And you can skip it on those empty days.
  16. Does Riddler, Viper, or Goldrusher ever run 3 trains anymore? Because it has been a while since Ive seen them run a 3 train op. BTW that A/C on superman during july and august makes me give superman my vote for one of the best lines ever. It always worked whenever Ive been on it recently.
  17. I absolutly agree with you robb. I have a gut feeling this show is going to be an epic failure based on all the hype it has gotten. Not that it would be a bad show, just that it won't be as great as alot of people hope it to believe. I try to explain it to some of my disney friends and they think I'm crazy, and then they tell me not to judge the show until I see it live. And I give them the same response in that, I think they shouldn't say it is going to be the "best nightime show ever" till they see it live.
  18. Well at least Xcelerator's April 30 date hasen't changed................yet.
  19. ^ Wow I never knew they loaded the trains based on the weight of the riders.
  20. Im not saying don't refurbish it. But I think if disney went on and smooth it out it would take away from the antiqueness of the ride that would be a great loss to not have anymore.
  21. Does anyone know when we can expect to see the single rider lines to open up again this summer?
  22. Actually I made a mistake it was thursday. April 8. With the spring breaks being spread out multiple weeks can your imagine how crowded the parks would be if all schools took the same week off.
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