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  1. 350 6''1' Hoping that it is okay.. manta was a really tight squeeze.. outta of all the coasters at busch that is the one i want to ride the most. B@M's not even going to try with the modified seating unless it is different than kracken?
  2. I know that they are two totally seperate rides but how accomadating is cheetah hunt as compared to manta?? Can't fit any of the modified B@M seats. Really need to lose weight again.. Will cheetah hunt be a no go? What is the policy on fitting or not fitting there?
  3. Sorry here are the stats.. Was at 340 when i went to universal last summer.. could fit the big boy seats but just barely.. I have lost about 45 pounds putting me under 300.. I am about 295. 6' 1''. I am hoping that raptor will be a go.. don't really care to ride MF.. Going to try but not going to be heart broken if it is a no.
  4. What are your guys thoughts on raptor and mantis for me?
  5. How are the seats and harnasses for windseeker? Are they okay for bigger people.. been trying to find out some information on this through the internet.. I can't seem to find anything though? Do any of you guys have information about it?
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