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  1. I was at the park also today for a few hours and I felt it was weird that they weren't running the back two cars. I see how having no additional weight in the back would help crest the hill. But wouldn't the weight of additional 7 or 8 riders give the train enough momentum to crest the hill anyway. I don't claim to be an expert on physics but thats what I think. Of course today was a school day so its not like there would be a full train all time. But anyway it sure felt great to feel that launch once again.
  2. ^Mabey if they make it free then that appeal will come back. Just a thought.
  3. ^I just gave my parking pass to someone at work who was going this saturday.
  4. ^From the three viewings. My first was in the front row on the side. The other two were in the middle about 4 or 5 rows from the back. It was a completely different experience. Thought the picture really isn't that clear, thought I think it might be from being so use to the present day 3D shows.
  5. ^Hey at least its higher than Grizzly. But its lower than Mean Streak.
  6. I have found some of the employees, no many but some to be very uninformed about what is going on in the park. Last week I was talking to a guy about Mr. Six and he said that they are starting construction this year and it will open next year, and I was thinking wait is he right because it sure looks that way but everywhere else like this site and the offical site of the park say opening this summer. And the guy had a I didn't know were getting a new roller coaster response to my question.
  7. Well I thought the moving floor was pretty cool, at least for the first showing. But yes it does get old really fast.
  8. ^It would be cool to know how much did the free admission on your b-day helped in that increase for both DCA and DL.
  9. ^Thanks, last week when I was there I walked over there and toke a look around. And was thinking if those trees weren't there on the Ninja side that would be a good place to eat looking down on cyclone bay. I can see that place never getting much business based on its location. With that place, the pizzeria, and the old Eagle's flight building, Samurai Summit is a very abandoned section of the park.
  10. Okay this may seem kind of random. But I'm curious about the old food place at the base of the sky tower, what did that use to be?
  11. Wow Six Flags had higher attendance than both Busch or Universal. I know SF has more properties but dang.
  12. ^ Agreed, my thoughts toward the trouble teen/young adults at magic mountain. Are just kids that grew up with parents who have alot of money mainly because both work full time and during there off time don't do anything with there kids because of some stupid excuse like they are tired. I agree that rasing prices is not an answer, not because I love the low prices. But I have talked to parents who take there 5 year olds to MM as apose to say disneyland. And they say because its closer, less crowded, and they feel is a better value for the price as apose to that other park down south.
  13. From my 3 times, it was only about 75% with no wait just a walk into the preshow area. And that was in the first 2 weeks of it opening on weekdays. More crowded than I have scene Hista since 1998/1999 ish. I had never scene EO when I was a kid. It was great to see it, check that off. I looking forward for what disney might have for a replacement in a couple of years.
  14. ^That shouldn't be to hard. Heck if they would let me bring spray paint in I might actually volunteer to do that.
  15. ^Remeber Disney parks and Cedar Point which have an early entry, are actually resorts unlike MM with hotels and things to do outside the parks. They use early access as a way to help sell hotel rooms. From my experience at MM I find the first say 2 hours excluding X2 and Tatsu are usually not that bad in terms of crowds.
  16. Those pictures have just scorn me for life. Back in October Indy had broken down when we were on the bridge and we got evacuated which was pretty cool.
  17. I know you guys are having a heated duscussion about the ride ops at the park. But did anything Xciting happen this weekend?
  18. When I was there last week the train I was on which I believe was #3 some of the seats weren't working and some were so I think it was from a speaker problem. One of the rows I had sat on didn't work at all, but I could hear the other rows during that ride. And another time only one of the speakers was working were the one on the other side wasn't. And then on another row it was working perfectly find.
  19. I'm apart of those who is not expecting this to be ready by 2011 at all. Of course as soon as the spring breaks had ended they really started working on stage 30 and 32 really fast so I think universal is still trying to make the summer of 2011 deadline.
  20. Im perfectly okay with it and actually prefer it. As long as it doesn't get to annoying or completely random which it does alot.
  21. When I went to process my xtreme pass. The guy had taken my picture and printed it on the pass and handed to me only then to realize he had processed a regular pass not the xtreme which is what I got, and then had me retake my picture and gave me my xtreme pass. Just another error or problem with the processing, but at least the guy caught his error.
  22. ^Wow cedar point is getting a brand new water park this year. I must of missed the press release.
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