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  1. Apparently nobody is a fan of Harry Potter! Oh well. It seems Dueling Dragons will be renamed, if not then keep it the way it is. But this seems to be more awesome than I thought after I saw the commercial for it (in Kentucky????? ). I thought it was going to be some indoor walk through tour with facts about filming the movie. If it was that, then I would have never gone to see it. One thing is for sure, if they want to make it extremely special, they should have put in some fast broom flying roller coaster like I saw those kids in the commercial. That would be so cool! Awesome Updates!
  2. Food fight on a roller coaster, with Gary Sinise... EPIC Question: Is there an age limit upon winning a TPR Bag-O-Crap? Official Entry
  3. But heres the thing. Six Flags has been focusing on the waterpark for quite a while, and I actually like that because I live less than 30 minutes away from SFKK and the summer can get quite hot. Yes the removal of Chang has made us very angry with them, and the closure of Twisted Twins made a new group on Facebook, but the waterslides are actually cool for once. Plus Six Flags was going to be expanding the waterpark even more if they were to stay (I wish Six Flags could stay). It would have been amazing if SFKK would have used all of the land as a waterpark, but doing that would also piss me off. Also, Greezed Lightnin' had a wait time less than 10 seconds, I LOVE IT!
  4. I know right ! I've been saying that for a while. I've been to Six Flags America and they seriously need rides. I've always thought if any ride is being relocated to other parks, then at least let most of them go to SFAm. I even said SFGAm doesent even deserve Chang, let it go to SFAm.
  5. Heres mine: http://www.youtube.com/midgetman82 And my new waterslide channel: http://www.youtube.com/waterslidedatabase
  6. My recent summer vacation to Dubai, 2009.
  7. Safety Dance- Men Without Hats http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcOZ6xFxJqg
  8. The E in Wile E. Coyote is 'Ethelbert'. I am eating 'Cap'n Crunch', and it is 3:18 p.m.
  9. Don't be surprised, I'm terrible at photoshop. What if he just took over Waste Management? "I want them everywhere." (Official Entry)
  10. They really decked out the place, those photos are beautiful! i haven't been to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for years. My dad took me to a lot of places when I was too young to remember.
  11. Park pet peeves... hmm... 1. When i'm with a group whom, after two hours, say they want to go home and sleep. 2. People who ask me after coming off of an intense coaster "Is it scary?" 3. Too long lines 4. Line Jumpers (I have seen them, all were never caught.) 5. Fast Passes 6. Sitting next to a coaster-phobic person dealing with their fears. 7. Hearing people come off of the parks best rides saying it was boring. 8. Large crowds 9. Hot days 10. operators who take too long to let the people off of rides.
  12. My family and I are hoping of going to Universal Orlando during one of the worst times to go... Spring Break. (reason why: too many people. ) We are gonna hit Disney World, Universal Orlando, Wet N' Wild, and Fun Spot (holds world's tallest Sky Coaster).
  13. I have been on Mega Wedgie but not Deluge. Mega wedgie is, lets just say, not worth a 20 minute wait. Other than that, it is a must ride. If you so happen to be in Splashwater Kingdom, RIDE IT. Don't even think about it, just do it! P.S. the floor for the ending pool of the slide is colored yellow, don't have it mistaken for a pool full of urine! I didn't get on Deluge because the line was so long! The warning sign for Mega Wedgie, just in case you wanted to see it! Another view of Megawedgie. If you look carefully, you can see that the water looks yellow, that is only the floor of that pool. The floor is colored yellow and looks like it is full of only urine. IT IS NOT!
  14. It was left of the Grand Carousel and Roller Skater, and right of thunder run Inside Belgain Village.
  15. April 23, 2009: Photo TR, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom My time in Kentucky Kingdom with my friends. We all agreed to split up and meet at the front of the park at a special time... which left one friend in trouble. He got kicked out for line jumping and couldn't come back in . Luckily, it was near park closing time and we were gonna go anyway, but we still hated him for that! My vote for this park, probably not what you were thinking since I live in the same city but I really like it. Most people I see hate it because they have probably went on a bad day, most people do. The best times to go are when its not too hot, unless you want to hit the water park. I don't see much trash anywhere, the park is more lush than it was last year. Because of the removal of Superman Tower of Power (known to us as "Hellevator"), You are greeted with an area of flowers instead of a thrill ride. The park looks like it is going through phases: Removal of Chang, more trees, nicer workers, and a bigger and cleaner water park. Other than that, the park is great when it is not 80-90 degrees outside. A time NOT to go is when there is a concert soon in the day, expect an unexpectedly huge crowd. Yay, Me on Sky Coaster. There were Six Flags photographers EVERYWHERE around this ride. Most were taking pictures of me on Skycoaster. A little embarrassed until I went to order them. They were awesome pictures. Unfortunately, there was a better picture than this, but I ordered the wrong ones . oh well! The main Six Flags Circle spot, looking from sky coaster's pathway down in the direction past Greezed Lightnin'. Chang in its best inversion (my opinion!). The Newest waterslide, Mega Wedgie. I don't even know why they even named it that. I bet its because they could not come up with any! Here is an onride picture of somebody i ran into and knew on The Flying Dutchman!!! Sitting with my camera on The Flying Dutchman ride. The operator knew I was holding a camera because she asked me if I'm gonna take some good pictures onride! Flying Dutchman in Full Swing! Better than the Chairswing, comes flying shoes. The Flying Dutchman ride is very interesting in Belgain Village! Front row brotherly love on Thunder Run. I hate this ride more than T2. I almost got a whiplash on this Juggernaut. The world renowned Proslide Hydromagnetic waterslide, DELUGE! Never got to ride it though. =,-( T2 Trains. Also T2 stands for "Terror to the Second Power", just like how the "E" in "Wile E. Cotyote" stands for "Ethelbert". T2 is terribly rough. My suggestion: Sit in the last row, keep your head back, push the side of your head against the headrest, brace for impact! Chang roller coaster. This is the last I have ever seen this mighty fine roller coaster. resto nella pace (Italian for "Rest in Peace"!) Looking up at Enterprise in its full glory. For some reason, it fells a little more rickety than it use to be. Breakdancer ride made by Huss in its red/orange colors.
  16. Hi! Just wanted to see the vibe going on around here. This seems more nice than Coaster Force since they are mostly in Europe.
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