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  1. Last week I had emailed them about if a parking pass will work at the other parks next year. And they just responed no. So I assume they would have told me about this Go Park Pass (if made public), knowing that I would be interested.
  2. I believe the Universal parks and the Sea World entertainment parks all have it.
  3. Transformers at USH is my most anticipated new ride for 2012. And these photo's of Singapore's just got me much more excited for it.
  4. Or heck I was wondering how they were going to fit Silver Bullet and Pony Express in when the rumors started flying around for those.
  5. IMO Log Jammer was by far the best non-themed log flume, at least out of the ones ive been on. Just how it was built on the hillside with two large drops and a long overall length. I really wish that I would have gotten one last ride on it but oh well. I sure am excited for what they might possibly have in store for that area.
  6. Log Jammer typically stays open year-round. Jet Stream gets reduced hours and Roaring Rapids closes during off-peak. Really, I knew that they close Roaring rapids for a good part of the year. But I thought they closed Log Jammer for a few months there. I guess I never really paid that much attention when I visited the park in the winter or it might have been some rehab they were doing one time. Anyway, I don't like the idea that they would close the ride without telling us first.
  7. Yeah there would be. But of course this is a guy reporting on what his friend says, so I don't know.
  8. ^It could also mean when Log Jammer is going to be closed for the winter months, not nessesary forever. I think or hope they would give us a good month or two notice that it is closing forever.
  9. Knowing what Cedar fair is doing with the Fast lane at Kings Island, I would say that Cedar Point is going to get an upcharge quick-q system within the next year or two. The thing is, if there is a large enough demand for it and if they can make money, they are going to do it. They use to have a free Fastpass like system years ago, but they got rid of it.
  10. I think the ride placement in comparison to theming is better at Great Adventure than Magic Mountian. Because you have X2 located in Baja Ridge a Mexican themed area, Ridder isn't even located in Gotham City or now DC Universe, Term/Apocolypse is located in Cyclone Bay which is a seaport themed area, Goliath has a jungle theme but is located in a generally generic themed area, Superman is located in Sammurai Summit, and Tatsu's entrance and exit are located in River Camp Crossing. Of course I think building roller coasters was more of Magic Mountain's priority over the years than if the theming matched.
  11. According to some very informed GPs that were in line next to me at Cedar Point yesterday. Cedar Point's new roller coaster next year is going to be called Zipline. And it will be taller than Dragster and similar to Magnum and Millennium.
  12. Well one good thing about this news for me is that it is one less park I have to worry about going to next year. So it frees up my budget just a little bit. And mabey one more year will make them better prepared for whenever they do reopen, if ever.
  13. I thought the reason for the long break run was because there isn't a mid-course. So with the long break run they can run 3 train operation.
  14. Plan to: Cedar Point Kennywood Kings Island Disneyland Disney California Adventure Universal Studios Hollywood Knott's Sea World San Diego Six Flags Magic Mountain Six Flags America Kings Dominion Busch gardens Williamsburg Hersheypark Canada's Wonderland Darien Lake Marienland Martin's Fantasy Island Would like to depending on money and time: Dollywood Kentucky Kingdom? Holiday World Beech Bend Knoebels Six Flags Great America
  15. I would like to think that this most recent news is the best thing that has ever happen to CGA. But only time will tell if that statement would be true. And I hope it is.
  16. I was there also last night. I knew it was going to be crowded but wow. From what I saw Magnum, Gemini, Iron Dragon, and Corkscrew had nearly full queues at one point. And also Mean Streak had to use some of its extended queue. I didn't even bother to guess how long any of the big ride lines were. So instead of riding rides I spent more time watching shows. So when the haunted walkthroughs open the lines will be considerably shorter, which they were. But I really enjoyed yesterday because I finally got night rides on alot of the rides. Oh and just a word of warning if you plan to stay till midnight on a saturday, it took me an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot. Of course I was park at the front right corner near Disater Transport.
  17. ^If it is, its still a pretty high restriction. But they do have a noise restriction. Thats why alot of the big rides are on the northern side. And why Ghostrider has the roof on top of the first drop.
  18. When I was there back on Tue Aug 23rd. The park was completely dead, I mean dead as in I couldn't believe the park was even open. I don't know what it is normally like on a school day but I was getting solo rides on all the roller coasters. And the operators just stood at their rides in boredom waiting for one of the 10 guest in the park to go on their ride. But anyway it was a fun day at the park. I had a free rides and water park voucher. And since the waterpark was closed they gave me free admission on the zipline. But yeah the park felt more like a deserted/haunted amusement park than a normal operating amusement park.
  19. Well its USH so it should be a people either, just like everything else there.
  20. Hoosier Hurricane at Indiana Beach back on Aug 23. With the exception of winter three weeks for me is actually a very long time to go without riding a roller coaster.
  21. Epcot Magic Kingdom Cedar Point Disneyland Disney California Adventure Knott's Berry Farm Six Flags Magic Mountain Universal Studios Hollywood Kennywood Waldameer Park Kings Island Six Flags Great Adventure Dorney Park Knoebels Grove Six Flags Great America Michigan's Adventure Indiana Beach Pretty good year for me, expecially since all those parks (except for the socal parks and cedar point) were first time visits. And next year I am planning another year of adding alot of new parks to my list.
  22. I was thinking the same thing. Expecially a 1/4 of the way up when Superman pass literly right next to you at near full speed.
  23. Well its a win win for the park. Six Flags didn't spend the money on a brand new ride and the GP of the Washington area are going to think its the most amazing coaster ever because you stand up.
  24. Well with this new coaster SFGAm just made my list of must visit parks in 2012. If I would have known about this sooner I wouldn't have done my most recent visit two weeks ago and saved money. But than again, my next visit will be more enjoyable because instead of making sure to get all the credits I can just focus on the rides I like.
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