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  1. There's gonna be reduced ride capacity for cleaning and social distancing as well, stacking is to be expected. While there might be less people, you also take into account ride dispatch times are gonna take a huge hit as well. Plus, Fast Lane folks wanna get their money's worth if they're not issuing refunds for them.
  2. At their slight credit, the way they worded it on the page did leave it a bit too up to interpretation. But of course they didn't mean scheduling a visit to a clinic 24 hours before going to an amusement park! The video made for Worlds of Fun did show it was a questionnaire. I'm happy the mask will be a requirement. The folks complaining about the rule will hopefully also be the ones opting to stay home, like they probably should. Can't wait to schedule a reservation to ride at the park next month!
  3. When you go to the "Buy Tickets" tab and select HoliWood Nights, the new dates are listed there. The latest info on HWN gets posted in the official Facebook group.
  4. Things could change around at the season starts, but I'm not too surprised they wouldn't have Hallowscream planned at the moment considering all the planning involved into putting it together themselves, as well as the newly required health protocols needed because of the pandemic. It would be pretty sweet if they somehow fit in night rides like last year, even without haunt.
  5. With arguably the fastest train cycling of any coaster (before Kentucky Flyer) in the park. Even when Storm Chaser was running one and T3 was at two trains, its dominant location at the back of the water park makes it a hot target. Of course, the moment a train was taken off for a whole season, that unfortunately threw that out of the window.
  6. Guests eat that coaster up. It constantly has a long line in the afternoon, even before it went to 1 train ops last season. It's one of the most popular rides in the park, likely because it's the biggest, fastest, and loopiest roller coaster in the park.
  7. Understandable. I didn't mean to point it out at you specifically, and don't mean to sound rude. I only point it out since it only takes one idiot to cause heightened security and enact new rules for professional drone flyers to jump thru. It's happened in my whole city years ago already (someone crashes drone into stadium during football game, crashes drone on tallest building in city, basically can't fly anywhere until you get actual permission). Also, it's already not allowed:Yeah, I'm being a stringent party pooper. But it is something folks should know about in case someone else get any ideas as if it IS allowed.
  8. I'm totally gonna be that guy, and question whether they had permission or not to fly that drone over private park property (I'm leaning on "doubt" because of hovering the drone on the lift hill at 00:00 of the video). As much as we all want to grasp anything involving the coaster or any amusement park in general during widespread closures, I'm pretty sure there's some legality issues with flying drones into private park property, regardless if its open or closed or if the airspace is technically open for it.
  9. A very good question. They have a statement on social distancing once opened too, but nothing said on when they can. https://www.beechbend.com/amusement-park/park-hours/
  10. Nice of the park to honor current passholders with extending into the 2021 season as well! Full news release The 2-day discount for enthusiasts with free drinks still works too: https://kentuckykingdom.com/ilovecoasters
  11. It's official, Gov. announced today KK can open week of June 29th! Along with that, Kentucky pools can open too. (Edit: now timestamped) Sorry for triple-post... Midgetman "again, I listen to these streams for work" 82
  12. Cedar Fair does a "serviceable" amount of theming on their coasters, just enough to say that a ride has an actual theme beyond giving a fancy name. No one expects them to go all out on theming. Frankly, they could've just slapped a new ride on a chunk of parking lot and called it a day... The blue and gray sure does look sleek against the sky. Not too bold.
  13. For what it's worth, a comment during today's :"We did have a conversation - not me - with Kentucky Kingdom today. I haven't been briefed on it [yet]." -Gov. Beshear
  14. It was very special having the one BIG roller coaster in the park to dominate all rides, like the king it was! That's what seems to be a missing feature of Kentucky Kingdom that a lot of neighboring parks seem to have, that one anchor attraction that dominates the rest. Many would think it's Storm Chaser, or even Lightning Run... it's T3, the biggest, fastest, loopiest coaster in the park. I say that because people tend to flock to it more than the other two, as far as I've observed. I wouldn't be surprised if this year pushes back plans the park had a couple more years, but I'm hoping they someday get that one big anchor attraction, regardless if it's more/less intense than the two airtime machines. Just my two cents, tho.
  15. A bus is required to take visitors from the parking lot to the actual ark. They're just like standard city (or Disney) buses. The distance from the parking lot is pretty far without its help. I'll give Ark the (very, very slight) benefit of the doubt considering it's more of a museum-type experience than it is a physical high-touch experience like a standard amusement park. Still, I'm really hoping they give KK a chance considering the plans already submitted earlier this month, even if it means keeping other specific attraction-types closed. Many of the plans I'm seeing Ark submitted line up with what KK has too. Hopefully the state is in talks with KK.
  16. It'll be interesting to see how HW handles operations considering their nearest big competitor an hour away doesn't have a slated date from the governor yet on when they can open. It's hinted that their opening would occur likely in July. I'm most interested in how limited HW might have operations set to, both for attendance numbers and for new ride capacity.
  17. A majority chunk of the water park is inner-tube slides and body slides that can take single riders thankfully. I don't quite know what this would mean for the 2 lazy rivers or the 2 wave pools, but the three raft slides in the park are for-sure going to remain closed. An email was sent out today saying the date for Keys to the Kingdom was postponed for those still holding on to tickets, mentioning the next date would be valid for whenever it would be.
  18. The park, last week, posted their preparedness plan on their website that they had submitted to the state: https://www.kentuckykingdom.com/today There's lots of details in there, and highly recommend reading through if you're curious about certain aspects of operations. A few takeaways from the PDF: -Discounts for online purchases to incentivize visitors to purchase tickets online instead of at the gate. -Visitors over 65 are told not to visit (the at-risk age factor as stated by the CDC). -Temperature screenings required to enter the park. -Face masks are encouraged for guests to wear, and would be sold in the park. -No more than 16,858 visitors will be allowed in the park. -The park will implement stickers in queue lines to visually keep guests socially distanced while waiting for an attraction. -Attractions: Specific seats and trains will have markings to show what's available. Unavailable ones will be blocked off. -Water park: Attractions requiring grouping to meet minimum rider requirement will be closed (I'm assuming that's Deluge, Plummet Summit, and Tornado). -Indoor dining areas are closed, and mobile ordering would be available. -Workers will be wearing face masks, and can't report to work if they have signs of flu-like symptoms. Still no specific date on when the state allows them to reopen.
  19. Latest from the gov. says movie theaters and fitness centers can reopen June 1 during "phase 2" with some social distancing enforcement, as well as campgrounds on June 11. The state's "phase 3" is projected for July which lists bars and "groups of 50 people" for now, tho not much more details were said yet on that phase. None yet was specifically said on places with larger crowds like sports stadiums and amusement parks, but it's sounding like it'd be one of the latter things to see a reopening unless the businesses take more drastic measures for social distancing and submit proof to the state. What this means for Kentucky Kingdom? Won't know yet until hearing more on phase 3. -Midgetman "listens in on each 5pm KY virus update stream for work" 82
  20. The park did just get a new plot of land opened up... They could do something interesting from the ground up sometime in the future (at least if Orion first pans-out well enough this/next year).
  21. I'm sure this is gonna be asked at a later point, but for those of you signed up for Keys to the Kingdom, the original page days ago had changed to mention that a new date was being sought after since it seems very likely the park won't be open in time for the May 31st date. The purchase page for the event is currently taken down along with links to purchase park tickets (for obvious reasons).
  22. It was posted on the official Facebook group and been sent out as an email to registered attendees just this afternoon. News of it is starting to circle some social media as well, but it might not be on any of Kings Island's official public outlets yet.
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