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  1. There's three bars in Kentucky Kingdom, all within pretty close proximity of each other between Kentucky Flyer and T3. There's Taco Tequila which serves tacos and has a bar within. There's Hurricane Bay Beach Club's bar, easy to spot and seats outdoors in the middle of the water park. And there's Craft Beer Garden serving an assortment of local craft beers (plus what's arguably the best food in the park). They've been there for the past couple years at least.
  2. Gatekeeper, 2013 Banshee, 2014 Thunderbird, 2015 Lightning Rod, 2016 Mystic Timbers, 2017 Steel Vengeance, 2018 Tigris, 2019 Next stop, Orion!
  3. Say it louder for the people in the back. I always thought the results were more so reflective of what parks the specific group of voters were able to get out to within that year, so there's a lot of parks missing in what's supposed to be, more or less, a worldwide showing of park achievements. Granted, I for one don't think the whole awards show is bad. I like looking through the list and seeing how other parks/coasters/attractions rank among others, but I never, ever think it is reflective of what a total consensus would be (i.e. something like a Mitch Hawker poll). Seeing Millie over SV did surprise me, though really I shouldn't be surprised. SV is not everyone's cup of tea, which was showcased by my dad (who rode Top Thrill and Gemini beforehand just fine) came off the ride incredibly nauseous.
  4. I've only ever been in the park after dark once, which was during ERT at an ACE event, but having the majority of the park finally open to the public from 6pm until midnight to ride rides??? Excited would be an understatement! On top of that, this has been something folks have been asking to the park about ever since the park opened in 2014, so seeing them finally get the chance to get their Halloween event back and extend operations into the Fall is fantastic! Already renewed for the specialty HalloScream season pass, and I absolutely cannot wait for this!
  5. I'm gonna ressurect this post because literally any and every year a new major ride is announced, even if the roller coaster was crafted by the hands of God himself, people will still find something to complain about. You can't please everyone. Steel Vengeance announced? People complained. Fury 325 announced? People complained. 300 foot tall first drop, 91mph, a mile of steel track, "the single largest investment KI has ever made since opening the park", and it's still not enough...? Please consider another hobby.
  6. I'm having a hard time imagining how much the coaster will absolutely dwarf The Racer, and dominate the skyline of everything within the vicinity of the park by next spring. It looks like fun! Can't wait to try it after the queue line finally drops under being 12 light years long, lol.
  7. I was at the park on Saturday as well and got this from the top of the Eiffel Tower. I feel like I shouldn't have been so surprised considering it's a Saturday in August, but wow.
  8. ^Atlantis Aquaventure and Wild Wadi, both in Dubai, have slides very similar to the one you mentioned. I don't think it's the fact it's the first water slide with a launch start, I think the technicality with their "world's first" is that it's the world's first closed circuit water coaster with a launch start. I really can't think of any other water coaster that's technically built like it that connects like that and has a launch start. Edit because huuuge contradiction: Okay, so Flyan Myan at Chula Vista indoor water park is a Zip Coaster water coaster (uses high speed conveyor belts) and ends where it starts, ergo, closed circuit... take that as you will.
  9. Love it!! I look at this and think simply of the throughput. A shorter layout with dual loading flumes, so it should eat up people a lot more depending how many they can cycle through at once. I'm certainly hoping they'll be adding this to the next Holiwood Nights water park ERT lineup (and maybe a single rider's line on this too). Can't wait to try this, and very happy Holiday World's investing in a new ride, especially for their already very popular water park! It's time for Cedar Fair to explore water coasters in general..... ^This, or just higher capacity slides in general, versus a water park like Splashin' Safari with several (ZOOMbabwe, Zinga, Bakuli, Mammoth, Wildebeest, Cheetah Chase), so perhaps starting there.
  10. Welcome to the forums! Wish I could make it to the event myself, though a Tuesday at noon is a bit too out of the way for myself, haha. Nonetheless, will be keeping a close eye on the announcement you guys have in store!
  11. Totally jumping in here to mention I was at the park yesterday. Hadn't been since whenever Falcon's Fury was only doing test runs. The park still holds its place in being my personal #1 favorite. The attention to details in theming the wide variety of thrilling coasters the park has still puts it far over the edge of other parks I like! There were a few first-time rides on some rides too: Falcon's Fury (x2): Easily the weirdest drop tower I've ever been on. The face-down freefall sure gave me a funny feeling in my stomach, but I certainly enjoy that the ride is smooth as butter. I'm also glad it's as tall as it was, because that pull-out certainly wouldn't work with any shorter towers. Very cool ride! Cobra's Curse: Cute and exciting family ride, lots of very good positive g's on those helixes, and the spinning added a lot to the experience too. Tigris (x2): My first time on one of these SkyRockets. This was a surprise hit with the group I was with. We didn't expect too much getting on, but by the time the coaster was going backwards, everyone sounded like they were already having a blast, which only got more amplified by the time we got launched to the top. We all LOVED it! Great pops of air, positive g's and twists. The only thing we all overwhelmingly agreed on was the ride experience was admittedly pretty short-lived. Very, very exciting coaster otherwise! Also, for it being the day before the 4th of July, lines were shockingly manageable. I had Quick Queue going in, which helped me skip the 55 minutes of Cheetah Hunt, but the longest I think I waited for was 35 minutes for Tigris (second ride since QQ only allows 1 line-skip on it). SheiKra was a 15 minute wait with my group, and Kumba was in-station wait. All in all, had a fantastic day!
  12. Uneducated observation: but I'm a firm believer that dive machines are more successful at marketing to the masses than most standard looking coasters.
  13. I wouldn't think that would be a direct cause of single-train ops this season since, iirc, the coaster finished last season with two train ops.
  14. If you ever return, I highly recommend trying Plymoth Rock Cafe. It's the restaurant in Thanksgiving right next to Voyage's lift hill and across from Gobbler's Getaway. I've always loved their fried chicken, green beans, and other side dinner options there. Sorry to hear ya had a less-than-stellar experience with the food. Done and done
  15. Yep, they have and usually still do. I don't know how they constitute when to bring on a second train tho, because they plan that out before the day starts and rarely ever add a second train during the day (likely due to how long it takes to do so).
  16. Yeah, Voyage?... Holy cow, that coaster was flying high these past two nights! I'm so glad to have made it to this year's event, because the whole vibe and overall atmosphere was so much better than many of the past years too.
  17. Was more of a last minute opened opportunity, but I am registered and plan to be there. Should be fun! Seriously can't wait to come back to the park.
  18. It sounds more like the property owner (Boardwalk at Daytona Development) is suing the "park" (Boardwalk Amusements) that sits there, very confusing since they both have Boardwalk in their names. Still pretty ridiculous, otherwise, that they had 6 whole months between the first and second notice to take action.
  19. Alright, this whole animation was way too cute to not share. https://www.planetcoaster.com/en-gb/news/update-112-planet-coaster-ghostbusters-coming-soon
  20. I've been pretty absent on forums lately, to be quite honest, so most of it is attention or hype brought on by bouncing around social media. (Though I'll admit I'm still not away from fanboys/enthusiasts/regulars/etc there.) And I don't take all this too seriously. They're just things I've seen, nothing more nothing less.
  21. Nah, I totally meant Kentucky families are packing their passports to hit up a park 9 hours north in another country. Joking aside, yes, I meant the hype around the rides. Particularly online (cuz that's honestly one of the only ways I can base things like that). If this debuted the same year as, say, some potentially massive project a few hours away, it potentially wouldn't get as much attention.
  22. A quick glance at RCDB, every other taller coaster in the park hits somewhere in the 50-55 mph range. If you've ridden them all, you might have a better understanding of how that sense of speed compares to KY Flyer. Doesn't ignore the fact that it still has great pacing for its size. Every element being so compact and sudden makes for such a small coaster still maintaining its fun factor. A bit of a deviation, but I find it neat in the fact that Kentucky Kingdom was able to premiere and get attention for a coaster of this size at a time where the only other new coaster "competing" for attention was a 200+ft B&M dive up in Canada.
  23. Maybe they were referring to the height? Which the coaster only hits 47ft. It feels faster than 35, which is a good thing because this is indeed a very nice coaster for its size. Lots of airtime pops on the coaster (Especially the backseat), and a wonderful middle-ground family/starter coaster for sure.
  24. Long time no see, y'all. I'm sure you're all kept up enough to know PC released a new update with new rides and whatnot. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew] Details: https://www.planetcoaster.com/en-gb/dlc/classic-rides-collection-available-now One thing i spotted with the latest update I didn't realize until I played, the new tower ride has adjustable heights!! At its lowest height. At its tallest height. I'd hope this hints at them potentially implementing this in their other tower rides in the game. The other preexisting tower rides in the game don't have this option, just the two variations on the HUSS condors.
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