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  1. It certainly is. Iron Gwazi really is freaking phenomenal! My jaw was dropped after each of my 4 laps on it, easily one of the best coasters ever built, period! But I might be weird for having VelociCoaster ranked right above IG. I enjoyed riding and re-riding VC a lil more than IG for other overall factors. I don't think anyone's wrong for thinking any of those coasters (including Vengeance) are better than the other. They're all superb for various reasons! It can admittedly be a small downer when someone like me, visiting once every few years, see's either of those two rides or other favorites on the sign of closed rides at the park's entrance. But also, I also feel like the overall experience of BGT makes up for rides like those two being down because there's so many other things to do there even for one full day. If someone visits only for the thrill rides, you might be closing yourself off to just how great of an overall theme park and zoo BGT is. Granted on my recent visit in May, both rides were listed as closed, yet I was lucky to catch CC operating in the afternoon and hopped on when I passed by it going to Montu. I suppose it just has its bad days now and then? Wholly agreed. In May I did a little bit of Universal, the coasters at Fun Spot Orlando, all of BGT and all of SWO in my 2.5 days in town, and felt like I could jump on everything I wanted without much planning once in the parks. Compared to having to do significant planning before and during a visit to Disney.
  2. I've noticed the same, and admittedly is a little unnerving at times too. Those style lap bars almost never usually have any upward give once they're down, but there's maybe an inch of it with Storm Chaser. I often give another tighter push down after the train's dispatched because (unlike some crazies in this community) I actually like to feel secure when the ride is attempting to toss me into the next county over.
  3. I've been interested in coming to this mall for a while... but seemingly for the wrong reasons? I'm much more interested in the indoor ski hill, as the U.S. is sorely lacking anything else like it. I guess the point system makes it easier to consider dropping by as well on a brief day visit, but sure is a shame there's so many sudden ride closures. I will say, I didn't expect Blasting Bronco to not be listed on the closed rides list when I glanced just now. That's one I'm especially interested in trying.
  4. I feel like I haven't written up one of these in forever, but I'll give it another shot... Visited Kentucky Kingdom again this past Saturday. It was my second visit this year since May 1st (missed out on visiting other weekends due to many other travels and other personal life hurdles). I knew it was going to be 100f/37c with over 50% humidity, so I had full intentions of spending the majority of the day within the water park. I basically wore my swim clothes throughout the day including a rash guard shirt. I arrived minutes after the gates had opened 10am, with the immediate morning crowd having already dispersed into the park, and went straight for the water park. I had totally forgotten the park was doing a Gold Pass early entry for the water park and would open to everybody else at 11am. It took some other hopeful swim guests by surprise too. I flashed my pass and went to rent a $15 small locker to stuff my things in. I was hoping I could get my day's workout over with by summiting the Deep Water Dive stairs immediately, but learned the entire water park is roped off except for the wave pool for gold passers. I'm personally not a big fan of wave pools (love lazy rivers tho), but considering it was empty enough to my liking and it was already getting pretty hot, I went ahead and took a very relaxing swim in it for several minutes. The hour passes, and I join a line to get into the newer half of the water park. Once everyone was let in, I was first to go up the Wikiwiki Wai slide complex and did all three inner tube slides back to back with the same tube with virtually no wait each time, and then left and went straight for a very peaceful swim in the adventure river. The crowd level in the water park at this point was very tame, with plenty of tubes and swim noodles to use for cooling off. Getting to the water park right away in the morning seems very ideal for anyone looking to take big advantage of the water park. This changed drastically in the afternoon, but we'll get there soon. The only thing I would probably do different would be getting on a couple dry rides for the first hour the park is open before going to the water park when it opens at 11am. Walked by Deep Water Dive and Wave Runner, water was flowing but no lifeguards manning them. I asked a passing supervisor if they planned to open it, and they said yes, so I ventured off to the older section of the water park to do an inner tube slide in Mt. Slide Hai and the other lazy river while I waited. It was unfortunate seeing not only Deluge retired, but so was Voodoo Express body slide. Deluge's spot certainly opens up a lot of future possibilities at least. My hope (if they're listening) is bringing in a mat racer to round out the park's collection. At this point, the ground was getting very hot and DWD was still closed, so I did a few more laps in a more crowded Adventure River again before drying off for lunch. I skipped doing the long line at the water park food stands and went to the front of the park for the hot chicken sandwich stand next to Scream Extreme instead, then returned to the backside of the park afterwards. Started off easy with a nice breezy star flyer ride on SkyCatcher, then hopped next door for a lap on Kentucky Flyer. T3 still only has the one orange train. The line was full inside the station, so I got in line for a moment before it went down for some minor maintenance issue. With the station already packed and incredibly hot, I chose to leave instead. With the crazy hot weather, I considered doing Mile High Falls, but it seemed everyone else had the same idea. Full queue. Unfortunately it was only running one boat, so I stood on the bridge instead for a quick cooling-off splash before going back by Storm Chaser. Really, really looking forward to this event! Pretty theming AND night rides until 10pm return? Yes please!! HallowScream was quite a fun even to shake things up at the park, so I'm happy a night event is at least returning to the park in some capacity, with a family-friendly edge this time. Still absolutely bonkers of a roller coaster! And what they say is absolutely true, this thing SOARS when it's hotter out. Those final bunny hills are murderous, lol. Me in the front going "holy crap!" from the sucker-punch of intense ejector. Despite being a Saturday and the crowds picking up in the park by this point, Storm Chaser was still a walk-on with one train ops. It felt great getting four back-to-back laps, but certainly hope Herschend does something to entice more people back to this area of the park and on this coaster. The ride photo booth was selling snacks and drinks along with photos, and there was this tornado simulator for $5. Honestly felt pretty nice. More effective at drying than those haystack dryers I'd see at other parks. There was another located in the water park, but I think they also need one at Mile High Falls. From here, I wandered back past T3 to see Deep Water Dive still closed. it was past 3pm and I wasn't planning to stay the whole day anyways. I cut my losses on the water park entirely at this point because the majority of guests in the park were in the water park by this point. I hopped on the 5D cinema for some quick air conditioning with Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ride film, got a quick one-cycle wait for Cyclos, walk-on for Bluebeard's Bounty and Fearfall, then refilled my Gold Pass cup before heading out of the park. I don't normally visit parks on a Saturday, but it was nice to at least see how very manageable the water park is first thing in the morning, a very good time to take advantage of getting laps on slides before the crowds get a bit too much. All in all, a good visit! I need to do more mornings solely focused on hitting up the water park again.
  5. ^I thought I was going crazy seeing that too! https://www.facebook.com/AlabamaAdventure/videos/403188838454731/ I guess I checked their Facebook page just in time. Looks like the new wild mouse coaster is live and well. I love seeing that this park is still getting some additions this year and into next year. I'd love to make it out to there again to give the water park another go, and finally get my Rampage credit.
  6. Gonna sound like some PR rep saying this, but I genuinely think that All Inclusive package is a really good move from KI for folks wanting to get the most out of one day at the park. Guaranteeing a worry-free visit to a park in just one purchase is always a good move in my book. Glad to hear it worked out so well for your group! If you can budget it in, I'd recommend it too.
  7. Banshee back on the 12th. Still quite an intense invert with a lot of steady heavy g's.
  8. Poor thing. It was having some issues that had it closed for a decent chunk of time when I was there on the 12th. Also, briefly gonna mention, the new Phantom Theater Encore show is a pretty good treat! Was actually my first show to see in that theater and didn't disappoint! Worth a watch if you're at the park! Edit: Also adding, The Beast back row on the first drop is actually pretty fun now! The work done on the huge turnaround is fantastic as well!
  9. No love for KY Flyer, I see how it is... Kidding aside, new folks tend to favor Lightning Run because of its uniqueness. As a local, I'd tell you Storm Chaser, but even I'll admit those bunny hills at the end got pretty wacky intense over the years, lol. Thunder Run in any row closest to the front is usually a guaranteed good time if that's how you swing.
  10. I've only experienced Steel Vengeance when they had the pouches under the seats to zip your stuff in. If I'm understanding it correctly, they set the metal detectors right before the stairs leading up to the station, and right after the long straight bit of the standard queue? I'm curious why they don't do like VelociCoaster, and have the metal detectors immediately after stowing your stuff in lockers before continuing the rest of the queue. Does the FastLane line affect this?
  11. I had to cut out day-two of the event due to waking up with a headache. Guess I wasn't ready for all those laps I got the previous night, lol. 5 on Raven, 5 on Legend, 1 on Voyage (unfortunate, but okay with me), and... wait for it... 10 on Thunderbird! Why? Because I love that coaster to the moon and back, and missed out on riding it at all last year (it was down during HWN '21). Plus, ridiculously easy re-rides! Got multiple rows of re-rides without needing to get out of my seat, including closing out my last 4 laps going front-row right side without getting off! Such a fun glossy smooth coaster with a good kick on that launch! I think Legend is running at its best! Relatively smooth in comparison to the other two coasters, which surprised me! Though I only got 1 trimless ride on Voyage, it still did not disappoint! Such a relentless roller coaster day or night! Raven was fun too, but I feel like it's beginning to get some jackhammering on the bottom of one of the last turnarounds. The park choosing to limit attendance felt so much like the event did in some of the earlier years I've attended the event. Getting walk-on or in-station waits for most of the event up until everyone packs the queue for Voyage near the end of ERT! In comparison to the previous couple of years where attendance jumped, and the basement queue had to be used for Voyage. I'm sure this year was certainly a breath of fresh air for management and selected attendees. I guess we'll see how next year is handles, but I do hope more folks who couldn't go this year get the opportunity to next time!
  12. I second this. T3 at single-train ops is unfortunately decently slow as well, so I'd recommend looping to KY Flyer then that soon after as well. Got to do Voyage this past weekend (HWN). The odd-numbered rows (1, 3, 5, etc.) that sit in the front row of each car are more comfortable. Voyage will likely need some re-tracking over the off season again, as will Raven, but it's certainly not running at its worst. It'll be up to tolerances. I found it still very incredible, and is for sure a must-do!
  13. Got to ride this on New Year's Eve, and had high regards for the unnerving experience of the ride. Felt shook to my core hearing about the news of Tyre. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the onlookers of this horrible tragedy. It feels wrong to try to come to any conclusions on what happened, so I won't armchair-engineer anything of this. What I'm most afraid of is how Florida is notorious for not releasing reports from smaller ride incidents, and vital parts of information regarding the investigation being withheld to both/either the public or the family. Was any information released regarding the snapped cables last year on their SlingShot in Kissimmee? Have reports been released in the past when a rider death is involved? This incident was a big discussion in my circles of non coaster-geeks, with many vowing to never get on a drop tower. I'm more trusting of them, but I feel the public deserves to know whether they can be safe on rides like these in the future too. I hope something comes to light, rather than the ride suddenly reopening like nothing happened...
  14. Just finished a week long stay at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds with a total party of four (including myself) which we had planned out some months in advanced. It's a similar trip we took last December, tho we added an extra day of rest right after arrival. Both visits we did Hollywood Studios and experienced Galaxy's Edge, but on the last visit with boarding groups in place, one of us in our group managed to snag group 70 at the 7am drop, and the park announced that afternoon they could only board up to 67. Was quite a bummer for us all at that time, but still had a pretty good time nonetheless. Last week, on our day at HS with it operating standby waits, we rode it THREE times! Wait times respectively posted 80, 55, and 60 minutes (actual 70 minutes, an hour 20 minutes because of a breakdown, and 50 minutes!). First of all, being my first time experiencing it without watching any POV's or behind the scenes media... WOW. Just... WOW! Second of all, I was soooo happy to be able to not only wait in line for it, but get to get right off, go do something else, and all of us collectively decide "hey, let's go again!" I'm certainly hoping it stays this way as it deserves to be experienced by as many people as it can handle. Granted, it still has its clear faults. The ride stopped at a particular scene on our first ride and things went awkwardly unsynched, before limping its way to the end. It was delayed while we were in line for the second ride, pushing our wait to well over an hour before we rode. The third time went perfect! Even with these, still have very, very high regard for this ambitious ride!! We also managed to snag a virtual queue at 1pm for Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, which was very cute and fits in very well within the back end of France at EPCOT's World Showcase!
  15. Don't forget the queue. Free lockers and metal detectors IN the station instead of before, and uses your park ticket or annual pass to lock/unlock. Also stellar operations.
  16. I'm banking on this just being an odd batch from this day. You can go back to the previous page and see what the bread was like when it was first introduced. I'm willing to give it another try whenever I go back to the park again this season, maybe getting it earlier in the day when they're probably freshly made too! ^From when I got a loaf in early July. So soft, so sweet!
  17. Here's a video of it running at the Bluegrass fair. Timestamp 1:04 mark.
  18. Made a last minute decision to stop at fair yesterday after having not been to any park in over a month. Things are a little finnicky with getting to either the fair or the park, but you can tell they're trying hard to make getting to Kentucky Kingdom more streamlined without having to deal with fair crowds and parking. To get to Kentucky Kingdom, you HAVE to use Gate 2 off of Crittenden Drive (road along Storm Chaser). It's about the only time you'll really deal with cars trying to get to the fair. Once inside, the 4-lane road is split with two right lanes leading to specific parking lots for KY Kingdom, and the left 2-lanes leading to the rest of the Expo Center with parking for the fair. There was a bit of confusion on my part, because I (trying to park for the fair) managed to park in what I believe was 100% dedicated as KK employee lot (lot L). I got all the way into the park before looking at a map on my phone and realized it wasn't listed as parking for either the park OR the fair. I left and relocated out of fear I'd get towed... Getting to KY Kingdom: there's a path leading from KK's dedicated parking lots, and there's a fence erected keeping fair attendees and park visitors physically separated, unless you can show proof of fair admission to a fair personnel at an opening between the park entrance and the Expo center. When I left KK less than an hour prior to park closing, this gap between the Fair and the park had closed. It took groups of people split off from one-another to signal to fair security to reopen the gap and let them and myself thru, again with proof of Fair admission. If you hope to do both attractions, I DO NOT recommend parking in Kentucky Kingdom's lot since you might have difficulty accessing their parking lots afterwards. I parked in lot C (Fair parking) and walked thru Thrillville and arrived at KK at 4pm. The park was very easy-going compared to the last few times I've gone. Very light crowd making for decently short waits for almost anything and really easy distancing between folks. There were a few notable rides that weren't operating when I arrived, but I don't know if it was because they closed early, required shifting around staff, or had been closed all day. T3, Eye of the Storm, 5D Cinema, and Big Wheel were the ones I saw closed. And a side note, I got a hold of a cinnamon bread loaf, but the breads I saw didn't quite look like the soft cinnamon bread I first saw a month ago. It also mostly tasted like regular bread with a small hint of cinnamon sugar flavor. Could've been an odd batch, or could be a different recipe used. Wasn't quite sure, but wasn't quite on par with what I was expecting. Still, if anyone was looking for quick ways to get their credits, I'd certainly recommend coming to the park during the fair as it's pretty easy to get around the park plus water park at this time. I left the park roughly 30 minutes prior to closing and managed to get back to the fair side. This year, the fair followed thru with getting Kissel Entertainment for their ride supplier instead of North American Midway Entertainment, which they were hoping to do last year before the fair had to be closed to the public. I got to see these folks earlier this year in June (as well as the past few years) at the Bluegrass fair in Lexington, and the lineup they had at the state fair was just about the same. It's a much better lineup than recent years with NAME, and I'm sooo happy they managed to get them to showcase at the state fair! A pinfari coaster, wacky worm, and dragon wagon for credits. Plus a KMG speed, KMG Inversion, small ARM drop tower, Larson Fireball, classic rock-o-plane, a Chance swinging ship, a Matterhorn, and more thrill rides. If you're looking to maybe go but avoid big and tight crowds, I'd recommend going much earlier in the day and leaving before 5 or 6pm when there's far less people on the midway and significantly shorter waits. I've had no hassle wearing a mask everywhere I went, but keep in mind you might be elbow-to-elbow on occasion. Regardless, all in all was a fun night, and it was nice to get back to a park after a while without much personal trips! I shot a bunch of clips on my camera to hopefully finish the usual KY State Fair and KK video I try to do each year (when I can).
  19. To no one's surprise, yes, it was slammed. A gorgeous sunny day outside, so of course the park is heavily attended today! I dropped by for an hour just to get two quick laps on Storm Chaser, and get a certain loaf to take home to family! Entered at noon. It felt like the majority of guests hit up the water park since it's pretty hot outside. I got my two laps on Storm Chaser with very short waits! Since I had just come in from out of town and had junk in my car's trunk, I couldn't stay long. So on my way out, I made a mandatory pit-stop to a newly opened building! A sample of sweet offerings from the new Bluegrass Bakery. And the moment we've all been waiting for. The coveted Herschend-style CINNAMON BREAD! It comes with either classic icing, apple glaze, or a bourbon glaze. I took my lidded loaf home, warmed it back up in the oven for a few minutes and enjoyed that suuuper sweet and soft bread! VERY worth getting! The portion is big enough to share or take home to save.
  20. Yuuup. I'd bet the park is likely to be pretty packed, especially Saturday. I might drop by for a bit since I'll be in town too, maybe get a lap on something, and hopefully leave with a heap of that anticipated cinnamon bread to enjoy over the holiday weekend!
  21. Great photos! Takes me back to those days as well. I almost kind of miss the facade they did for Road Runner Express, being that it might've been the most themed coaster queue that's ever been at the park. Lightning Run's line is typically the slowest, and I usually recommend getting it out of the way first. Otherwise, KY Flyer and Storm Chaser have some really easy waits early in the day. If you're there only to get the credits and bounce, you're gonna be there a lot shorter than you think. Don't forget to consider some re-rides if the wait seems short!
  22. I booked thru a travel agent and received Early Park Access on my ticket for the two days I was there. It was extremely smooth getting into the park for me Monday and Tuesday, but of course that meant waking up at the ungodly hour of 5am and arriving there AT 6:30am. You only really need to do EPA if you LOVE IoA potter stuff, or you're a morning bird who isn't planning to do night rides and want to get the park over with sooner. Huge crowds did form at entry and security closer to noon, with the afternoon seeing huge security lines backed all the way to the parking structure trying to get in to either parks (at least according to a friend). Park was fantastic, weather was fantastic(ly HOT! Holy cow, that morning humidity was insane). So many new attractions I finally got to try ever since my last visit when Dragon Challenge was still operating in 2017: Hagrids, Bourne Stuntacular, Fast and the Furious, Transformers, revamp-ed Hulk, aaand VelociCoaster. VelociCoaster was absolutely worth the hype, all the more with really great operations allowing me SIX rides between the two days I was there (Day 1: two in morning + one night ride. Day 2: three consecutive morning rides). I had been using the single riders line on the first day thinking I was getting there quicker, but I made the better choice on day two to wait in the full 60 minute stand-by queue. Not only was I getting the full themed queue with the cool effects and lovely extended-queue views, but the line moved MUCH more consistently and guaranteed me one front-row (kindly requested) ride! The trains are indeed incredibly comfortable to me as well, the ejector airtime is plentiful (more airtime moments front seat, but more powerful airtime in back seat), the inversions and launches are super-sweet as-is the pacing of the whole ride, and the theming through the ride is stellar too! I'm also one that appreciates any coaster with good path interaction, and this coaster may be one of the best with with the top hat dropping near path and queue, the top-gun stall directly over path (no nets, ftw!), the huge overbanks over the bridge, and that roll over the lagoon grazing past extended queue folks! This hit a LOT of things I love most in coasters. It might be my personal new #1! P.S.: After finally experiencing Fast and Furious, I no longer think it deserved the hate it's received.
  23. Thank you!! It would mean I'd only have to pay, like, $10 to get the cheapest AP once at the park with my multi-day ticket, and I was deciding if I wanted to get it before or during my visit since the ticket guarantees me early access on my visit this summer.
  24. I have a question about Universal Orlando Annual Passes: If I visited the park on a dated ticket and decided I wanted to get an annual pass, am I able to upgrade that ticket to a pass with the difference of the ticket price knocked off of the pass?
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