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  1. In the visits I've done, I say absolutely. I don't think I've ever been to Holiday World (whether on my own or during an event) where I've ever seen it down for extended periods of time, if ever at all. I've seen it not perform properly due to outside factors (cold morning causes 1 launch rollback but fine for rest of day, huge downpour stops ops for a bit), but when ready to go it's back up in almost no time.
  2. I've seen small handfuls of super early time slots open the day prior to reservation dates, so I wouldn't give up hope entirely, especially since KI lets you manage your reservations now.
  3. Governor is signing an order requiring mandatory mask wearing in Kentucky starting tomorrow afternoon. This could affect the park, so just a heads up to anyone thinking of swinging by soon. For now, it'll only be for the next 30 days.
  4. On its own, it's pretty fun and has some really nice elements and is a hands-up type of ride. But a common consensus I see some folks walk away feeling with is "underwhelmed" after a first ride, which I also get. This is especially if you're one to compare it with other coasters that pack in more elements. The first drop, the speed, the few airtime hills it does have are very fun, but on the critical side, it does "feel" shorter than others. I still enjoy it, and it looks very pretty in the park. It's something worth getting multiple rides in to gain a love for.
  5. Seeing how World's of Fun dropped needing reservations to enter the park, I can see parks like Kings Island potentially offering Fast-Lane+ again (and inevitably going back to standby waits). Having said that, they could also do like what I saw with Steel Vengeance's opening and hike up the price for FL+ due to potential high demand too.
  6. Briefly pulling back on topic to the new coaster. Really enjoyed it! Got 16 total laps in on it with the help of my FL+ I bought during president's day sale. Also, this may not always happen, but the operators ditched the ride access tickets at the last hour and let everyone on because there was a sharp drop in guests in the park and around Area 72 at that point. It might've been because Sunday was ridiculously hot and muggy and most folks were ready to go home at that point. Nonetheless, Flight of Fear went from 60 minute wait at noon to walk-on at 6pm and Orion was between walk-ons and in-station waits for the last hour. An elderly lady was sitting behind me for one lap on Orion, and I quite enjoyed her comment on the brake run: "Wow, what a way to fly!" Not to say the coaster is weak, but praise the fact it's a crowd pleaser a LOT of people are gonna be able to enjoy without fear of losing their lunch (i.e. my dad after he rode SV last year). It's fast and tall, pure and simple, and very re-rideable. Not a top-10 coaster for me, but I still had a blast on it!
  7. I'm just now realizing this year's big Keys to the Kingdom event is on the very last day of the KY State Fair! The pros is you get more rides than you bargained for with the midway right on KK's front doorstep! Easy walking distance! The con is that attendees might need to prepare for much different parking and potentially walking some further distance to reach park gates. Depending where you park, a tractor might be available to bus you around the Exposition Center too. On top of that, I'm ALSO just now learning that KY State Fair switched ride vendors this year from North American Midway Entertainment to Kissel Entertainment! This feels similar to Bluegrass Fair in Lexington who switched from Belle City Amusements to Kissel Entertainment last year, and the ride lineup was SO MUCH better for it! I'm hoping the same can be said for this year's State Fair ride lineup. NAME's midway felt like it had been... lacking, the few times I've been back to the fair.
  8. Yikes. Really happy to see Kings Island take this approach so you can actually spend the day doing other things than waiting in one long line and disperse everyone throughout the park. But I can see some really angry parents/latecomers to the park not know about this and not get them in time before they're all out. But this makes me all the more excited for my visit now that I know I won't have to wait all day in line!
  9. I'm holding off on reserving a second day as well, maybe until after my first July 5th, before planning a second day. Want to make sure I can actually commit to it, haha. I'm going to hold out potentially for Saturday, July 11, the last day for season pass holder previews and still one of the least reserved dates so far.
  10. I think people overlook this a bit because they want something "better than anything else." SV, i305, etc. are fantastic coasters because they're crazy, but for some they're literally too much. I think what makes Diamondback so great is how incredibly rerideable it is, and I have NO doubt Orion will be the same, especially considering it clocks 90+ mph!
  11. Only paid lockers are the mega size ones near the park entrance and in the water park. Virtually all rides have cubbies or lil bins in the station or ride platform to put your stuff in.
  12. Fair point. I just saw all those open reservations for the weekdays following opening weekend and... yeah, it looked like it would be a ghost town, especially Wednesday July 8. Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd are booked solid. Every other day after that is wide open. Hope this news stays true, I'm sure plenty of pass holders would love to scoop up those empty days and that second Saturday!
  13. Easily best drop at Kings Island, and that constant speed's gonna be great, along with flying around those big elements. Can't wait to try it!
  14. The waterpark's opening got bumped up to opening day with limited attractions!
  15. I got a slot for July 5th. Originally I was gonna go July 3rd, but saw how full those reservations got eaten-up and decided to email and see if they could help me change it to avoid the potentially bigger crowd. Two days later (expected, I'm sure they got flooded with mistaken reservations), got a very friendly phone call to assist, and within a minute they cancelled my spot so I could move! I'm soooo stoked to get on Orion!
  16. It looks like a pretty easy replacement too, imo. A lil sad to see a classic go that I and many others grew up with fond memories of, but I'm far more stoked stoked to see new life breathed into an old attraction and see Disney willing to grow past a more-or-less "troubling" IP (even if little to almost none of the IP's troubling aspects were represented in the ride, I'm more excited to see Princess and the Frog come to Magic Kingdom)! Plus, another princess to be represent in the parks with their own ride! I'm pretty confident in what Disney can do with a refresher after seeing Maelstrom -> Frozen.
  17. That's a huge shame to hear. I'm sure the layoffs/furloughs played a huge part in their efforts to save money, but nipped them when they thought the were ready to reopen like everything was still fine and not requiring extra effort to keep afloat smoothly. As for the guests, it was only time until folks started thinking of ways they could get away with circumventing new rules. It's more and more sounding almost like the folks that opted to skip this year entirely on amusement parks probably had the right idea, if not for the complete tanking of capacity caused by new safety procedures, then for the other guests making the experience worse for everybody else actually trying to be safe.
  18. Here ya go: EDIT, new link on KK's new procedures: https://www.kentuckykingdom.com/plan-your-visit
  19. Fantastic detailed report! Loved hearing management were out and about checking out how things were running, and especially happy that it wasn't overwhelming in terms of crowds. Will look forward to hearing when they open to the daily ticket guests and how that handles. That praise about Cheetah Hunt certainly makes me more excited about it too, as well as your report on Voyage's conditions! I'm not surprised at all at clientele reactions. The park can only do so much to keep safe guidelines and hope people will understand. Hopefully they'll be able to iron out their ends enough for the newer crowd.
  20. The old Top Eliminator Dragsters strip, and yeah, it's very prime land for literally anything. It's a lil bit of an eyesore, but it's scrimmed-off area people don't pay much attention to. From Winter Walkthru tour back in February.
  21. I could see it fitting in, perfect capacity for the park and a hopefully slim enough fit. Plus I've said many times here how that area could especially use another anchor attraction to draw more guests out to Storm Chaser (even at the expense of waiting in longer lines. Good for business, not so nice for selfish reasons ). It would surely be good for the park to draw more guests out there.
  22. 1) Do you intend to visit parks as soon as they open? Yes. But, ONLY local parks I have season passes to and are within easy driving distance of. Nothing requiring lengthy road trips or flying. 2) What is your reasoning for your choice? If things get a bit dicey or uncomfortable with social distancing and mask wearing, I feel comfortable cutting my day way early and consider coming back at a much later point in the year (if at all). I would NOT fly or road trip elsewhere right away just to get to another park I love. 3) Are there any stipulations that would change your mind? To not going at all? Maybe price, crowds, and/or a local surge in COVID cases. To going to another park further out? An immediate vaccine... and maybe some more cash in my wallet and time off work.
  23. Source New Safety Guidelines are listed on Beech Bend Park's website.
  24. Wildebeest and Cheetah Chase have onride photos?! That's sweet!! Hope to get to try this system out this year!
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