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  1. I was at the park today monday the 22nd. I figured going in that the park might be moderate crowd due to the start of the spring breaks, but better than next week. WOW every ride was a walk on all day, except x2 and batman which for me each had only two train wait. But I got in the park at 11 and got in line for tatsu at 11:15 and there were only about 10 people waiting in the station. And I like to think the wait for batman was due to the general public thinking its a new ride. One thing that I had never noticed till today, was for viper, termy, deja vu, batman, scream, and goliath. Right before the train dispatch the ride op comes over the intercom and yells "is everybody ready" with enthusiasm. and everyone in the train cheers back. Personally it made me feel like I was at cedar point.
  2. Jezze, I remeber back in october looking at the possible Dec 18, 2009 reopening. I would never had guessed it would take this long. Well at least we have california screamin, so I can get my monthly dose of intamin coaster credit.
  3. If you get in your car and leave knotts at noon about 70% of the time you should be parking at universal by 1:00. Of course southern california traffic is very hard to predict. With FOTL The studio tour should take you 1 hour or an hour and 15 min for the tour + wait. Jurassic and Mummy each should be 15 min total at the MOST for ride + wait. (could vary based if they have both loading platforms open). Backdraft about a 20 - 25 min (it runs continuous on weekends). For the end of day Waterworld at 4, get out at 4:30 then Terminator should have a show at 5 and you will get out at 5:30. Then head over to simpson's for the end because it think it is the only attraction open until the end of the day, so don't waste your time by going on it earlier. Remember 10 mins for the escalators both ways. So I think it is possible to do the main attractions in that short amount of time. Personally being your first visit I think its better to do a whole day trip there so you can enjoy the scenery and movie props around the park. You should make Backdraft your top priority. I have seen it 15 times and it still makes me jump. For being the your first time it will make you wonder why are they taking it out. Because your sense of danger while watching it is at it's highest because you are literly 5 - 10 feet away from the pyrotechnics.
  4. My recomendation be there at 10 when it opens and go straight to the Studio Tour even with a front of the line pass you will still wait a while during the day because it is so popular. With a front of the line pass the wait for Simpsons will be about 10 min for all the preshow videos and stuff. Then make sure to go to the lower lot early because the crowds and wait times usually don't get too bad until about 1:00 or 2:00 down there. Of course only if you change you mind for an all day trip. Other notes with the show times is that depending on crowd levels they will add shows to shrek, terminator, and waterworld. I was just there a 2 months ago and they had waterworld scheduled for 1:00 and 4:00 but then they had added a 3:30 show due to large capacity on that day. And leave more time from what is said on the schedule for show lengths. Because if the Terminator show starts at say 2:00 you won't get out until 2:30 rather than the 20 min it says in the schedule. And it takes about 10 min to go down or up the escalators from the upper and lower lots. With a brisk walk it takes about 15 mins to go from Backdraft to Waterworld. (thats without running up the steps on the escalators) One thing that is annoying about universal's website is that they don't give show times unlike disney either thought they have more shows. BTW hope you have fun on your first visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.
  5. Any trip to the park without going on viper, colossus, goldrusher, revolution, and log jammer just doesn't feel like a mm trip to me at all. So those are a always a requirement for me.
  6. Okay so I went to the park today. No new news to report on xclerator other than the purple train is in the station and the red train still without it's cover is now over on the the transfer track. The times I had walked by there was nobody at least from what i can see working on the ride. And no noticalble evidence that the ride was testing early this morning. I am very sorry but I had left my camera at home.
  7. WOW! The Tatsu and Viper photos at sunset look like paintings. I always try to go to amusement parks on a day or day after it rains just so i can get those great shots with a crystal clear sky and have the tracks freshly washed off.
  8. So is it possibly safe to beleive the ride will be open mon march 1 which was posted on the website?
  9. Today I went to go see it at about 4. And there was no line, except for the 10 min pre show area. I don't think I EVER saw HISTA have a full preshow area and theather, even when it was brand new. And went I first heard about the shows return I didn't like the idea because in my opinion disney would be making off michael's death. But I had never saw it before so it was great to finally see it in the theather rather than on you tube. And finally I thought that the having the simulator in sinc with the music and for the few special effect shots was great, defently not what i was expecting going in. All I can say is that I can't wait to see what disney has in store to replace EO in a year or so. Mabey something to compete with Terminator 2 3D with with live actors.
  10. Not only do they call over the supervisor. But say my total was $11.59 they would just round up and give me $3 off, so i would actually get more than 25% off.
  11. Does anyone know aprox how many xtreme pass holders there are because whenever i give them the pass for the discount they always call over the supervisor. So it makes me think there really isn't that many of us out there.
  12. Depending on the speed which you would be traveling. That hill looks like it will offer a good moment of air time. (for california standards)
  13. September after Labor day should be really good beacause most "normal" people don't make plans to go to florida during hurricane season.
  14. Its a good for instant like on the simpsons ride when you are on the roller coaster or the freefall scene how it doesn't feel realistic at all because you don't have that g-force that goes along with the motion that only a roller coaster or freefall ride can provide. BUT most guest in the park would see the roller coaster and want to ride the roller coaster and mabey not care for the video similation.
  15. Last month went on a tuesday to get my pass there was only 4 people in front of me with two people working inside and it toke about 20 or 30 minutes. And jugding by what they were holding and just the way they looked i assume they weren't there for a pass.
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