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  1. Not surprised, what with all the mayhem currently going on. I've been keeping an eye on other parks who have had earlier opening dates and have stayed relatively quiet about it with no changes so far.
  2. Don't mean to double post (Edit: nvm, guess I was making this while sfkk was posting too!), but I did have some stuff from the tour around the park for any interested. When we first arrived behind T3 and walked to the management building. They're doing their special again this year: 2 days at the park + free drinks for $29.95 when you visit kentuckykingdom.com/ilovecoasters HUGE time jump, because I shot most of the tour on my camera (see YouTube video above). This was in the print shop, which is the lil shed building underneath Lightning Run. Speaking of Lightning Run, walking out the garage door out back greets you to the sweet floor level S-bend curves on the coaster. 100ft first drop. Unassuming, but VERY steep and powerful, especially in the backseat! Lots of photo ops for folks walking as far as underneath the first drop, and over to the footers of what was Greezed Lightnin'. Awesome of the park to give us such a closeup tour of Lightning Run, which was my personal highlight of the event! Big thanks to them!
  3. I also really appreciated Ed coming out to talk to the group as well about selecting certain manufacturers for the park that fits within their budget and pleases more than just the enthusiast crowd. Kentucky Flyer is a really good example of that push, imo.
  4. Breakdance, Himalaya, and Thunder Run are also turning 30 this year! I can't wait to see what they'll do with HalloScream especially. Last year they started making plans in July, but now they have a whole year to prep for whatever they'll pull off. This is especially good considering their calendar states they'll be open Halloween Day Saturday!
  5. All net proceeds are going to Give Kids the World. Edit: Strangely the website doesn't state that fact:
  6. Was this confirmed somewhere? I mean, while I hate to see a slide complex go, seeing the ProSlide Wave get taken out kinda shows a reason for them to not keep the rest of this (not to mention how out of place the complex is to the rest of the water park). Hopefully it finds a nice new home elsewhere if it is going (like at the campgrounds next door where two other slides went).
  7. I'm pretty sure every single RMC train has at least a zero car. Newer gen's (SV, Twisted Timbers, Untamed, Iron Gwazi) are a bit bigger since the whole train sits a little higher.
  8. There's a couple new-ish 3.5 to 4 star hotels off of the highway leading towards Louisville/St. Louis. Don't know how they are, but they're 20 ish minutes away from the park. Fairly easy drive. (Google Maps view) But in town, yeah, it's Santa's Lodge.
  9. That's one angry gator, and probably my new #1 favorite style RMC train (which would have still been L-Rod until they had to make modifications). I'm so excited for this roller coaster. Florida deserves more airtime machines, and this WILL deliver!
  10. It's also a mostly-afternoon/evening event too. The second day admits you to the park for the whole day from park opening until midnight, but the event stuff doesn't begin until the afternoon, in case you just want time to take in the park at your leisure or just sleep-in (which is something I really appreciate, compared to other events I've done going from early a.m. until late in the evening each day). Two nights each of three solid hours of endless ERT on 4 roller coasters will never feel like it's not enough, and experiencing the insanity of Voyage at night needs to be on every coaster junkie's bucket list to try.
  11. https://themeparkitect.tumblr.com/post/189038616727/announcing-the-parkitect-taste-of-adventure There's a TON of new stuff in the DLC (many stuff I WISH could be incorporated in Planet Coaster, but Parkitect is beating them to the punch). I HIGHLY recommend clicking the link to their DevLog at the top or bottom of this post to see it. The DLC will be $11.99 upon launch. https://themeparkitect.tumblr.com/post/189038616727/announcing-the-parkitect-taste-of-adventure
  12. Considering it's only 57 feet taller off the ground, the visual difference in height between Orion and Diamondback isn't going to look incredibly staggering, I'm certain. (That was even my thought seeing its construction of the lift and drop in person, although it wasn't topped off, so doesn't really count). Still, again, it's going to come down to the actual ride experience in the end, not the stats.
  13. Don't care if it's a "true" giga or not, as long as it's a more aggressive coaster than Diamondback, which is what it seems like.
  14. At first I was concerned about the price tag as well, but being completely unfamiliar with the area, I finally saw it on Google Maps and realized they're basically a stone's throw from Manhattan... so basically I'm not really surprised by the slight higher admission cost anymore due to its location. Also, I think I need to point this out: I'm just now noticing that the freefall water slide in the water park is listed as 142 feet tall. Guys, that makes an INDOOR water slide the world's second tallest water slide (first place is 164 feet and is in Brazil). There's a photo on Twitter of the insanely tall thing.
  15. It's suuuch a good color scheme. Also love how grand it is and how low to the ground it goes. It's gonna look even more spectacular when the lifthill is topped off.
  16. Banshee's great and has lots of good sustained forces, and it's gonna be really weird without the giant Arrow dominating the skyline at the back of the park next year. It's gonna be missed, but I certainly look forward to the huge amount of real estate free'd up because of its closure. There's a lot of potential with that site for something truly spectacular. Lines were fairly long that day for the ride (the park was kinda busy in general, and Diamondback was closed ), though I had the fortune of renewing my Gold pass and receiving a complimentary Fast Lane Plus, which would've expired after Sunday so of course I had to redeem it then. Did one ride on Vortex using it and only had to wait about 5 minutes, even though it was spilling out of the station. The crew was CRUSHING it with throughput. This is Fast Lane line. Believe it or not, I only waited, like, 5 minutes. It went through shockingly quick, and the crew were crushing the 3 train ops. I spent most of the day shooting some vid of it though and posted it on Monday and left that evening to KK for their final night. A lot of good reception for the coaster, lots of farewells from TONS of locals, and a handful of camera-wielding coaster nerds like myself.
  17. Paid my tributes this past Sunday to an Arrow coaster two hours north, then snuck out that afternoon to go party the evening away with some leftover night rides I never got in my previous two HalloScream visits, notably Cyclos and T3. I'd normally skip T3 at HalloScream due to the line spilling out of the station and the 1 train ops, but thankfully it was an in-station wait when I went by it this past weekend. Regardless of the rep the coaster usually gets, it I thought it genuinely lived up to its name with how much faster it felt barreling through its elements in the darkness. For those of us crazies that actually kinda like the ride, it was pretty awesome!
  18. I almost consider myself a regular to Holiday World, but I made my second (third?) visit of the year just this past Saturday, as per my average 2-3 visits per year. I consider the coasters to have their... good and bad months. Legend had some jackhammering in some spots and Raven was running fine, but seemed like one spot near the end will probably need some attention for similar, but lesser jackhammering. With Voyage alone not operating, there definitely felt like a huge chunk of the park's thrills was missing, but I do think the other two woodies still hold their own in terms of that out-of-control thrill folks seek. Can't wait for the refurbished Voyage for next year, and huge props to the park for the upkeep on the monster of a coaster! A++ for still maintaining fully functioning "turkey callers" and targets, like they should be.
  19. Thank you all. Great TR Rawkin. Great to hear even KK's haunted houses stand up on their own, even when compared to a much more major events that utilize conga lines. It's great getting separated into smaller groups for this one for the reasons you stated, the scares being more directed towards your specific group.
  20. Last night was pretty eerie arriving to the park so late and all of the dry rides still operating. Considering I'm most used to not being at the fairgrounds when it's dark out, and it also wasn't super clear that the park was open for nighttime rides due to how fairly dark it was in the park as well. Still, with all the major rides running it was pretty cool nonetheless! Storm Chaser at night was absolutely bonkers and absolutely worth coming out to the park alone to try! So awesome being able to see less and feeling like it's running faster than daytime! The exact same could be said for Lightning Run as well, though it wasn't the first time I've ridden that at night! Operations got a lil funky when we realized (after arriving around 9pm) the thrill rides would close at 10pm, so there was only the haunt activities and houses to experience after for the last two hours (which with the lines for the haunts was enough time, I think). We saved the haunted houses for last and hit up Lightning Run, then twice on Storm Chaser before we wandered to the haunt area. Compared to media night, Zombie Wasteland was EXTRA dark and loud, which made for a much more memorable walk through! Ed had mentioned at media day that planning for the whole haunt started to take place in July, and I absolutely have to commend the park on the outstanding work they did with it all considering the extremely tight deadline to meet for the park and for Oak Island Creative. I plan to be back for more night rides in a couple weeks. The second trains were fully removed from LR and SC, so one train ops, but still not too bad of a wait. Love the cobwebs and colored lights in each station! This was easily the most beautiful part of the park, imo. This was coming across the crosswalk path towards Thunder Run. The moon overlooking thunder run! Bella Musica carousel in it's full lit-up glory! Definitely a rarity to see that was worth appreciating! So, fun fact: I did not know Flying Dutchman had lights on it! Guess I never looked hard enough up there. Ending the night of rides with the very last train of the night on Storm Chaser in front row! While no rides are pitch black, it is definitely a much different experience and thrill trying these coasters when theres much less lights on! After this, we went to the 2 haunted houses.
  21. Got to try out the mazes at media night last night, and enjoyed them quite a lot! It's 50/50 from what I can tell on what's the crowd favorite, but my personal favorite haunt maze was definitely Zombie Wasteland. The food at the event was also fantastic, and there's more than plenty of spicy food options available. Friday the 13th 5D was also as I expected, with all the violence, gore, and jumpscares you come to expect from the movie, with added 3d glasses and motion seats. Can't wait to be back when the rides are also open. The park looked fantastic in the dark!
  22. Been a hot minute (a few weeks) since I've last been to the park, but today was last daytime operations before HalloScream goes into full swing so I figured I'd stop by for the final 3 hours of the day, get some rides and look at some of the early theming done for the park's haunt event. These guys used to be out in front of the park's entrance, and got moved inside. Tin Lizzie's hot rods driven by some seemingly radioactive ancient relatives. New show? Don't remember reading about this on the site. At the same location the Sea Lions would perform. The 4D Cinema facade was actively getting a makeover with some new stuff. Friendly reminder that the cinema itself will get a new show featuring Friday the 13th. Storm Chaser and Lightning Run's station light also got a lil decoration. On top of that, some areas of the park received blacklight, and plenty new lights were scattered all around the park to light it up at night. The whole water park area will be themed to Mardi Grave, a spooky Mardi Gras looking area. The Craft Beer Garden will have Frank N. Stein’s LaBARatory and some of the picnic pavilion behind it will be dedicated to at least one of the haunted houses (I'm not sure where the other is).
  23. The coaster has been single train for the whole season. They've been poking fun at T3 the whole year knowing fully-well how the community reacts to the mere mention of the ride. The fact they're embracing it all to the point that the coaster itself becomes a meme is downright hilarious.
  24. https://www.kentuckykingdom.com/halloscream If you pay for a $29.95 day ticket or you upgrade to 2020 season pass, you get in each house once for free. After that, it's $10.
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